Monday, June 28, 2004


ugh ... it's late but i just got home from the jem concert in detroit (i went with sarah and mark, kirsten was on her way but the show sold out. i did manage to pick up a little something for her since she couldn't make the show). jem was so cute, so amazing, so sweet ... so tiny

she did 11 of her 12 songs plus one stevie wonder cover (master blaster). she told us how excited she was to play detroit, home to the "greatest record company in the world" (motown) ... even tho her friends described the city as a little "dodgy", she disagreed and told us that she was very happy to be here.

i got to meet her after the show

and she loved my t-shirt! she was telling us that she's had a little copyright problems from using her name (since Jem and the Holograms, the cartoon & trademark, is owned by hasbro) but she was like "whatever, it's my name and i'm going to use it. and the other Jem isn't even real!" she was soooo cute :) and then she signed my cd

and we were on our way. she was very talkative ... she talked for like 20 minutes for each person who waited for her. you could tell she was very genuine. she promised to come back to detroit soon (she described her tour as "never-ending") so i'll have to make sure to see her again :)

* i will add another photo album (on the right side with the others) with all the pix from the show ... there are a lot ... but hey, with a digital camera and a 1Gig memory card, it's hard to know when to stop taking pix.