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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

hillary for VP???


"All the signs point in her direction," said the insider, one of the most influential and well-placed in the nation's capital. "It is the solution to every Kerry problem."

now ... i have many suspicions with the drudge report ... but it has been the first to report some very groundbreaking news (like the clinton/lewinsky affair and the dreaded blue dress) ... so i'm posting in the hopes that this is true.

can you imagine a kerry & clinton ticket? hallelujah!!!


art = penis

erik and i just got back from seeing an art film (his choice). we saw the movie Los Novios Búlgaros (Bulgarian Lovers)

it was an art flick, so they were very free with the penis ... it was everywhere. overall it was a pretty good film ... interesting story ... sure it wasn't the blockbuster movie of the summer but it wasn't too bad.

spanish with subtitles, it's not for everyone ... but if you're in the mood for lots of culture (and lots of penis) then this movie might be for you.


it's a nice day for a white [trash] wedding ...

it seems that ms. brit has given the official story about her engagement to people magazine
[goss via stereogum]

[Spears] denies she's pregnant: "He was like a magnet," she says. "It was beyond my control" ... "It was really beautiful and romantic and special between us," she said. "My other loves were like puppy love. They were like practice for the real thing. This is just deeper."

vh-1 is also reporting this story and according to MSNBC:

Spears will have 200 guests at a Nov. 20 wedding. That report, from the Star, also says Spears will have five bridesmaids and five groomsmen.

man ... i love her so much ... but GOD, IS THIS A BAD IDEA! there is no way that this is going to work ... i just hope that she realizes that she's out of her freaking mind and calls this thing off. hello, prenup? i doubt she's even considered it ... bad bad bad ... here is my favorite part of the story:

They've met each other's families — but so far, Spears has yet to be introduced to her future stepdaughter, Federline's 2-year-old daughter, Kori (the mother is "Moesha" actress Shar Jackson, who is currently eight months along with her and Federline's second child, a boy).

seriously, the guy looks like a fucking carnie! i bet he's got bad teeth too ... oi ... bad bad bad ...

ack ... and what does mama lynne spears think about all of this, according to usa today:

"They're a good fit."

gross! bad bad bad ...


it's still june!

so the last day of june is upon us ... and i have to admit, i'm pretty pleased with the way that my summer is going. june usually is the "fastest month" because work usually lastes until the middle of the month. this year we got out earlier ... and i think i've really stretched the way that june feels (our entire trip to california was mid-june and we still had 2 weeks left after we got back). good job me!

oi ... i should be in bed still ... i didn't go to sleep until 4am ... but here i am up before noon and doing stuff ... mother would be so proud. lessee ... the news du jour ... i really don't know how i feel about this whole bizzness about saddam being turned over to the new governing body of iraq. the first thing that came to mind was that he would surely escape or be set free. altho, i can also see a whole lotta people screaming for his execution ... it just seems so stupid that saddam hussein is now in iraqi custody when we've spent so much blood trying to catch him and get him out of iraq. i hope this thing doesn't blow up in our faces (like the entire iraqi occupation has thus far).

in other legal shenaigans, it seems that courtney love just cannot get her stupid ass to court on time, or even close to on time. she is such a moron! after the judge scolded her dumb ass for being 5 1/2 hours late Love apologized to the judge while playing with a packet of cigarettes. ye gods, someone lock this woman away before she ends up killing herself ... from what i understand, there is a great treatment facility in utah ...

which brings me to the next little tidbit. so we now suspect that mary-kate is being treated for drug abuse in addition to an eating disorder mainly because her father has admitted that she's been battling anorexia for 2 years now. man, i bet ashley's a little pissed that mk is getting all the press ... maybe ash can run over some paparazzi or something ... she needs some screen time too.

oh and guess what, the supreme court has ruled, in its infinite wisdom, that parents have to be parents when it comes to monitoring their own children. imagine that! man, the supreme court can be so smart in some cases (like this one) and so incredibly stupid in others (like the pledge of allegiance case). oi vey!

i love that there can actually a dialog concerning who barbie is dating. we all know (cuz people follow dumb shit like this) that barbie broke up with ken earlier in the year ... but did you know that she replaced him with a gay boyfriend named blaine? here is a pic of the happy couple

now she doesn't have to waste her time hanging out with stupid midge and stupid skipper ... now she can do some serious shopping with her new boyfriend blaine. after all these years, it's nice to see barbie settle down as just another fag hag (tho it would be hilarous if blaine dropped barbie for ken ... hee hee).

and the final bit of news, thus far, is that author j.k. rowling has come up with the name of the next harry potter book ...

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

and the world breathes a collective sigh of WhatTheFuck?!?


web master

just got back from the midnight showing of spider-man 2 ... there were 4 stadium sized theaters full of manic fans ... a few people brought a bunch of beach balls, inner tubes and even an inflatable shark (or a dolphin, i'm not quite sure)

which they were throwing around (like at a concert) ... until the ushers confiscated them and made the "rowdy" crowd pipe down ... they were pretty raucous until the movie started ...

and holy moly ... what a good freaking film! totally solid story, great characters ... lots of emotion and a very satisfying ending. hello! the special effects and actions scenes were totally awesome! this movie will be big ... it shall rake in billions of bucks ...

spider-man 2 is sure to perform well at the box office ... and how do you think that makes spidey feel?

i think he's pretty happy.


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

the goss of the day


(New York, June 29, 2004) - Star magazine reveals that Mary-Kate Olsen- who along with twin sister Ashley, form a multi-millionaire power duo-is being treated for a cocaine addiction in an exclusive facility in Utah.

this was the story of the day (and probably of the summer) ... i would'a posted sooner but i had to be at stupid work ...

but anyways, i can totally believe that mary-kate is battling a drug addiction. ever since i found out the truth about leann rimes i can completely believe that everyone in hollywood does drugs ... when you're a half billionaire (with your twin sister) it must be mighty easy to score whatever you want, whenever you want. it seems logical to come out and say she's getting treatment for an eating disorder because that would illicit more sympathy than seeking treatment for a drug addiction.

in any regard, i hope she gets better.

and i hope someone steps up and forces an intervention for ms. britney (hello, jamie lynn, ya hear girl?) and get her ass to a drug treatment facility ... it's the only explanation for her engagement to monsieur white-trash.

hello people! just say no!


senses tingling

blaurgh ... my alarm started screeching at 9:09am ... today i had an appointment to come into work for a couple of hours. we are in the process of scheduling a server migration for the beginning of the next school year and there is a lot of stupid crap that needs to be done before we even get going with the main work. so i've scheduled some dates thruout the summer to get little things done one at a time. it's not so bad ... it was cool to get shit done ... i feel accomplished and everthing!

last night's concert was soooo fun! i love seeing shows at the shelter ... even tho it gets hotter than hades down there, the fact that it's small and all cameras are allowed more than makes up for the heat. anyways, as i said, jem was very cool. the only complaint i had was with the sound (too much bass) but other than that it was a fun night. mark got me a pabst tall boy and a shot of whiskey so we were all set to rock out.

tonight at 12:01am (which is, technically, tomorrow) mark and i are going to see spider-man 2

i've tried to stay away from all reviews, all spoilers, all commercials/trailers (that i haven't already seen) because this movie is supposed to be better than the first one (which was an amazing movie) and is even being hyped as the best superhero movie of all time! i don't know about all that ... but i'm sure it's gonna kick ass!! i'm so excited :)

my work is done and i need to hang out with erik this evening but before i go home, i'm going to swing on over to best buy to get a new dvd set that was released today

weee! wonder woman was my first love ... i wanted to marry her ... i think i realize now that those feelings probably stemmed from the secret desire to borrow her fucking awesome red boots and golden tiara ...


Monday, June 28, 2004


ugh ... it's late but i just got home from the jem concert in detroit (i went with sarah and mark, kirsten was on her way but the show sold out. i did manage to pick up a little something for her since she couldn't make the show). jem was so cute, so amazing, so sweet ... so tiny

she did 11 of her 12 songs plus one stevie wonder cover (master blaster). she told us how excited she was to play detroit, home to the "greatest record company in the world" (motown) ... even tho her friends described the city as a little "dodgy", she disagreed and told us that she was very happy to be here.

i got to meet her after the show

and she loved my t-shirt! she was telling us that she's had a little copyright problems from using her name (since Jem and the Holograms, the cartoon & trademark, is owned by hasbro) but she was like "whatever, it's my name and i'm going to use it. and the other Jem isn't even real!" she was soooo cute :) and then she signed my cd

and we were on our way. she was very talkative ... she talked for like 20 minutes for each person who waited for her. you could tell she was very genuine. she promised to come back to detroit soon (she described her tour as "never-ending") so i'll have to make sure to see her again :)

* i will add another photo album (on the right side with the others) with all the pix from the show ... there are a lot ... but hey, with a digital camera and a 1Gig memory card, it's hard to know when to stop taking pix.


gonna go see Jem ... for real

woo! sarah, mark, kirsten and i are going to see jem play the shelter tonight

she's an awesome singer and songwriter -- she wrote the song nothing fails for madonna's latest album american life. she sounds kinda like dido but with better lyrics ... sarah scored free tix for us so there was no way i was gonna pass up this show.

more later.


jumping the guns ... and bombs

Iraq Formally Returns to Self-Rule Two Days Early

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The United States handed sovereignty to an interim Iraqi government two days earlier than expected Monday, aiming to forestall guerrilla attacks with a surprise ceremony formally ending 14 months of occupation.

er ... are we really sure that this is a good idea? after seening the record-breaking fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend (which became the first documentary to debut at #1 at the box office; taking in more money in 3 days than bowling for columbine did in its entire 9 month run) i don't trust a single thing that happens in iraq. with a US marine being held hostage and attacks that are killing people happening, almost, every day ... man ... the whole situation reeks!

gods be with them ... and us.


Sunday, June 27, 2004

"All's Right With The World ...

... Everything is in sync
Everything is all right
Friends are friends again
Everyone is in the pink
Everything is all right

I feel great again
Feel first rate again
I'm with the people I love
Moonbeams are dancin' above"

-- Jem and the Holograms

erik and i spent the morning sorting stuff out. we're complicated ... but in love.

the rest of the day was fun ... and bizzy ... we went around taking more pictures for the detroit project (check out the updated album, there are new photos there now), had an enjoyable sushi meal and then picked up some stuff for the house. we put up 2 shelves in the living room and hung up a series of the pictures that adriana took of us in LA. the house is looking so amazing ... we still have a few tiny projects that we want to get done sooner than later (the photo collage/mural for the living room is next, then the painting of the outside doors).

we baked cookies and ate ice cream ... and are about to go to bed. i've not slept well in a couple of nights so i'm looking forward to a good night's sleep with the coolest guy in the world.


national HIV testing day

as Pride celebrations span the country, let's not forget that it's not all about fun and games ... get tested, live to celebrate many, many, many more Pride weekends to come!

National HIV Testing Resources's Health & HIV page


Saturday, June 26, 2004

the color purple

oh yeah ... i forgot that we were painting today ... so that's what we did. kirsten came over to help us. we decided a few weeks ago that we were going to paint the office a purple color called smarty pants ... and this is how it went:

the office started out with white walls.

then we had to tape the edges of everything ...

and get to the painting.

and this is how it turned out ... the coolest color!

it looks as if kirsten and erik did all the work but VLB sarah came over and she and i taped and painted as well. we got the whole room done very quickly ... it just looks sharp as hell. i love it!

stephanie, her sister sydney and their mother candi came over to visit. candi and sydney had never seen the house before and they were pretty impressed.

after they left, tracey and ken came over for drinks and trivial pursuit.

i do look stunning in a tiara don't i?

tracey was going to spend the night but she had to go home to ann arbor to get stuff done before tomorrow afternoon ... we decided to have our sleep over some other time.

and that was pretty much the day ... we were bizzy but didn't run ourselves ragged. i was clued in that we have more projects for tomorrow. we are putting up shelves in the living room and are painting the fronts of our outer doors red ... cool!


i would be remiss if i didn't post a britney update when there is new information to share ... world of britney has this picture of brit sporting, what looks to be, her engagement ring:

i still think it's a baaaaaaaad idea. i really hope she doens't make it to the altar. i just can't believe that she's really in love with this guy enough to marry him.

time will tell ... and then i will tell as soon as it happens.


quop rock

so okay ... let me tell you about last night. i was planning on getting more sleep yesterday afternoon ... yeah, that didn't happen. i was screwing around online most of the day and ended up not sleeping. it was cool, once i got over being tired i wasn't sleepy anymore anyways. erik told me he would be home by 5:45pm because our first game started at 6:30pm. i took my shower at like 5 so i was going to be totally ready. failing to watch the clock, i didn't realize that he was late ... he runs in the door at 6 yelling "we gotta go!" yikes ... i had to put on my long red socks, product-up my hair and put on my shoes. i was ready in 2 secs. he was ready in 4 mins. and we were out the door and speeding down the highway. if a team doesn't have enough players at the appointed start-of-game time then they have to forfeit and we didn't want to be the cause of a forfeiture. we managed to get there with like 8 minutes to spare only to learn that half of the other time hadn't arrived yet. they had to forfeit and we "won" another game (whoo hoo!).

game #2: we fucking creamed them! we were up to bat (er ... kick) first and we scored 7 runs in just that first half of the first inning! they didn't know what hit them ... they couldn't catch, they couldn't throw, they couldn't coordinate with one another ... they were a mess. we ended up shutting them down, 1-2-3, in more than one inning. when the dust settled we won 8 to 3. the shitty thing was that they scored 2 of those runs due to mistakes made by erik and me. we were both playing outfield, right next to each other and we totally f-ed up while both going for the same ball. shitty i know! we were both very disappointed. my only solace was that i was able to score one of those 8 points that we ended up winning with :)

after the game kirsten, mike, VLB sarah, rod, erik and myself were all planning on going to see fahrenheit 9/11 so we went off to get tickets before we met the team at the blarney stone for our celebratory drinks. the 9:30 and 10:15 shows were sold out so we had to opt for the 12:15am show. with our tickets secured, we met the gang at the bar to celebrate. erik and i got into a tiff and we were like that all night long ... oh well, whattayagonnado?

so let me tell you about the movie ... my gods ... it was sooo freaking good. i don't care what anyone says, this movie does nothing but give you facts and let's you see what really happens behind closed doors. that GWB is a moron is not news to anyone ... but to see the unlimitless bounds of his stupidity as he weilds so much deadly power is chilling and horrifying. i cried twice during the movie. the first time was when an iraqi woman was lamenting that her civilian house was completely destroyed by american troops ... she was devestated and i felt horrified. the second time was when an american woman (who was formerly extremely proud of her military family's service) was recounting the death of her son, while she read the last letter he ever wrote and while she goes to washington dc to try and release some of her anguish at the white house ... she was just utterly destroyed by grief. so incredibly sad. this movie highlights real people ... if you get nothing else from this movie (i'm not even going to go into the shady bullshit that has been the hallmark of GWB's life) you should come away with a better understanding on what this war in iraq means to every day real american people.

Bush lied. People died.

i have never felt more strongly about any election in my life ... GWB must be stopped ... he must be ousted from power! there is no way that our country can get back on its feet with that asshole in control. he must be stopped! please ... please see this movie and THINK! people, please think.

so yeah, that was last night ... it was a long one ... draining physically and emotionally. plans for today are up in the air ... i'm not sure what i'm doing but i'm gonna do something ...


awesome! animal rights activists win!

Governor reverses stand on shelters, reinstates waiting period

As part of his budget proposal that was first drafted in December, the governor had asked the Legislature to repeal a 1998 law that requires the shelters to hold animals up to six days before destroying them. The governor wanted to save money bu cutting the waiting period in half ... But after a nationwide storm of protest, the governor hastily organized a press conference outside his Capitol office and told reporters of his error.

yesss! at least the man has some sense and knows when to listen to the people unlike some other jerk who just doesn't know when to quit.


it's confirmed!

world of britney, NME, Jam! showbiz news, and mtv news are all confirming that:

It's True: Britney's Engaged

After initial denials, Britney Spears' reps have now confirmed that the singer is engaged to her dancer boyfriend, Kevin Federline.

Jam! has a quote from a Jive records rep:

"I can confirm that yes, she is engaged," said Sonia Muckle of Jive Records ... Spears, 22, and Kevin Federline, 26, have not yet set a date, Muckle said.

now i love me some britney ... but i think this is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea.

honestly, tho, i'm not really believing it until i hear it from her mouth. but we do know that she does look cute in a wedding dress ;)


he must NOT be re-elected!!!!!

it's 3am and we just got back from a very long evening/night ... we just saw fahrenheit 9/11 and i'm really at a loss for words right now. every american must see this movie.

GWB is an absolute evil, rotten fool.

i will do everything in my power to help get his ass kicked out of the white house.

please ... do yourself a favor and see this movie!


Friday, June 25, 2004

holla back

oi ... i stayed up until 6am last night/this morning so i need to get some more sleep sometime during the day. i have kickball tonight and i really want to go see fahrenheit 9/11 afterwards. if there was ever a movie to see on opening day (or at least opening weekend) this is the movie.

and why did i stay up until 6am you might ask? i got caught up watching a movie and then i stumbled upon my so-called life (which i couldn't turn off) ... but the real reason i stayed up so late was because brian o'dell is a god amongst men! brian (adriana's boyfriend) is the photoshop master of all time. while we were in LA we watched him do his magic with the program and were extremely impressed. anyways, he worked up a cool invitation/flyer for sarah's upcoming Fiesta! which i received yesterday. i asked him if he could take the Jem logo and morph it into a Trent logo ... and voila ...

i checked my email after my so-called life was over and the logo he created was in my inbox. i immediately had to affix it to my journal template. my new logo will now live in the upper right corner of my journal :) soooo mad props to brian for being so kick-ass! i love him y'all ... you should too!


so yeah ... i ended up going to bed right around the time that erik was getting up to go to work, then i wake up suddenly at 10:30am! since i was already up i decided to peruse the net for news and stuff and then try to go back to sleep. in good news, detroit police think they have apprehended the bastard who decided to shoot people in hart plaza wednesday night. in bad news, can i just say that i'm disgusted by gov. ahhhnold's move to kill stray animals as fast as he can? if he had his way then animals would be killed left and right before they are even given the chance to be adopted. he sucks. c'mon california -- don't let him get away with this!

i was heartened to read that kerry may select a hispanic to be his running mate in the '04 election. how hard would it rock if we had some guatemalaness in the white hizzy?!? ¡andele kerry!

geeze, and i feel for monica lewinski ... i really do ... but did she really think that clinton was going to use his autobiography to write about their "love affair" to her satisfaction? seriously, woman, get a grip ... his historical memoirs are not going to expound on the affair that ruined his untarnished presidency.

vivid blurry has posted this really funny article that i had to pass along. the article has advice for gays that are just coming out, offering some very sage advice, for example:

Avoid she-bonics: referring to each other as Girl, She, and Her. "What's her problem?" That you are an idiot. This includes: Bitchslap, Girlfriend, Shit pussy, Mangina.

er ... maybe i should pass this information on to a certain someone who insists on calling every gay man on earth hey girl!


and finally, before i put my ass back to sleep, i don't want to be the only person not to make mention of colin farrell's penis ... which is apparently too big for the big screen. i highly doubt it's a matter of size ... altho it might be nice to see what all the hoopla is about when the uncut dvd version of the movie comes out ... but i suspect that the scene in question will leak to the internet looong before the dvd is released.

god bless.

okay ... i'm audi ... tonight the Quopamaniacs have 2 games to win ... then 20 drinks to imbibe ... then a movie to see ...

PS: blogger made my journal site ad-free ... for free! whoohoo!!! enjoy!


oooh jordan catalano

so it's like 5am and i just finished watching an episode of my so-called life ... man what an incredible show! i used to watch it when it aired on network television and i also watched it reruns on mtv. the show is so well written ... so very real in every way. the characters are so genuine. they behave like normal people do. angela's mom especially ... i don't think i appreciated how ground-breaking this show really was in its day. it dealt with issues like homosexuality, harrassment in school, kids having sex and not having sex ... just a really good show.

and yes, i remember how good jordan catalano (jared leto) looked ... i so never acknowledged it back then, well at least not outloud, but now i can give props to his cuteness. i met him btw ... i saw his band 30 seconds to mars play the shelter in detroit ... he signed my requiem for a dream soundtrack ... but i'm digressing ...

my so-called life is a really great and really underrated show ... i've added it to my wishlist. i would love to own this series on dvd.


Thursday, June 24, 2004

hate to say i told ya so

Majority of Americans Now Call Iraq War a Mistake

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For the first time since the start of the war in Iraq (news - web sites), a majority of Americans now say the U.S.-led invasion was a mistake, according to a USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll released on Thursday. Amid continuing violence in Iraq and questions about the justification for the war, 54 percent of the 1,005 Americans polled said it was a mistake to send U.S. troops into Iraq, compared with 41 percent who held that view three weeks ago. The findings mark the first time since Vietnam that a majority of Americans has called a major deployment of U.S. forces a mistake, USA Today reported on its Web site.

god ... it's sad that it takes this long for a majority of americans to get a clue ...


me and my friends are Jem girls

showtime synergy!

ahhh ... the lazy days of summer are finally upon us. today i found myself in a typical don't-have-to-work scenario where i found myself getting a little bored only to remember that i need to enjoy the time off work because the summer will slip by in a flash. it's already the end of june (1 week to go) and we'll be in july ... then august ... then it's all over and i'm back to work ... blah!

i do like having a lot of time to myself. erik has to get up early and go to work still ... he ends up coming home later from work too because the kids he visits are off for the summer so he spends more time in the office (where he can't slip out and go home early). so he's gone most of the time and it's just me.

i'm so glad that i finally started taking more pictures. i've been telling myself that i need to actively take more pictures and it took the trip to LA to get me going. when we were on the plane erik said to me "we need to take lots of pictures" and that's exactly what we did. with the detroit project to keep me bizzy i've got lots of detroit landmarks to shoot.

kickball keeps me active ... our game last week was so fun ... such a rush! tomorrow we have another set of games and i'm really looking forward to playing again. don't get me wrong, i'm still a little nervous about messing up but it's fun being a part of a team ... whether we win or lose, we have fun.

on the tv front ... i've got that covered too. i love watching television shows on dvd! i've got buffy the vampire slayer and angel to fall back on if i ever get bored but now that i've acquired jem and the holograms (and soon wonder woman) i've got lots of fun stuff to watch.

blah ... as a side note ... i just realized that the jem and the holograms series is 18 years old and the wonder woman series is, gasp, 29 years old!

hmmm ... i'm not really sure where i'm going with this. i just found myself thinking about my free time. how lucky i am to have it ... how fast it always seems to go ... it won't be long before i'm lamenting something or other that has come and and gone ...

but until them i'll just sit back, relax and take my time doing nothing. hanging out and lying about ... the way god intended life to be.

show's over synergy!


should we be concerned that this kid is german?

Genetic mutation turns tot into superboy

BOSTON - Somewhere in Germany is a baby Superman, born in Berlin with bulging arm and leg muscles. Not yet 5, he can hold seven-pound weights with arms extended, something many adults cannot do. He has muscles twice the size of other kids his age and half their body fat ... DNA testing showed why: The boy has a genetic mutation that boosts muscle growth.

natural mutation or genetic manipulation? either way this kid sounds freaky.


see, this is why i gave up drinking pop

Texas drink dispenser emits WWI-era poison gas

HOUSTON - An exploding vending machine turned the coolant freon into phosgene, a poisonous gas used as a chemical weapon in World War I, and forced the evacuation of 10 people from a Texas hospital, officials said Thursday ... “When freon gas from the cooling system came into contact with the heat from the fire, it changed composition to a phosgene gas,” Mulliner said ... Phosgene irritates the lungs, eyes, mouth and nose and, in strong enough concentrations, causes fatal amounts of fluid to build up in the lungs.

as if we needed further proof that soda pop was bad for you ... thank goodness i gave the stuff up.


VP to Senator: F*** you!

Cheney curses Leahy on Senate floor

WASHINGTON - Vice President Cheney cursed at Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy during a confrontation on the Senate floor while members were having their annual group picture taken earlier this week, Leahy and Senate sources said Thursday ... During their exchange, Leahy noted that Republicans had accused Democrats of being anti-Catholic because they are opposed to some of President Bush’s anti-abortion judges, the aides said ... Cheney then responded, “f--- off” or “f--- you,” two aides said, both speaking on condition of anonymity.

har har har ... who knew cheney had a mouth? he must'a been real pissed ... senator leahy must have touched a nerve ... or got too close to the truth.


judge "pumps himself up" in court

the smoking gun is reporting that there is an attempt to remove an oklahoma judge from the bench for pleasuring himself underneath his robe ... while court was in session!

JUNE 24--While seated on the bench, an Oklahoma judge used a male enhancement pump, shaved and oiled his nether region, and pleasured himself, state officials charged yesterday in a petition to remove the jurist. According to the below complaint filed by the Oklahoma Attorney General, Donald D. Thompson, 57, was caught in the act by a clerk, trial witnesses, and his longtime court reporter (these unsettling first-hand accounts will make you wonder what's going on under other black robes).


what more can i say???


reach out and touch someone

the beautiful adriana sent me this email:

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 10:32:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Adriana"
To: a bunch of cool people
Subject: This really only takes a nanosecond

Take a minute (less actually) to voice your opinion on this important issue:

Governor Schwarzenegger is conducting a phone poll that includes same-sex marriage. Predictably, right-wingers are flooding the office with calls. Since we are trying to pass a slew of marriage and domestic partner bills here in California, it's a good time to show support on the issue. Takes less than a minute (really!) Make the call and forward this email to all of your lists.

Call (916) 445-2841
On the phone tree, press in order:
Press #5 for "Hot Issues."
Press #1 for Same Sex Marriage.
Press #1 to support marriage for same sex couples in California.

the lovely margaret cho has also posted this information on her marriage equality site ... i urge you to utilize the free long distance capability of your mobile phone and call in your support for same-sex marriages.

give gov. ahhhnold whatfor!

and if it's bizzy ... keep calling back ... let's get as many calls thru as we can.


LA police beatings & Detroit shootings: It's like the early 90's again

this shit is sad ... you would think that stuff like this wouldn't happen anymore ... but here we go again ... as if it were the early 90's again:

Pursuit Suspect Beaten in Controversial Use of Force

ABC7 Eyewitness News footage showed an officer hitting the man with a flashlight at least 10 times after it appeared he had surrendered. Police said the man was not seriously injured but did complain that he had been struck in the head and suffered an injury to his nose.

when i read this on the drudge report i thought well damn, they're at it again ... and then i got an email from OtherErik (my best friend at work) telling me about what happened in downtown detroit last night:

Reports: Nine Shot, Wounded During Fireworks Show

The shots were fired at Woodward and Jefferson, near the Joe Louis Fist statue just as the fireworks display began around 10:17 p.m., Local 4 reported. A 22-year-old man is fighting for his life after a bullet pierced his heart, said Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings during an early morning press conference.

how fucking sad is this!!! while the LA police force still can't get it thru their thick head that you can't beat people into submission just cuz you wear a badge ... there are still assholes in detroit who can't just have a good time and have to fuck up shit for everyone! things have been so cool in detroit for a long time now ... a real long time. detroit IS NOT set ablaze every devil's night anymore ... even when the pistons won the championship there WAS NO destruction set upon the city in mock celebration. i just hope that this single mar on our newly forged reputation doesn't get thrown in our faces. the nation's eye was set upon detroit the night we won the championship because they were sure we were going to turn destructive ... we proved them wrong.

detroit is a great city ... we're going to keep it that way.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

BEDAZZLED/chagrined ...

blah ... so remember in may when we all went to the bang! in ann arbor for a hipster dance party and i ran into an ex of mine, who has gone completely insane btw, who looked as if he was wearing something rejected from betty white's closet? well the official site for the bang! has posted pix from that night and i present to you ... the biggest embarrassment of my life:

yes folks ... i dated this person for about 2 years until he went completely psycho on me and attacked me at a surprise birthday party i threw for him because i wanted to go home at the end of the night and he didn't want me to leave. yes yes, it's a crazy scenario which i'm glad i survived. i can assure you that he did not used to dress like a geriatric solid gold dancer when we were together ... or at least while we were in communicado.

ack ... the next bang! is scheduled for july 3rd ... i'm going again but with my posse (at last count: erik, mike, jacob, brandon) so i can ward off any bejeweled crazies.


My Life waaaaaaaaay abridged

leave it to the omnipotent grambo at to bring you the news that ...

Slate reads My Life so you don't have to.

Want to read Bill Clinton's My Life without turning all 957 turgid pages? We can help! Slate's "Juicy Bits" team has constructed a reader's guide to Clinton's memoir, with handy jumps to Hillary, Chelsea, Ken Starr, Marc Rich, George Stephanopoulos, and Monica Lewinsky.

check out the link to get all the salacious tidbits w/o having to crack the spine of a book*. i mean books are heavy and really difficult to lug around in the summer sun ... and who really has time to read when shows like nip/tuck and blow out must be ingested?

* my apologies to my dear diana who is sure to give me shit for passing along this information. i can see her furrowed brow, crossed arms and tapping toe casting down disappointment and chagrin upon this laziness. in my defense, tho, i can assure her that i *do* plan on reading the book cover to cover.



okay ... i had to give in ... POE has started a really kickass project and as much as i thought i was too cool to participate i realized that this is really cool and i should participate. as you may, or may not know, i have been a POE fan for a very long time. when her first album, hello, came out in 1996 i picked it up on a whim and fell in love with it instantly. i was living in oklahoma at the time and when she went on tour we had to go to all the dates that were close by (and by "close" we meant a 5 hour driving radius) ... as a result we saw her in texas, kansas and oklahoma (both oklahoma city and tulsa). i like to take pictures at concerts so i shot her entire OKC show and gave them to her (and the band) when we saw her show in kansas. she/they were so appreciative she asked my friend mike and i to sing on stage with her when she performed in tulsa ... we, of course, said yes and got to perform on stage with her

we kept in pretty close touch thru my oklahoma years (she gave me her phone number ... it was before email was rampant) but lost touch after i moved home to detroit (and while she was between albums; not touring). with her second album, haunted, she toured again and i saw her open for depeche mode but was never given the opportunity to reconnect with her (so many years had passed and she had acquired so many new and more dedicated fans; tony was one of those new fans/friends, incidentally, even tho i didn't know him at the time). she played the shelter here in detroit and i went ... i ran into her after the show as she was getting into her car. i asked her to sign my cd and she looked at me but i couldn't tell if she recognized me or not (when we were "friends" i had blonde hair ... this time i had my natural dark brown hair). she signed my cd and that was that ... but there could have been a look of recognition there.

since then she has been locked in a bitter legal dispute with her record company (atlantic records) ... i'm not sure what the exact details are but the gist is that atlantic wouldn't let her out of her contract ... and then they dropped her (along with a lot of other artists; for financial reasons).

it is my understanding that she has started her own record company called RePOE Records and is in the process of putting togther a roster of other artists while working on her next album (since haunted came out she did do vocals for the latest conjure one album along side other singers like sinead o'connor and ofra haza).

god there is so much to talk about concerning the amazing POE ... from her fanatical fans the angry psychos to the insanely dedicated kids that hang out at poeland; the official POE message board ... but the main reason for this post is to talk about PROJECT POE BALL: The RePoeZessed!

Until Poe is finally liberated from the horrible contractual entanglements that are preventing her from releasing a new album and touring, the Poe Ball will be touring the world in her place. That's right. A bright red Poe Ball is going to make its way around the globe accompanied by a leather bound journal. I like to think of the Ball as a little space probe, going out to meet all the folks that have hung in there with Poe for so long; and of course we hope that the Ball will make lots of new friends along the way. (Poe ball can also check out future places for Poe to perform, and thanks to the journal, it will bring back the stories of all the glorious Psychos that have had it in their POE-Zession!)

when the pistons won the national championship i decided to sign up and have the POE BALL come to detroit so i could incorporate the ball with the celebrations. i'm not sure when the POE BALL is coming into my possession but i have recieved confirmation that it is scheduled to come my way. and when it does i plan on doing cool things with it. i'd like to take a picture of it with the pistons trophy ... i'll bring it to a kickball game and have the team take pix with it (i'd also like to have the team sign the journal that will come with the POE BALL). we might go to a detroit tigers game or a detroit shock game ... maybe the ball would like to visit some detroit landmarks ... if it arrives at the right time of the month, it will be my date to the bang ... if any of you have any ideas on what i should do with the POE BALL send them my way ...

the ball will defo be appearing on this blog; i've already put a link to PROJECT POE BALL on the right hand side ... it just has to get here ... and when it does we'll ................................... have a ball!


Phairly HOT!!!

geeze louise ... sex pot liz phair is at it again. check out her photo spread in stuff magazine for some hot pix (she is apparently "girl 388").

lordy! lordy!

more fodder for the haters ... but who cares ... liz rox!

(buzz via stereogum)


because every second of her life needs to be documented

mtv news has never-before-seen photographs and video of britney's fall that injured her knee

... Spears turned and then fell, with an open-mouthed expression of surprise. From the footage, it appears that few seemed to understand the extent of her injury, until she was carried away by a bodyguard, unable to walk.

the video (shot by an amateur camera man) is pretty good tho. it was shot over the heads of the crowd and from an extreme right angle but you can see her doing her dance routine, she does a turn and then goes down.

poor brit. i hope she feels better but maybe it's good that she's taking time off to rest up. as long as she stays away from pet stores from now on ... i think she'll be okay.


the american way???

Rumsfeld OK'd harsh treatment

In an extraordinary disclosure of classified material, the Bush administration released 258 pages of internal documents Tuesday that portray harsh interrogation techniques - including stripping terror suspects and threatening them with dogs - as a necessary response to threats from al-Qaeda terrorists ... Though some of the memos argued that Bush had the right to approve torture, the administration said it had never done so, and pointed to techniques it said fell far short of torture ... Bush made his most explicit comments yet about the issue Tuesday: "We do not condone torture. I have never ordered torture. I will never order torture," Bush said.

open your eyes people ... this administration is evil! i hope this proves to be one of the many nails in GWB's political coffin.


R you kidding me?!?

Moore's 'Fahrenheit' to keep its R rating

Distributors tried Tuesday to get the rating reduced to PG-13. An R rating means those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. But a Motion Picture Association of America appeals board upheld the R rating based on language and graphic content.

whatever! images of war are shown nightly on broadcast television ... this better not be an attempt to try and keep people from going to the film. MoveOn PAC is urging everyone to see it opening day and that's what we are going to do ... you should too!


i think it's a cute name!

Here comes Coco

awww ... they look so cute together ... hurray for courtney and david ... and screw what anyone says, Coco is a cute name!


first lollapalooza and now jane's addiction

Jane's Addiction to split for good?

The statement on Navarro’s website reads: "We know we can't avoid this anymore so we will give it our best shot. What's the deal? The deal is that it simply didn't work out. Sometimes things just don't work out. In all honesty, we have broken up and rejoined roughly four times over the years. Perhaps that should shed some light as to where we are now. We really don't know. We do know that we really gave it everything we had this time and we actually made a really great record after so many years of silence.

this is really sad ... jane's addiction is one of THE best bands of the 90's ... perry farrell can't seem to catch a break these days.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

queers & shears

erik hung out with stephanie tonight so i took the opportunity to finally see the stepford wives

i thought it was an okay movie ... funny parts ... good adaptation with a nice gay-themed integration of characters ... there are some things about the movie that don't make sense ... but i'll spare you the spoilers. this was one movie that i had to see in the theater so i'm glad i got to see it.

as if the movie wasn't drama enough, i've found that i've become a fan of the new reality series on bravo called blow out.

i'm such a sucker for bitchy drama on tv and let me tell you, this show about real people who work in a beverly hills salon is CHOCK FULL of bitchy drama. erik is going to hate me by the end of the summer ... but alas ... it's what i'm drawn to ...

oi ... maybe i should get to work on my reading list and start a book or two ... i'm taking suggestions ...


explains a little

Mary-Kate Olsen enters treatment for an eating disorder

Actress Mary-Kate Olsen has entered treatment for an eating disorder, just days after she and her twin sister Ashley celebrated their 18th birthday, her publicist told USA TODAY Tuesday ... The announcement, first reported by Us Weekly magazine, confirms months of rumors about Mary-Kate's noticeably shrinking body.

an actress with an eating disorder? in hollywood?!? well hopefully she'll get the help she needs. what's the use of being a billionaire if you waste yourself away?

get better mary-kate.

and wtf is up with US Weekly ... they have all the breaking news seemingly before it even breaks.


i'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight


so i just finished part 2 of 'Salem's Lot ... oh my ... it was good ... and very scary!

but get this ... the whole movie is told in backstory ... rob lowe's character has been hunting down someone (turns out to be a priest) and he finds him in an urban city. rob is hurt (as is the man he's hunting) and they are both taken to a hospital where he tells a nurse about what happened in 'Salem's Lot and the movie is his story to the nurse ... but in part 2 they reveal what urban city they are in ... AND THEY ARE IN DETROIT!

oh god oh god oh god ... if vampires hit the motor city you can bet your sweet ass cheeks that i will be nowhere to be found ... there's lots of sun in california ... i'd run the whole way if i had to ...


over before it began

Lollapalooza Canceled; Organizers Cite Poor Ticket Sales

"The sadness upon hearing about the dismantlement of our tour has quickly turned to anger," read a statement from Lollapalooza co-founder Perry Farrell. "To watch something that you put so many hours of love and time into set ablaze sets my pride on fire. But, like the Phoenix, we still intend to rise. Our campaign will continue for the musicians, the artists, and all those attempting to change the world. Our voices will be heard."

the official website has this to say:

Los Angeles, CA - June 22, 2004 -- Even with what has been touted as the best line-up since its inception in 1991, with such eclectic and respected artists as Morrissey, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, and The Flaming Lips, among others, and the most competitive ticket prices in the marketplace for a tour this size, it was not enough to counter the weak economic state of this years summer touring season. Therefore, it is with the utmost regret that due to poor ticket sales across the board, the Lollapalooza, 2004 tour has been cancelled. This morning, tour organizers and concert promoters faced with several million dollars of losses, made the very tough decision to pull the tour.

to which i say: that sucks!

erik and i planned on going ...

suck suck suck :(


they should call it Kill Kill Kill Bill

Tarantino plans third 'Kill Bill' movie

Tarantino said part 3 would centre on a girl named Nicky, daughter of a hired killer that Uma Thurman's character bumps off as part of a spree of revenge killings.

15 years is a long time to wait for a sequel tho ... but it's a great idea.


great news to start the day

Nobel Winners Back Kerry, Say Bush Ignores Science

DENVER (Reuters) - Democrat John Kerry picked up the endorsement on Monday of 48 Nobel Prize-winning scientists who attacked President Bush for "compromising our future" by shortchanging scientific research ... "The Bush administration has ignored unbiased scientific advice in the policy-making that is so important to our collective welfare," the 48 scientists, who have won Nobels in chemistry, physics and medicine dating back to 1967, said in an open letter released by the Democratic presidential candidate's campaign.

... while republican president bush picked up the endorsement on monday of 48 members of the inbred americans association.

seems fair really ... to each their own.

and see, it's not just geniuses who are supporting Kerry ...

Billionaire Puts His Money Where His Anti-Bush Mouth Is

Soros fears that the war in Iraq is fueling anti-Americanism and will beget only more violence; he's particularly troubled that the war on terror continues to claim the lives of innocents. He believes that terrorism should be handled through international collective action and is offended by what he sees as the United States imposing its agenda on the world and stifling dissent by saying, effectively, "Either you're with us or you're against us" ... So he's putting his money where his mouth is. "I have come to the conclusion," Soros told The New York Times, "that the greatest contribution I can make to the values that I hold would be to contribute to the defeat of George W. Bush in 2004."

i'm so encouraged by all of this good news ... i'm hoping that Kerry can steamroll his way into the white house ... yehaw!


Monday, June 21, 2004

britney hounded as she shops for pup

as if hurting your knee enough to have to go thru surgery and having to cancel your world tour wasn't enough ...

poor britney can't even go to the pet store to shop for a new puppy without getting hounded ... hee hee, hounded, get it? anyways ... world of britney posted pix of the whole ordeal which i will caption myself:

britney and co. get into their car and try to escape with the new puppy.

she screams for the paparazzi hounding her with their cameras to "go away!!!"

this guy doesn't listen and gets his foot run over.

britney thinks "oh fuck!"

the ambulances are called ...

britney is questioned by the police ...

she has a few choice words for the paparazzi her mom didn't run over ...

but succumbs to the pressure and starts to cry.

the end.

moral of the story ... well for one, get your feet away from the tires of cars that are trying to speed away (especially if you're only wearing converse chuck taylors) ... and secondly, don't mess with britney, ms. spears if you're nasty ... the jerks.



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