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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Call Me

Robbed!!! She was robbed!!! Last night on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2 my dear Katie got axed from the show. What is going on here? My favorite drama queens are getting booted from the show way before they can reach their prime. I was upset when Angela got voted off (hardly any of the girls cry anymore) and I was pretty upset when Katie got voted off (I was really counting on an upset; I was hoping either Veronica or Coral would get voted off ... then Katie would lead the "new girls" to the end of the show) but I have come to the realization that their downfalls were due to their own bad judgment. Both girls were very adamant about stating that they would not step up as team leader unless they felt completely comfortable that their team could win the mission. They both staged coups and were able to not only escape elimination but were able to orchestrate the elimination of (arguably) stronger girls (Cynthia and Rachel respectively). Then in the very next mission they foolishly stepped into the leadership positions (I feel, in an attempt to "take charge") of missions the girls had very little chance of winning. This made it very easy for the rest of the girls to vote them off the show. Tsk tsk ... they should have just remained firm, stayed away from being team leaders and coasted on a bit until they were in stronger positions (i.e. after both Veronica and/or Coral were voted off). Ah well ... it's all a game and you can't win all the time (Katie already won a challenge and Angela is brand new -- she is sure to be asked to compete again). And I just realized, I put way too much thought into this whole thing. Let's move on ...

It seems the Federline family is growing ... no, I'm not talking about the latest Britney is pregnant rumors. The Federlines went shopping for a new puppy to add to their family:

I bet the puppy is very cute, Britney's hair is NOT. Hello ... she looks TO' UP ... and I'm a fan ... can you imagine what her haters have to say about her nappy hair?! Gaw ... at least she's wearing shoes .... right ... ???

Moving on ... I've been playing with my cell phones lately (seriously, they're like toys -- MP3 ringtones, fun wallpapers, video games and more) and have been reading about how cell phones have been getting people in trouble. It's bad enough that some people claim that cell phones cause cancer but now we have to be afraid of them blowing up ... literally?! WASHINGTON - Curtis Sathre said it was like a bomb going off. His 13-year-old son Michael stood stunned, ears ringing, hand gushing blood after his cell phone exploded. Safety officials have received 83 reports of cell phones exploding or catching fire in the past two years, usually because of bad batteries or chargers ... Burns to the face, neck, leg and hip are among the dozens of injury reports the Consumer Product Safety Commission has received. The agency is providing tips for cell phone users to avoid such accidents and has stepped up oversight of the wireless industry. There have been three voluntary battery recalls, and the CPSC is working with companies to create better battery standards. Yikes! Well what could be worse ... getting fined for sending someone a text message? ROME (Reuters) - Italians love their mobile phones and often carry out love affairs over them -- but they must beware, flirting with text messages can carry a fine. A judge in the northern Italian town of Padua on Monday found a man who sent an unsolicited compliment by SMS guilty of harassment and fined him 300 euros ($391), Italian news agency Ansa reported. Hahahaha ... well, at least he didn't go to jail or anything crazy like that. A ringing cell phone landed a 17-year-old Patchogue girl facing drug charges in a jail cell this week after an angry district court judge sentenced her to 21 days for contempt ... "If you don't know how to shut it off, go outside and introduce it to the heel of your shoe," he said according to a transcript. When Acevedo's phone subsequently sounded, Alamia called the teenager forward and asked, "Did you think I was playing with you?" She responded, "No. I thought I had turned it off." "Yes, you did. Right," said Alamia, sentencing her to 21 days on the spot. "I know you've been playing with it all morning, sayonara." Geeze ... I just don't get how people can get so pissed off over cell phones so much? But, to be honest, it was her fault. Why in the hell did she need to have her cell phone with her in court? But, she wasn't as dumb as the guy who left his cell phone (full of pictures of himself) at the scene of a crime! A ROBBER who left behind a mobile phone containing his picture has been dubbed Britain's dumbest criminal. David Kelly, 30, dropped his phone as he and an accomplice switched getaway cars after a £6,000 raid on an estate agents. He was jailed for six years yesterday after cops identified him from the mobile's album of snaps of him with his wife. Doh! People, if you're going to court or a robbery -- leave your phone in the car.

Having just procured the latest kickass phones available I think I'm all set for a while ... but who knows ... when a new phone might come along ... hmm ....

Enough, enough ... let's do the news:
  • Last thing about cell phone stuff -- Virgin Mobile is trying out a new service that will stop you from making drunken calls to the wrong people in the middle of the night [via Endgadget]. ... [Starting] tomorrow [Dec. 1] Virgin Mobile, or at least the Australian Virgin Mobile, is going to offer a new service to help stop you from drunk dialing your ex or your boss. You just call up a number, enter the number you want to make sure you don't call, and then you're automatically blocked from making calls from that phone until 6am, by which point you'll probably be passed out on a sidewalk somewhere. Hahahhaah ... what a great service! US cell company's should do the same here.
  • It seems like Ken Jennings' winning-streak on Jeopardy! has finally come to an end. ... [T]he new mark of 75 shows will likely stand for centuries -- or until the next ratings sweeps. The streak has been great to Jennings, who banks $2.5 million US (before taxes). The other big winners have been stations that carry Jeopardy! In its 21st season, the Merv Griffin enterprise has leapt ahead of Wheel Of Fortune to top the U.S. syndicated program list ... After sweeping nearly 100 categories and acing close to 2,600 questions, what finally trips up Jennings? Okay, here's the scoop: The game comes down to Final Jeopardy. The category is business and industry. The clue is: "Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months of the year." If you want to know more read the rest of the article HERE. Erik and I caught an episode of Jeopardy! on Friday night and were both very surprised that he was still the reigning champion. We watched him cream everybody else ... ah well, his time is done.
  • Hey you LOTR/Peter Jackson freaks, are you dying for King Kong movie news? Then THIS SITE is for you.
  • We know who is going to play Superman in the new blockbuster movie but who's going to play Lois Lane? [claims] that the Lois casting search has proven "a little tricky" as "many actresses are hesitant to take the role for fear of being typecast and playing second fiddle to Brandon Routh's Superman." The site claims that Kate Bosworth (Beyond the Sea), Elisha Cuthbert (24) and Claire Danes (Terminator 3) are the finalists for the role of the Man of Steel's intrepid reporter love interest. Hmm ... what happened to Eliza Dushku?! Whatever!!! They better keep Lois a brunette!!! Boo! I object! Actually, I don't particularly care ... I'm gonna see the movie no matter who's in it.
  • 'Cuz we need another reality show ... Martha Stewart is in talks with NBC to create an Apprentice-type reality show. LOS ANGELES - Martha Stewart is making big plans to return to the small screen next year following her five-month gig in a West Virginia prison. Sources said Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, having tapped former ABC Entertainment chief Susan Lyne as its new CEO this month, is close to sealing a deal with NBC for a primetime reality series to feature the domestic diva. It will be produced by "Survivor" Svengali Mark Burnett. Um, shouldn't Martha be spending her time being remorseful for breaking the law ... not cooking up new reality shows? I'm not saying I'm not going to watch it but ...
  • Did you hear that Shelley Long OD'ed on pills a couple of weeks ago? Neither did I ... The 55-year-old actress -- depressed over the bust-up of their marriage -- was rushed to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles Nov. 16 after taking an overdose of painkillers in an apparent suicide bid ... Long's publicist, Regina Miyamoto, said the actress "took an extra pain pill for an injury she sustained on her back several years ago when she slipped on the set of 'Cheers.' " "She had a bad reaction to the extra pill and went to the hospital," Miyamoto said ... Asked if Long attempted to injure herself or was depressed about her breakup, Miyamoto would not comment. Actually, I did hear about this last night on Entertainment Tonight but still ... poor Shelley.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that is all. Today will be my long day because I got to go home early yesterday. To top it all off, I have to go to a "IS Tech Meeting" tonight at a colleague's home. Someone in our department went to South Africa and we are going to hear all about it over dinner. I toyed with the idea of skipping out but ... I'm a sucker ... I said I would go.

Boo! I want to be sleeping now.


Monday, November 29, 2004

Mondays Suck Ass!

Sarah sent me a link to the present she is hoping Santa Claus will bring her this holiday season:

See the real Target link HERE via THIS SITE. If you click the image above you will see a full size screen shot of the page ... I'm not sure how long Target will keep this page up but try and check it out before it goes away.

Check out this picture of Tiffany-Amber Thiessen from a lost episode of Saved By The Bell. It's the episode where she, as Kelly Kapowski, has to go undercover and save Screech from the rival high school before the big football game. Oh wait, I'm mistaken -- it's actually Charlize Theron in her costume for the upcoming movie Aeon Flux! Click the image to see the full-size larger image. I was a huge fan of the Aeon Flux animated shorts that used to play on MTV's Liquid Television but I really fear that this movie is going to bomb! The costume does NOT seem on par with how Aeon Flux is supposed to look. I guess we'll see how things turn out ...

Today has been long and horrid ... so let's get to the news (which is pretty sparse, not much happened over the weekend. I think the celebs decided to stay out of the public eye on purpose ... maybe they too stayed home in their undies watching TV on the couch?):
  • In very sad news, The Dent is reporting that Tori Amos' older brother was killed in a car accident. The Pilot has the story on the car accident and the Washington Post has his obituary. This is what Tori had to say about her older brother: "Michael was the one that brought Led Zeppelin into the house, he introduced me to all that was great about Music... I will miss his presence on this planet, but he will forever be on my shoulder wispering in my ear 'energy energy'." My condolences to the Amos family.
  • But, as one life ends two others begin -- Julia Roberts gave birth to her twins this weekend. Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter Moder are Roberts' first children with her husband of two years, Danny Moder. He's a cameraman ... Both mom and twins are "doing great," says Roberts' spokeswoman, Marcy Engelman. No further details about the birth or the size of the babies were released Sunday. Yay for Julia and her new family!
  • The big box-office news over the holiday weekend was how horrible Alexander did (National Treasure was the #1 movie again this weekend -- yay for Justin Bartha!). I've seen both movies and liked both movies -- there is no reason that people can't see both. Towleroad posted a great treatise on the movie and makes some really great points HERE. C'mon, give Colin a break ... he should get something for bleaching his hair.
And that is all. I spent some time writing a great entry and right as I went to post Blogger took a shit and I lost the whole thing. This is a sorry recap of what I wrote ... I'm annoyed and will spend no more time on this entry. Sorry.


Sunday, November 28, 2004


Sunday turned out to be exactly like Saturday except I only wore boxer shorts. I'm going to hate Monday morning.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Couch

I did not leave the house today ... at all. I didn't shower, nor did I get dressed. I spent 90% of today on the couch ... and it was glorious!

The end.


Friday, November 26, 2004

I Before E Except After Neices

Today was the busiest shopping day of the year ... and we did our best to stay the hell away from any shopping centers. We did have to go to Target to pick up a few things but we decided to go late in the day so that all the crowds would have thinned out.

We started the day with a great sushi lunch at Noble Fish and then bummed around a bit in downtown Birmingham before seeing a matinee showing of Kinsey. Since we saw it at the Birmingham Uptown Theater the audience was full of older moviegoers. I suspect we were the youngest people in attendance. The movie was great! I cannot imagine growing up in that period of American history. The movie was very enlightening and very intelligently presented. I loved it!

After the movie we hit Target and then went home for a bit. Sarah was hanging out with Adriana at Ben and Sam's place. Erik and I wanted to go dancing at Luna so we decided to swing by Ben and Sam's to hang for a bit. We were happy to find that The Neices were practicing some songs:

My favorite song was the one about the Hobo B.O. but the I'm Hungry song was pretty good too.

After hanging out for a little while we went to Luna ... and were vastly disappointed. The only fun song we danced to was Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For ... other than that, it was poopsville! After they played two too many Beastie Boys songs we decided to leave. And that, my friends, was Friday.


Thursday, November 25, 2004

What I'm Thankful For ...

I'm thankful that this year Britney Spears finally found the right man to marry ... twice.

I'm thankful that the Olsen Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are finally able to go to college. Now maybe they'll be able to make real money.

I'm thankful for Charo.

I'm thankful that MTV decided to bring Katie back to this year's Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I'm also thankful that Rachel was brought back as well (that bitch!).

I'm thankful that Motorola and Nokia keep making really cool mobile phones.

I'm thankful that Brandon has promised to go with us on any future road trips we might take.

I'm thankful that I now own the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD so that I can watch any episode I want, any time I want, as many times as I want.

I'm thankful that Creed broke up.

I'm thankful that the color pink had such a great year.

And I'm thankful for the love of a good man.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Alexander The Grrrrrreat!

Erik and I just got home from seeing Alexander. Personally, I liked it. But I can see where the people who didn't like it are coming from.

It's a long (3-hour) movie so you're sitting for a good while. But the story of Alexander is a long one. Colin Farrell did a decent job ... I think he could have been more passionate in the role but he was okay. And let me tell you right off, the penis shot was very quick and from behind so it was more like a testicles shot. But, I'm not complaining.

It was very evident that Hephaistion (Jared Leto) was the love of Alexander's life. The scenes between the two were pretty intense, I can understand why they cut out the more intimate scenes between the 2 men. While America might be ready for Will & Grace-type entertainment, it is not ready for Queer As Folk-type entertainment in a big budget movie. That said, I think they did a great job with the homosexuality in the film.

Angelina Jolie was very good ... the others were okay as well. It's not an Oscar Best Movie type of film ... but much better than Troy. I liked it, you should check it out for yourself.


Another Day, Another Letter

Look at this beautiful picture of Tori Amos. The picture was printed in this weekend's edition of USA Today along with a short article on Tori's upcoming album. [via The Dent] Can I just reiterate how happy I am that there will be new TORI AMOS MUSIC in a few short months!!!

I am very thankful that I only have to work a half-day today. Because rich little princes and princesses have to jet away to far away lands to celebrate Thanksgiving (much like the first pilgrims who vacationed in the Swiss Alps) classes are being dismissed at 11:20AM today for the holiday weekend. I love it! I really would love to just go home an crawl into bed but I think I'm going to spend the afternoon with my parents. I heard a rumor that Jessica Simpson was going to be in town doing a meet-and-greet at a local 7-11 (because they are selling an "exclusive holiday EP" in their stores) but I haven't been able to sniff out any information. I would love to get my picture taken with Jessica Simpson in a 7-11. How wrong is that?!?

Not to be outdone by Britney Spears and her Letters of Truth, Martha Stewart speaks from behind prison walls:

The letter is on her official website. While it's nice to hear that she's "in good spirits" and that she's "making the best of this difficult situation" I am more interested in hearing about how things are progressing with her new prison girlfriend.

Surely you all know that Oliver Stone's new movie Alexander opens today and I'm fairly certain that Erik and I are going to see it regardless of the ONE or TWO bad reviews I've come across. I really could care LESS about what a movie reviewer thinks about a film before I get to see it (sorry Michael T.) regardless of whether or not I agree with the review in the end. And, hello, who are we kidding ... is there any way that I'm NOT going to see Colin Farrell frolicking around in a tunic???

You just know there's gonna be some mad flesh in this flick! That's Hot!

And now the news:
  • In NYC? Check out Rufus Wainwright at Barnes & Noble on December 7th. Piano based crooner Rufus Wainwright will be performing in-store at New York's Union Square Barnes & Noble on December 7 in support of his brand new album Want Two, the follow-up to 2003's Want One ... Fans will get a chance to hear the songwriter and have him sign copies of Want Two. Rufus also has plans for a quick tour in Canada, starting with an American date in Baltimore. I definitely want to see him on tour this go round. I am SO HAPPY that the song Little Sister is on Want Two. It is one of my favorite Rufus songs (he used to perform it live when he was on tour promoting his first album). Woo!
  • Why is this not surprising to me at all ... Barbara Bush is a fag hag, according to The New Haven Advocate: Last November, Bush attended a Pansy Division concert at Rudy's, the divey New Haven watering hole. Pansy Division, America's leading all-gay rock band, is known for its quirky homo-ballads and driving punk anthems like "Groovy Underwear" ("Tight briefs on your sexy butt/white fabric surrounding your nuts...") ... Around 2 a.m. one Saturday in March, I ran into Barbara at Starlight, a gay lounge in New York's East Village. As a fellow Yale student, I recognized her immediately, but upon approach she pretended not to go to Yale, but to be a student at Hartford's Trinity College. Eventually, one of her friends blew her cover, yelling, "Come on Barbara, let's go!" My next ostensibly "gay" encounter with Bush came in early May, a few weeks before her graduation from Yale, when I saw her arm-in-arm between two known homosexuals (classmates of hers), literally skipping down High Street, like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man prancing off to see the Wizard. I suppose the fact that she looks like a drag queen helps bolster her standing as a hag.
  • BUT, being a friend to friends-of-Dorothy doesn't mean that people still won't hate her and her family ... I *love* this next piece of goss -- apparently the Bush twins were turned away from a NY eatery: Freemans, tuesday night the 16th of nov. the bush twins , along with 2 massive secret service men, tried to have dinner. they were told by the maitre'd that they were full and would be for the next 4 years. upon hearing, the entire restaurant cheered and did a round of shots... it was amazing!!! Gawker is reporting that this really happened. I love it! I wish I was able to witness it for myself!
  • Paris Hilton has finally gotten around to recording her debut album. After recently completing FOX's upcoming, "Simple Life 3: Interns," reports that the hotel heiress will soon begin work on her debut album. She is working with Lil' Jon on a track titled That's Hot. Hahahaha! I bet it'll be huge.
  • First Joey and now Phoebe?, HBO has picked up a series starring Lisa Kudrow. HBO has ordered 13 episodes for a series starring Kudrow as a one-time sitcom star who is trying to revive her career ... Kudrow and former "Sex and the City" executive producer Michael Patrick King co-wrote the pilot script for the new series, to be called "Comeback," and will executive produce the series ... "Comeback" is the first half-hour show picked up by HBO since "Sex and the City" bowed out last spring. Lisa Kudrow is hilarious. If Matt LeBlanc can find sitcom fame on his own I know she can as well.
  • Robbie Williams is bragging that he's had sex with 4 of the Spice Girls. "I've only got one left to have had all of the Spice Girls," blurted the randy Robster on the show in Buenos Aires, where he is currently touring ... He has famously enjoyed flings with 'Ginger' Geri Halliwell and 'Sporty' Mel Chisholm ... That would mean the other two, if true, are among Mel Brown - whom his actor pal, Max Beesley, dated - 'Baby' Emma Bunton and 'Posh Spice' Victoria Beckham. Are you kidding me?! My money would have been on Mel C (Sporty aka Lesbo Spice).
  • And people say that Marilyn Manson isn't shocking anymore. Tell that to the students at Temple University who were surprised when he showed up as a guest lecturer. With an MTV film crew in tow, Manson surprised students in a Temple University Art and Society class Monday with an hourlong guest lecture ... He opened the class with a question: Could he share a bottle of red absinthe with the students? The liqueur stayed on the desk as Manson -- wearing an all-black suit with chrome-tipped platform shoes, dark lipstick and sunglasses -- responded to questions about art, politics and religion ... "I'm not someone who doesn't respect religion, but I don't care for the way religion is used to manipulate people," the 35-year-old singer said. "We create our own gods. We create our own devils." I would die. I have met Marilyn Manson (a couple of times years ago and for more substantial time than my recent meet-and-greet with him) and found him to be extremely intelligent and enlightening. I'd love to get him to be a guest speaker in my class some time.
And that is all ... my time is done here at work and I'm going to get the hell out of here. I shall update soon ... woot!


Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Parent/Teacher Conferences are OVER! I got home and managed to catch up on some television. First up, Manhunt -- after tonight's elimination we're down to the final 2 guys:

I'd love for Rob to win (because I tend to root for the homo) but I suspect Jon will win it all in the end. He's very versatile and he photographs very well. My money is on Jon but I really hope that Rob wins.

Then I was able to finally watch last week's episode of Lost:

Now we know who the creepy French lady is but all she brings to the table are more questions and much more mystery. Things are getting gooooood.

Next up were tonight's episodes of The Real World: Philadelphia (where MJ hooks up with a skank and Sarah tries to convert a gay guy -- unsuccessfully)

and Laguna Beach (the graduation episode -- are you kidding me with that shizz about Lo and her brand new car? I hate that girl ... I hate that show ... why do I even watch it?!?).

I still need to watch Sunday's episode of Charmed and then I'm all caught up. Whew! It's time for bed.


Word To Your Mother

Another letter from Britney Spears to her fans, via

Britney’s Letters: A letter to mom for Thanksgiving

This week is Thanksgiving, a time of year to reflect on all of our blessings and everything we are most thankful for. In that respect, I want to dedicate this letter to my mom.

It's 10pm and Kori is sound asleep. Today, for the first time I made a roast with carrots, potatoes, corn and my favorite garlic bread. It was amazing, if I do say so myself! I used my own recipe too. My feet are really starting to sink into my new home, especially the kitchen. When I was younger, the kitchen was always the room in the house where we would all end up hanging out. Cooking is kind of like motherhood. To be really good at it, you don't need instructions. You kind of just go on instinct and what feels right.

My mom was the best at everything but she wasn't a Stepford wife at all. She had her own way of doing things. Some of the women where we are from went to church every week, but also gossiped the entire time they were there. These women also worshiped their husbands in a weird way and talked to their kids as if they were a principal lecturing a student instead of a mother to her child. Living in a small town can make it so easy to just follow the mold and go along with how everyone else does things. But my mom managed to set her own course and not get corrupted into doing things like all the other women. She would go to church every week like everyone else, but she always looked sexy in her black dress and she was the one all the other women would gossip about. She would come home and put on her size 2 shorts and a bikini top to wash the car & get a tan at the same time, then come inside and manage to make the best chicken dumplings before going on a two mile run and then end the night by making the best chocolate shakes for us before we went to bed.

My mom was and still is a Supermom. She is just so much fun and I think the reason why I relate to her so well is because she's a young mom. A lot of people think you should wait till you're older to have kids. I've had a career since I was 16, have traveled around the world & back and even kissed Madonna! The only thing I haven't done so far is experience the closest thing to God and that's having a baby. I can't wait! I thought I would never say this, but I love not working so much! To be a really good mom, I feel your child needs to be your full time job. I want to raise my kids and share all of those precious moments with them and not rely on nannies. Spending time at home over the past few months, I have felt richer than I ever did working all the time. My soul feels rich and that doesn't have anything to do with money or material things. To feel content, I just need a roof over my head and to be surrounded by the people I love. That's why I'm dedicating this letter to my mom and all of the mom's out there. What would the world do without you?

Mom, thanks for being the best role model ~ you rock!



Hot Damn! Hot Blog!

I've been meaning to post an ode to the hot bloggers that I really enjoy reading everyday. I have some time to write now so I'm going to ode away. When I started keeping an online journal back in August of 2002 I never thought that I would keep writing. Since then my style has evolved from the boring This is what I did today vibe to a style that is more entertaining (I hope). I have been reading blogs for years now and really look up to the bloggers that have inspired me to keep writing and to try and make it fun. Here are 9 of my favorite hot bloggers who I admire not just for their looks but for their style, humor and witty intelligence:

Click to see larger image.

The guys are arranged in no particular order and their pictures come from their respective websites; let's do the run-down:
  1. Scott @ -- this is generally the first blog I read every day. Scott manages to write very informative and very entertaining entries each day. His love/hate relationship with Britney Spears makes him dear to my heart.
  2. Bradford @ -- Bradford's blog was one of the first blogs that I read on a regular basis. He's got great taste and has a great writing style. I think it's so cool that someone can turn blogging into semi-celebrity. Oh, and I love the self-portraits that he often posts.
  3. Grambo @ -- I can always count on Uncle Grambo to do Detroit proud. He offers a true Detroit vantage point on whatever is going on in his own language no less! I was very happy that he posted a computer-generated version of what he looks like, just in time for this post. Schmears and Bovs -- the Hottness revealed!
  4. M@ at GRØEG -- this man has such an incredible eye for photographs. He can do things with a digital camera that makes want to stop trying to take artistic pictures. Funny and smart, M@'s blog is always among the first blogs that I read daily.
  5. The Thigh Daddy @ Thighs Wide Shut -- Talk about smart AND funny! Mr. Thighs is genuinely the master blogger. I have been reading Thighs Wide Shut for a long time now because it is always funny, always fresh and definitely the shit! And talk about a hot daddy! Oh yes, I love me some of the maize myself.
  6. Andy @ -- I used to read Andy's blog pretty regularly early on but somehow forgot about it (or lost my bookmark for it). I've recently re-discovered towleroad and have been scouring the archives for stuff that I've missed. Andy also has his fingers on the pulse ... for sho!
  7. Steph & Alek @ Oh la la Paris -- This is a new blog for me. Steph and Alek live the jet-set life and post amazing pictures of beautiful men. My favorite eyecandy comes from their blog. One of my new fave daily reads.
  8. Mark @ -- I have to give it up for Marky Mark who hails from the great republic of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've read other A2 blogs and they just come off pretentious and full of bullshizz. Mark's is functional and fun to read. I'm glad I found it.
  9. Kurt @ -- Kurt posts the best short entries ever. His entries read like little poems often telling stories with great depth and candor. I'm sad that he doesn't post as much as he used to (due to personal stuff) but I'm hoping that his regular posts will come back soon.
And these are my favorite hot bloggers. These guys offer great stuff to read no matter if it's first thing in the morning or right in the middle of a boring day at work. I really enjoy reading what they have to say about anything and I really think you'd like their blogs too. If you think that I do a good job with my blog at all then you have these guys to thank. They really set the standard for what I try to accomplish with my little blog. And hello, they're hot! What's not to like about that?


MIZerable Performance

Please forgive me for not embellishing every single moment spent in Chicago over the weekend. You really have a nice picture of what the weekend was like. There was some drama but we were all tired and cranky so that's to be expected. I did fail to mention, though, that on every TV screen we encountered while in Chicago was showing footage of the Pistons/Pacers fight that broke out at the Palace here in Detroit on Friday night.

I'm not going to rehash it all over for you (mainly, because I'm tired of hearing about it too) but I do find it charming that the fan in the white hat (who was in the crowd taunting the mean basketball player after throwing a cup at him) has a criminal history. Ah, Detroit ... I do love you.

The real news this weekend was the leaked photo of Dr. Doom from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. The first thing that Brandon asked me when I saw him on Friday night was "Have you seen the picture of Dr. Doom?" I told him that I hadn't and then quickly yelled at him for not alerting me the moment he saw it and I also chided him for not sending me a copy of it. Anyways, Julian McMahon (former Cole/Balthazar on Charmed and former husband to Dannii Minogue) from Nip/Tuck is playing Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four big-screen adaptation. I fully support his casting as Dr. Doom. He's a great villain and I know he will do an excellent job sounding mean and imposing.

I am fairly confident that this will be a big movie. If they tap into that X-Men vibe I think it will do very well and will probably end up becoming another franchise. Just look at this line up of the actors cast as the Fantastic Four

... it's going to be a kickass movie! I have high hopes for this one ... woot!

The other big story from the weekend ... Britney of course! She really had to pee ... really, really bad:

BRITNEY SPEARS was so desperate to use the loo after a night on the sauce she had to pull over on her journey home ... My snapper spotted the star looking like she was in pain as she queued outside the busy toilets.

Hahahaha! I have to tell you ... in the home stretch of the drive home from Chicago ... I know EXACTLY how she must have felt. Boy, when we got home I TORE out of the car and into the house. When you gots ta go ... you muthaeffin' gots ta go! And props to Brit-Brit for wearing shoes! Hurray!

And now, the news:
  • National Treasure was the #1 movie of the weekend, beating the Sponge Bob Square Pants movie ... giving Nicholas Cage his biggest opening weekend ever! LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Nicolas Cage's treasure hunt soaked up more box-office cash than a cartoon sponge. Cage's National Treasure debuted as the No. 1 weekend movie at theatres in the United States and Canada with $35.3 million US, coming in just ahead of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which opened in second place with $33.5 million US, according to studio estimates Sunday. I really enjoyed the movie. It was escapist fun and really neat because Justin Bartha was in it ... check it out -- you'll like it, you'll like it.
  • Arjan Writes has news on the new Fischerspooner album. The New York art/pop duo will be releasing their much-anticipated second album on March 15. The record will be titled "Odyssey" and is expected to feature less of an electronic, but more of a rock slant (which usually means an edgier sound with live guitars and more elaborate songwriting). Fischerspooner's debut "#1" came out in 2003. How exciting! I love Fisherspooner and cannot wait for the new material. Check out Casey's online diary HERE.
  • Say it ain't so ... Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is retiring from singing forever!!! Posh Spice has finally admitted what many of us have known for some time - she was never the best singer. The former Spice Girl, 30, has announced she is cutting short her ongoing, and often painful, bid to become a pop star ... She told the Daily Mail: "I think it will be difficult for me to continue with my musical career. The industry is not what it was ... "I know I could never become the best singer in the world. I am conscious of that ... "However, everything to do with fashion comes naturally to me. I live in Spain and have two sons. This takes up most of my time ... "The rest is taken up by design, which is my great passion." Whatever! She gets to bed with David Beckham every night ... shoot, I'd sing for free!
  • THIS ARTICLE has a nice rundown of all the stuff Oprah gave away to those teachers on her show (the episode I watched on the toilet): The shrieking schoolteachers (yes, the men too) were stunned by a bevy of gifts for each of them, including a washer/dryer, Sony laptop computer, car navigation system and 30-inch LCD TV ... This year's "Favorite Things" list cost about $15,000 per person - far outspending last year's list, which totalled about $4,800 per person. Shooooot! If my ass had been in that audience, you better believe I'd be shrieking too!
  • Towleroad has the skinny on the Aussie version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy HERE. The men are NOT pretty at all ... has Queer Eye lost it's mojo?
  • You may have seen bottles of the new Pepsi Holiday Spice on store shelves or in gas stations. Well, I decided to give it a try since I'd be on a long road trip. It's horrible. Stay away from it ... run, in fact. No buzz at all!
  • Finally, artisté extraordinaire Brian O'Dell has a website devoted to his artwork. Check it out HERE -- it rawks!
We were able to be home in time to watch this week's episode of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2. Oh man ... it was awesome! Both The (overly-hyped) Miz and Rachel (the überbitch) were voted off! I squeeled with GLEE as they expelled these 2 RW/RR veterans!!!

It was awesome! Katie rules! She don't take no shizz from NO BODY and if she's smart, she can rally the new girls to take control of the women's team and get to the final challenge successfully. Coral will have to be the next veteran to go; and then Veronica ... then it will be smooth sailing. We'll see how it turns out. Eeek! I love it!

And that is all. Today is going to be hella-long. Second day/night of parent-teacher conferences and I'd rather be dead. I'm still a little tired from the weekend but it doesn't matter ... I'll have to be cheerful and nice to all the parent's visiting me tonight. Ugh ... pity me.

Update: Click HERE to see all of the Chicago weekend pictures.


Monday, November 22, 2004

And Monday

Our final day in Chicago was spent on ... SHOPPING ... yes, this trip was all about spending cheese.

While sitting on the toilet in our hotel room's bathroom I watched Oprah give away $4.5 million dollars worth of gifts to an audience full of teachers! Hello! Why wasn't I there?!?

You think I'd be happy enough to have a bathroom with a TV in it but NO! The show was called Oprah's Favorite Things and she gave away all of her favorite things to the teacher-filled audience. Dooney & Burke purses, Sony VAIO laptops, gift certificates out the ass ... damn ... I should'a been in that audience!

But anyways, the gang went shopping at IKEA while Brandon and I hit the nearby mall.

BUT GET THIS ... you wanna know what I bought on this trip ... NOTHING! I got one $15 scarf (which I don't even love) at Urban Outfitters and 3 cd singles (none over $4.99) at the Virgin Megastore ... and that's it! IS THAT NOT INSANE?!

Ah well, it's all good. I saved boucoup bucks for shopping here at home ... and what can be wrong with that?


Sunday, November 21, 2004

This Was Sunday

On Sunday we woke up bright and early to hit the streets again. We did some shopping in the areas around Boystown. He visited a cool store called Uncle Fun and spent some time at CB2.

We didn't walk as much as we did yesterday, the subway is a wonderful thing ... especially when the waiting platforms have heating lamps!

They totally need to get heating lamps in NYC!

We dined on scrumptious Chicago-style pizza for dinner near Boystown

and then rested for a bit at the hotel. After we were rested and rejuvenated, we went to the 10Pin Bowling Lounge which is a renovated bowling alley with videos playing on the big screens. They closed at midnight so we had to go elsewhere for our final nightcap.

We headed over to Sugar Dessert Bar for some really strong martinis ... they did us in. We were ready for bed.


Saturday, November 20, 2004

This Was Saturday

The drive out to Chicago was ... long. We made it in plenty of time, though, to take full advantage of the day. As soon as we checked into our lovely hotel (with a scenic view of the downtown correctional facility):

we hit the streets and got to shopping. We dropped off Kirsten at the closest H&M and the rest of us headed down to the Miracle Mile.

After a nice long day of shopping we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner, but we able to pause for a quick photo over the river:

We took the subway to Greektown for dinner at Athena

We were seriously beat from a long day of walking and shopping so we decided to call it a night ... fun was had by all:


I'll Be Back


Friday, November 19, 2004

Treasure, Ho!

Just got back from seeing National Treasure. I have to admit that it was an okay film. It was completely implausible as far as reality but if you just went with the story it was very entertaining. Sarah, Brandon and I hung out for a little bit here at home (watching The Real World: Philadelphia and Laguna Beach ... blame Sarah) before going out to the movie.

I have to admit, Justin Bartha (who played Riley Poole, Nicholas Cage's "wingman" and cohort) was very, very good in his role. He was very funny (he got the most laughs out of the audience) and very likeable as the nerdy sidekick. He had some great lines and really added to the movie. Nicholas Cage ... well, he's offered better performances than in this movie but overall I was very happily satisfied.

If you're in the mood for an interesting adventure tale, check it out. Michael T. reviewed the movie for Detroit's Metro Times and I think he was less congenial than I am being. As always, decide for yourself and go see a movie based on what you think you'll like, not what someone else tells you.

I think you might get a kick out of this one.


Danken Sie Gott, den es Freitag ist.

Conferences last night went off without a hitch. I found it easy and comfortable talking with the parents who signed up to meet with me last night. I really didn't have any negative things to say about anyone, I'm sure that helped out a lot. Session II did not last as long as I feared it might. The 3 appointments that I had all came within the first hour so I was able to leave at around 8. I have one more day of conferences next Tuesday, same drill. I'm so glad this thing only happens once a year.

Our dear Britney got some good news yesterday. She won the Best Female Award at the 2004 MTV European Music Awards. Here are some screencaps of her acceptance speech and a rough translation of what the text says:

I would really like to be there with you but don't party so much without me. I hope you have a super time. Thanks to all the fans that have supported me from the beginning.

Please note that my German is very rusty ... but I don't really understand why her acceptance speech was subtitled in German when the EMAs were held in Rome. Wer weiß?

I love it! There are still lots of people in the world that really like Britney Spears. She beat out Beyoncé and Avril for the award. Click HERE for a nice synopsis of what went down at the awards show.

The new movie National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage opens today. As you may remember, Justin Bartha (Gigli) also stars in the film ... whose brother I dated last year. I was able to find a very positive review HERE: Disney's National Treasure is a real find. It's a witty comedy caper aimed at adults ... It helps to know your American history, but fear not, the characters explain the references through their dialogue. Gates's sidekick, Riley (Justin Bartha) is one of those technical wizards every modern adventurer needs. Riley is also one of those wise-cracking nerds every good crime caper needs and Bartha is more than up to the assignment. With his dishevelled look and acid retorts, Bartha steals every scene he's in, making Cage look a bit too laid-back at times. But, unfortunately every other review I've found has been negative: The Founding Fathers might not have been so quick to put their John Hancocks on the Declaration of Independence if they had known Bruckheimer and Cage would use it as a cheap prop a couple of centuries later in "National Treasure" [CNN] ... Disney's "National Treasure" operates from what has to be the last untapped heist-pic premise until we see movie thieves break into the Liberace Museum to steal diamond-studded hubcaps. The most you can say about this boo-boo is to note its fitting mix of flaccid execution and stupefying premise. Is this really the time in history moviegoers want to see the purloined Declaration tossed around and nearly run over by cars as if it were a receipt from Taco Bell? [USA Today] ... It's a shameless rip-off of "The Da Vinci Code", and not a very clever one. This may not surprise you, since National Treasure is directed by the non-thrilling guy behind Disney's "The Kid" and written by a team headed by Jim Kouf, who wrote the recent bomb "Taxi". The movie is also a Jerry Bruckheimer production, which of course means it has more heat than light and it's as sensitive to historical detail as an elephant tap-dancing on a land mine ... "National Treasure" does, however, perform the useful service of demonstrating exactly how not to film "The Da Vinci Code" ... Cage plays Gates way too broadly and crudely; I half expected him to break into his patented Elvis impersonation ... The rest of the cast ranges from good (Bean) to okay (Keitel, Kruger and Voight) to annoying (Bartha). They all seem brought together by the necessity for a paycheque, not to make a good movie. [Toronto Star]

I think I'm going to go see this movie anyways. Gigli was pulled from the theaters before I got a chance to see it (much to my ex's chagrin). I've seen the trailer for this film and I suspect it won't be as horrid as Gigli was ... we'll see. Even if it does suck, who cares? How many of your ex's brothers get to star in movies with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Nicholas Cage?! Brandon is coming over today to hang out with me tonight, Erik is going to a concert, maybe I'll drag Brandon to the movies ... hmmm ...

And now, the news:
  • ODB has been given his final farewell. NEW YORK -- Family and friends of the late rapper O.D.B. -- including Grammy-winning singer Mariah Carey -- packed a church Thursday in the vicinity where he grew up to remember one of hip-hop's most original characters ... "My heart is thrashing, my soul is breaking, my father is freed, and now he has awakened," said Shaquita [his daughter], reading a poem she wrote after the rapper's death. Ah well, live fast and die young. R.I.P. O.D.B.
  • Yay! is taking preorders for Charmed season 1 on DVD HERE! It's about damn time!
  • Morrissey used the Late Night with David Letterman show to make a statement about the Catholic Church. Morrissey is not one to be pacified. Throughout his tenure in the music business, Moz has spoken out on subjects ranging from animal rights, homosexuality and America’s stance on the war on terrorism. Last night, in a move similar but far paler in comparison to fellow Irish-blooded performer Sinead O’Connor’s controversial 1992 Saturday Night Live appearance, Morrissey added a new target to his seemingly endless list: the Catholic Church. In a rare performance on The Late Show with David Letterman, dressed in traditional Catholic priest regalia, consisting of a black suit, white collar and cross necklace, Morrissey and his bandmates, adorned in Jobraith t-shirts, an homage to the troubled 1970’s homosexual wannabe rockstar, introduced the crowd to a live rendition of “First of the Gang to Die” from Morrissey’s most successful album to date You Are the Quarry. Upon completion of the song, Morrissey made the sign of the cross across his body before the cameras cut away from the unusually dressed crooner. Dave graciously, although confusedly, greeted Moz with a “Thanks, Father.” Go Father Mozzer!
  • MSN Slate gives a great tutorial HERE on how to "steal WiFi". The article claims that stealing WiFi isn't illegal (yet) but proceed at your own risk.
  • Robbie Williams calls GWB an "idiot" ... well, who doesn't really think this? Singer Robbie William has said he would make a better president than George Bush ... The cheeky heart-throb branded the US premier "an idiot" ... Robbie, 30, said: "You know Americans keep saying they are the leaders of the free world, and this guy can't even form a sentence ... "He can't speak. I speak better than him, you know" ... He added: "I should be president. I'd do a better job than him. And I'm not very bright, I'm not" ... He said: "I'm scared as an individual. I'm scared for the world ... "I can't believe he got back in again. The guy is obviously an idiot." Amen brotha! Preach on, Robbie.
  • How about some Vanilla Ice news? Apparently, he likes to keep exotic and illegal animals as pets (who knew?) and they may get him into trouble. Mr. Ice Ice Baby, the former rapper whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, called animal control at 8:30 a.m. to report that the wallaroo and goat found wandering the Torino area of Port St. Lucie Saturday had escaped from his back yard, city officials said ... But Van Winkle, who has had previous run-ins with the law over an exotic pet, may have some problems when he tries to reclaim the odd couple of Bucky Buckaroo and Pancho the goat ... The wallaroo, a cross between a wallaby and a kangaroo, is considered an exotic animal and is not allowed in Port St. Lucie. Farm animals such as the goat also are outlawed in the city. It's nice to see that all the $$$ he made in the early 90's is going to good use. But, hello, everyone knows that a Jackaroo is the more bling-exotic-animal.
I'm praying that today goes by fast. I want to get the hell out of here for a while. Erik, Mike, Kirsten, Brandon and I are fleeing to Chicago for the weekend. I'm not sure if I'll have access to the Internet over the weekend but I may just post AudioBlog entries instead (via my new Moto RAZR V3).

Word is that we're leaving by 8AM tomorrow morning ... sounds fun, huh? I really thought about pulling out of the trip and staying home but I really think that a weekend away will be good for me. It's been a long, hard week ... I need the getaway. I may post again before the weekend begins.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

I Must Confer

Poor Jessica! It's not bad enough that she lost her wedding ring at this year's American Music Awards but now, from this picture it seems like ... well she's got other problems as well. Whatever! I can't really feel all that sorry for her, I gots my own problems to deal with. Today is the first day of parent/teacher conferences here at the school. They run in 2 sessions both today and next Tuesday. Session I runs from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. Session II runs from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. I only have 3 sets of parents that have signed up for Session II so if they all show up around the 6:30 start time I will be able to go home as soon as I'm done with them. Of course, I could get a parent that decides to wait until 8:45pm and then I'm gonna wanna go ballistic! Grrr ...

Believe me, I know all about how important it is to pay heed to your mobile phone (as I am THE mobile phone fanatic) but I think there are times when it just isn't prudent to check a text message:

Maybe he just got the mobile phone earlier that day ... in that case, I think I can understand. I am happy to see that Jared Leto and Scarlett Johannson are still together ... I think they make a great couple.

Speaking of great couples ... oh wait, let's move on to a HORRID couple ... it seems that Britney just can't get enough greasy trash in her life. Her love affair with the fast food is enough to make even me cringe!

Oi! These 2 drive me crazy! I miss the old Britney. Booooo!!!

Let's get to the news damnit:
  • In January, Alias is going to move to a new time slot, right after Lost on Wednesday nights. Alias will inherit the 9 p.m. slot after Lost on Wednesdays, starting Jan. 5. Alias had had trouble finding a wide audience, but Lost is the No. 6 most-watched series this season. Jennifer Garner will start her fourth season as CIA agent Sydney Bristow in Alias. The scheduling is a huge vote of confidence in executive producer J.J. Abrams, who is responsible for Alias and Lost. Maybe it's time for me to jump on the Alias bandwagon?
  • Incidentally, I was unable to watch Lost last night (never fear, I did tape it -- so NO SPOILERS please) but I did manage to stumble across THIS ARTICLE which talks about Evangeline Lilly's former career ... as a spokesmodel for a dating service called LiveLinks. Lilly, who stars as the sweaty escaped convict Kate on the network's hit show about plane crash survivors, once studied international relations at the University of British Columbia, but she's apparently settled on helping the young and dateless with the International Language - love ... The 25-year-old actress is spokeswoman and feature model for the very sexy service, which hooks up singles via telephone. Check out the service's website (which still prominently features her pictures) HERE.
  • I was very disturbed to find this news story, I had no idea that Abercrombie & Fitch were being sued for discrimination! I thought they only got sued for peddling porn. The lawsuit was filed last June in San Francisco by Hispanic and Asian groups charging that Abercrombie & Fitch, known for its "classic casual American" clothing styles, hires a disproportionately white sales force, puts minorities in less-visible jobs and cultivates a virtually all-white image in its catalogues and elsewhere. A second, similar lawsuit was filed against the company last November in New Jersey ... "This agreement promises to transform this company, whose distinctiveness will no longer stem from an all-white image and workforce," said Thomas A. Saenz, vice president of litigation at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Hmmm ... I really don't know what to think about this? I'm a huge fan of the A&F look the way it is ... Aye Carumba!
  • Surely you've heard about the hoopla over the Desperate Housewives promo that aired before Monday Night Football this week? BUT, you probably have not seen the actual promo that has caused all the fuss. You can check it out HERE.
  • Lionel Richie's estranged wife Diana Richie has been arrested for allowing her boyfriend to turn her bathroom into an illegal cosmetic surgery clinic. Yes, you read that right. Diane Richie was charged with aiding and abetting Daniel Tomas Fuente Serrano by allowing him to inject patients with anti-wrinkle drugs, which were not approved by US drug regulators, in her Beverly Hills bathroom ... Authorities allege that Serrano [the boyfriend], who went by the name of Dr Daniel, was licensed to practise medicine in Argentina but not in California, although he is registered in California as a nurse ... He is accused of injecting both male and female patients with either a Dutch drug or a cheaper Brazilian version aimed at reversing the ageing process without Federal Drug Administration approval ... Serrano also allegedly charged thousands of dollars to inject the anti-wrinkle drug Botox, using Diane Richie's bathroom and other private homes as well as the office of a local aesthetician, the documents said ... Some of Serrano's patients developed complications from the injections, prosecutors allege ... One woman complained that she developed a lump on her lip that made it difficult for her to drink and pronounce words, while another had what court papers describe as "holes in her face" following Serrano's treatment. This is completely insane! And you thought that Nicole Richie was the worst Richie!
  • Rufus Wainwright confesses that he used to be very jealous of Jeff Buckley's early musical success. RUFUS WAINWRIGHT has said how he spent three years being "jealous and resentful" of JEFF BUCKLEY but a chance encounter changed his mind and inspired new song ’MEMPHIS SKYLINE’ ... He said: "I was really jealous of him and resentful of his success for a long time when I started out. So I began a couple-year-long hatred of Jeff Buckley ... "Years later, I actually met him in person and we hung out ... "I had a really lovely night hanging out with him. That night I realised just the futility of jealousy. And, of course, a month later he died. He would have been an amazing guy to sing with." The Buckley inspired song is on Rufus' new album Want Two due out Tuesday.
And that is all for now. Today is the opening day for the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am very happy that President Clinton finally has his own presidential library but, I'm not sure how I feel about how it looks:

It's supposed to look like a "Bridge to the 21st Century" but it does kind of look like a trailer home! Yikes!

Ah well, Clinton is my boy ... I'm sure the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Library will be the more sophisticated building.


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Humpy Hump

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had to take care of some serious family stuff which was a real downer but on the upside my new phone arrived -- playing with a new toy has great healing properties.

Stephanie came over to hang out with Erik and we all watched Hunter get eliminated from Manhunt. The poor guy lost a chance at a modeling contract because he couldn't suppress his inner-stripper. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm starting to get attached to this show. I know, I know -- it seems like I would be a #1 fan from the get-go but I really was not impressed with the guys they chose to be on the show. Initially I had one or two favorites (I can't believe they got rid of the guys with the best hair!!!) but they were eliminated early-on. I lost interest after about the 3rd show but Erik really likes it so we kept watching it. Now I'm all interested in who's going to win. I'm pulling for Rob the only openly gay model on the show but I suspect Jon is going to win it all in the end.

So we are all pretty aware of all the rumors going around the Internet about how there was rampant election fraud in this year's election. While I would not be surprised IN THE LEAST if the Republicans did steal another election I really have no hopes in the re-counts that are supposed to take place (but, who knows ... anything could happen, right?). I do want to share an interesting set of maps of the US. The first one shows all the red vs. blue states and the second one shows how the states were aligned right before the US Civil War:

The similarities are quite striking. I wouldn't go so far as to say that all the red states are blatantly racist but ... well, the maps do tell the tale.

We've had our first look at the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now we have our first look at the stars of the Dukes of Hazzard movie:

While I was sad that Britney did not get the role of Daisy Duke I do not object to Jessica Simpson playing the role (but they better not make her ditzy like Jess is, Daisy was smart ... and slutty). I do take issue with Johnny Knoxville playing Luke Duke and Seann William Scott playing Bo Duke. I'm always very skeptical about these types of things but I suppose they could pull it off. We won't know until next year ... but I really can't wait for the first pictures of Jessica Simpson wearing actual Daisy Dukes to leak to the 'Net.

And now, the news:
  • Speaking of Jessica Simpson, the poor dear lost her wedding ring at the American Music Awards Sunday night. Pop beauty Jessica Simpson's left Sunday's American Music Awards in tears after discovering her irreplaceable diamond ring was missing. The singer was inconsolable at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles after realizing the loss, and ordered her husband Nick Lachey and entourage to search her Shrine trailer, her car and her home, but was unsuccessful. An insider tells website, "She stopped the car, her people took it apart, then they went back to her trailer at the Shrine and took that apart. Nick was calling their housekeeper to see if Jessica left it at home by the sink, but no one could find it. It wasn't a borrowed ring, either." Simpson's representative refused to confirm that the missing trinket was her wedding ring. Yipes! Divorce must be imminent!
  • Still more goss from the AMAs, spokespeople for Anna Nicole Smith are blaming her "poor eyesight" for her onstage anctics during the awards show. Anne Nicole's lawyer and constant companion, Howard K. Stern, said yesterday that Smith had not been on drugs or drunk and chalked up her behavior to bad eyesight ... "She couldn't really read the teleprompter because she has bad eyes," Stern said. "She flubbed a line, but she's fine. Anna did numerous other interviews afterwards where it's obvious that she's fine." But no one was buying that. Are they kidding us? Who in hell would believe that?! The link I posted yesterday is no longer working but HERE is a new link to see Anna Nicole's "eyesight" problems from the AMAs.
  • Don't have a heart-attack, David Lee Roth is now a paramedic ... seriously, for your own safety DO NOT HAVE A HEART-ATTACK. Former Van Halen frontman and current absolute lunatic, David Lee Roth, has taken up a new trade -- he's training to be a paramedic. I assume that's because he decided it would be easier than learning how to play the guitar ... Over the past several weeks Roth has been on over 200 individual rides, and he claims he hasn't been recognized once. Friends are telling him it's because he got a haircut, but I think it might have to do with the fact that it's 2004 and MTV isn't playing "California Girls" as much as they used to. Holy shizz ... I would be terrified to call 911 and have Diamond Dave show up to save my life. Eep!
  • How much would you spend to spend a day with Trashelle Trishelle from The Real World: Las Vegas? How about $1,150.00? This is your chance to bid on a day with reality super star Trishelle, from Mtv’s Real World Las Vegas and the hit reality TV show “Surreal Life”. You’re bidding on an all inclusive trip for one to Los Angeles to spend the day with Trishelle. This package includes airfare to and from your home town to LA (continential US only), 5 star hotel accommodations on the Sunset Strip, limousine service for the duration of time in Los Angeles, Lunch at Aston Kutcher’s exclusive restaurant “Dolce” in Hollywood, and the chance to hang out with Trishelle. Auction bid only includes the following associated with travel, accommodations, meal at Dolce, 1 DAY ONLY meet and greet with celebrity, autographs, and security. Any additional expenditure to that listed above will be the sole responsibility of the bidder. Length of trip may be extended by the purchaser, but additional costs are to be incurred by bidder. Check out the listing on eBay HERE.
  • If you're not interested in a day with Trishelle, how about a "holy" grilled cheese sandwhich that has the face of the Virgin Mary on it? You are viewing an extroidinary out of this world item!! I made this sandwich 10 years ago, when I took a bite out of it, I saw a face looking up at me, It was Virgin Mary starring back at me, I was in total shock, I would like to point out there is no mold or disingration, The item has not been preserved or anything, It has been keep in a plastic case, not a special one that seals out air or potiental mold or bacteria, it is like a miracle, It has just preserved itself which in itself I consider a miracle, people ask me if I have had blessings since she has been in my home, I do feel I have, I have won $70,000 (total) on different occasions at the casino near by my house, I can show the recipts to the high bidder if they are interested, I would like all people to know that I do believe that this is the Virgin Mary Mother Of God, That is my solem belief ... Make sure you've got a lot of cheddar, ahem, money -- the current bid is $99,999,999.00. Check out the eBay listing HERE.
  • is now taking preorders for season 1 of The Golden Girls on DVD HERE. Click HERE to watch a trailer for the DVD set.
  • MTVAsia's version of The Leak is previewing Gwen Stefani's new album Love, Angel, Music, Baby HERE. Coolio!
And that is all for now ... I have to get some paperwork done here at work. I'm probably going to find some time to ... do other stuff too.


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

One Cingular Sensation

I was going to write a super-sweet post all about my new mobile phone but then I realized that no one really cares about my new phone except for me. So I'll spare you. I will state my elation over my new (to-be-rush-delivered-today) Motorola RAZR V3 mobile phone. It is, quite simply, THE phone to have. It's constructed of the same metal they make airplanes out of and is the thinnest phone in the world. Thinner is better, no? Woo! I heard about this phone when it was a prototype back in July ... I saved a picture of it on my computer and was going to rave about it back then but I decided not to ... then Cingular sends me an email saying "It's available" and I'm a weak person :)

So yeah, since Cingular acquired AT&T I was given the option of migrating to a Cingular account so now I will have roll-over minutes. I'm very excited about that. Yehaw!

But, while I'm happy about my new phone, I was unhappy to see my favorite drama queen Angela get voted off the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2 last night. She was robbed by the veteran bitches on the show ... and finally got to have her say to all of them. It was great! But, alas, there will be no more tears from Miss Angela for the duration of the RW/RR Challenge ... and that is sad. There is a ray of light though. MTV is letting the viewers choose which cast members will be asked to participate in the next challenge. The next challenge will not be Real World vs. Road Rules, nor will it Boys vs. Girls ... it's going to be Naughty vs. Nice! Click HERE to access the page where you can select the members of the Naughty vs. Nice challenge. You better BELIEVE I'm voting to bring Angela back for the Nice team. I can't even begin to whittle down my selections for the Naughty team ... dare I vote for Julie and Coral? I can't wait to see who gets selected, who actually participates and what drama will ensue.

If you were not home on Sunday night (just like me) then you probably missed seeing the American Music Awards live. These award shows have been hella lame lately so I really wasn't interested in watching anyways ... so of course I missed Anna Nicole Smith's antics on stage during the show.

She was DRUNK or HIGH as hell ... she had a hard time speaking. IFILM has video of the hilarity, you can check it out HERE. It's totally worth checking out!

And now, the news:
  • Check out MORE photos from the new movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory HERE. Johnny Deep looks veeeery queer ... and I do NOT like the new Veruca Salt.
  • What's this? Robbie Williams might secure a role on Desperate Housewives? The singer impressed at a screen test for the programme and is reportedly the producers' first choice to star alongside Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan, who have already set ratings records in America with 25 million viewers. An 'insider' said: "Robbie is definitely a strong contender for the role. He did a screen test and was great as they're looking for a sexy, rough-round-the-edges hunk." Will Robbie finally find stateside success? What next, Kylie Minogue moves to The O.C.?
  • Have you been wondering what Liz Phair has been up to lately? She has recorded backing vocals for Jimmy Eat World's new album: The song [Work] features backing vocals from indie-sexpot-turned-red-hot-soccer-mom Liz Phair, and the guys admit they were a bit intimidated by working with the woman who set hearts aflutter on her 1993 album, Exile in Guyville (which famously features her cursing at, flirting with and ranting about her myriad of male suitors)."We're all fans of Exile, so maybe a bit of a crush thing was happening," Adkins said. "She definitely brings the sexiness. An unquantifiable sexiness, sure, but she definitely brings it. She was super cool to work with. 'Work' sounded like something she would sing, so we hunted her down through people we knew in Los Angeles. We showed her the song, she really liked it, so she came down and sang on it." Um, note to Liz ... please don't take another 6 years to put out a new album ... thanks!
  • Jake Gyllenhaal got roughed up making out with Heath Leadger in their new movie. Donnie Darko star Jake Gyllenhaal was left in pain after shooting gay love scenes with Heath Ledger in new movie Brokeback Mountain. The pair play cowboys who fall in love in the western - and Gyllenhaal found the shoot particularly punishing. He says, "Heath almost broke my nose in (a kissing) scene. He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me. And then I grab him and I slam him up against the wall and I kiss him. And we were doing take after take after take. I got the shit beat out of me. We had other scenes where we fought each other and I wasn't hurting as badly as I did after that one." Two words, That's Hot!
And that is all ... I'm giving a test today in American Government, aren't you jealous? Right then ...


Monday, November 15, 2004

Meeting Mary Nancy

I do not even know how I am awake. Last night's show was so raucous; I got my ass beat for most of the show AND THEN I ended up hanging out after the show for hours just to meet Marilyn Manson. Here's the tale ...

I was really excited to see MM because it has been a long time since I've seen them live. I missed out on the Grotesk Burlesk Tour (which means the last tour I saw, the Guns, God & Government Tour, was about 3 or 4 years ago) and I wanted to make sure that I did not miss their Greatest Hits tour, Against All Gods. I secured my ticket via presale because I just knew the show was going to sell out -- it oversold actually, but I'll get to that in a second.

I ran into Scary Sarah and Jeremy at the KMFDM show last week and we all decided to hang out together at the MM show. It turned out that Jeremy (who works for WRIF 101 in Detroit) had to work the concert and Scary had to show up late to the show because she had to drop off her son at his dad's house. We decided to meet up at the WRIF table in the lobby so that we could hang out.

I decided to leave for the show 1 hour after doors were to open because I wanted to bypass the line outside and just walk right in. I got to the venue about 1 hour and 15 minutes after doors opened and the line was still down the street and around the block. It was 43° and I was wearing boots, leather pants and a t-shirt. I actually thought about just going to the car to wait ... but I was afraid that if I did that I would just give up and go home. I remembered all the many, many, many times before when I braved the freezing cold for concerts (either before or after the shows) and just sucked it up and froze.

I finally got inside the venue and was able to meet up with Jeremy at the WRIF table. He was busy and Sarah hadn't showed up yet so I decided to get into the fray on the general admission floor. I got way up to the front and boy did I pay for it. I was crushed ... just like the old days except I'm far less resilient than I used to be. I used to be able to hang for the whole show ... now, not so much. I got out of the mess after 8 songs.

Here was the setlist:

Intro: Antichrist Superstar (orchestral version)
Prelude (The Family Trip)
The Love Song
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
Disposable Teens
Minute of Decay
Personal Jesus
Get Your Gunn
Great Big White World
Tainted Love
The Fight Song
The Nobodies
The Dope Show
Rock Is Dead
The Golden Age of Grotesque
Sweet Dreams
The Beautiful People


Antichrist Superstar
Outro: Suicide Is Painless (recorded)

I watched the rest of the show from the far left side ... not a bad vantage point. As I was walking out of the venue I saw Sarah by the WRIF table and went over to give her a hug. She squeezed me almost to death and goes WE'RE GOING TO MEET MANSON! Jeremy was going to count us as WRIF "radio contest winners" who could go backstage to meet MM. I didn't have anything to get signed ... but Sarah brought 3 absinthe spoons for him to sign (he is a big fan of absinthe). The record company rep took us back into the venue and gave us all promotional posters. We waited around for like 45 minutes and then were escorted downstairs to The State Theater's green room. I had never been backstage at The State Theater before. We waited like good little boys and girls and his "people" were very nice and polite to us. They were gentle and really trying to make us feel comfortable ... it was bizarre! They did tell us that MM did not want to do pictures but that we could each get 2 things signed.

Marilyn Manson came out and we all lined up and got our 10 seconds with him. He loved Sarah's tattoo and commented on it. He wrote the name of his favorite brand of absinthe on Jeremy's cd cover and then it was my turn. He reached out his hand to shake mine and says to me "Oh, I recognize you." I was all "!!!!!!" After that all the witty things I wanted to say went right out of my head. I told him he played an "amazing show, as always" and thanked him "very much" for the time he took to meet with us. As you can tell by the scans of my autographs it looks like he signed the name Mary Nancy on my spoon! I love it!

And that was that ... it was very very fun! I really wanted to sneak a pic with my camera phone but decided that I got really lucky and shouldn't risk getting yelled at.

Here's the rest of today's news ...

  • As I'm sure you're well aware by now, Ol' Dirty Bastard has passed away: The rapper, whose real name was Russell Tyrone Jones, was having difficulty breathing and complained of chest pains earlier in the day, according to his spokesperson. Dirty was at Wu-Tang's studio, 36 Records LLC on West 34th Street, when he collapsed in the lounge at approximately 4:35 p.m. on Saturday. EMS workers rushed to the scene but were unable to resuscitate him and he was pronounced dead at 5:04 p.m., according to a spokesperson for the city medical examiner's office. An autopsy conducted Sunday morning revealed no conclusive results. Toxicology and tissue tests will be administered and the cause of death is expected to be known within 10 days. I think my favorite ODB moment was when he took MTVnews cameras with him to the welfare office to pick up his food stamps (to help feed his 15 or so kids) while his band had the #1 million-dollar selling CD in the country. We'll miss Dirt McGirt ...
  • Bobby Brown is talking smack about Britney's cover of My Prerogative. Fallen R+B star BOBBY BROWN has poked fun at BRITNEY SPEARS' rendition of his classic MY PREROGATIVE because it's nowhere near as good as the original ... Brown gave the pop star permission to cover his 1989 hit because he felt sure it would be a money-making opportunity, but he hates Britney's cover ... He says, "I love the video. I'm not impressed with the music. It's not mine... "Call me Britney, we'll get together and I'll show you how to really do it. Don't do that again." That crackhead is out of his mind. Note, he is referred to as a "fallen" star. He should just busy himself with beating up on Whitney and leave Britney alone.
  • Speaking of Ms. Spears, she is getting ready to follow Tommy Lee's footsteps ... she's going to college. The 23-year-old newlywed has enrolled at Pepperdine College near her Malibu, California, home and is intent on having different employment options - because she's tired of seeing her face splashed across newspaper and magazine covers. A source revealed: "Despite all the money she has, Britney is getting bored. She is enjoying her current newlywed status, but even she knows that fame won't last forever." You go girl! The word going around is that she's gonna study physics, read more HERE.
And that is all. I am happy to report that I've upgraded my phone AGAIN but this time I was able to migrate my account from AT&T Wireless to Cingular (since Cingular bought AT&T) so now I have roll-over minutes ... AND A KICKASS NEW PHONE. But more on that when it arrives ...

Wee ...



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