Wednesday, June 23, 2004

BEDAZZLED/chagrined ...

blah ... so remember in may when we all went to the bang! in ann arbor for a hipster dance party and i ran into an ex of mine, who has gone completely insane btw, who looked as if he was wearing something rejected from betty white's closet? well the official site for the bang! has posted pix from that night and i present to you ... the biggest embarrassment of my life:

yes folks ... i dated this person for about 2 years until he went completely psycho on me and attacked me at a surprise birthday party i threw for him because i wanted to go home at the end of the night and he didn't want me to leave. yes yes, it's a crazy scenario which i'm glad i survived. i can assure you that he did not used to dress like a geriatric solid gold dancer when we were together ... or at least while we were in communicado.

ack ... the next bang! is scheduled for july 3rd ... i'm going again but with my posse (at last count: erik, mike, jacob, brandon) so i can ward off any bejeweled crazies.