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Friday, December 31, 2004

"She's Unforgettable"

Wow! Shane gave me the head's up on some surprising and exciting Britney Spears news. KIIS FM in Los Angeles aired an interview and the NEW SINGLE from Britney Spears last night. The song debuted and immediately became the #1 song in their daily countdown. The song is called Mona Lisa, it's from her FORTH COMING ALBUM Original Dolls!! has a pretty decent radio rip of the song along with the interview with Britney. I've heard the song and I have to admit ... it's different. Here are the lyrics:

This is the story about... Mona Lisa

That was her name...

Mona Lisa

Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a little story to tell
About Mona Lisa, And how she suddenly fell (huh)
See everyone knew her, They knew her oh so well
Now I am taking over to release her from her spell

She's unforgettable, she was a legend though
It's kinda pitiful that she's gone
It's kind of incredible
She's so unpredictable
It's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone

She was taken under, drowning in her seat (huh)
Running like an angel, she was crying but could not see (oh no!)
Now see everyone's watching, as she starts to fall
Now don't have a breakdown
You will hit the freakin wall.

She's unforgettable, she was a legend though
It's kinda pitiful that she's gone
It's kind of incredible
She's so unpredictable
It's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone

Now ladies does that make you cryyyy? (huh)
Now fellas you have to say goodbyeee
Cuz Mona Lisa's got to flyyyyy
Everyone, may we have a moment of silence? Right here.


She's unforgettable, she was a legend though
It's kinda pitiful that she's gone
It's kind of incredible
She's so unpredictable
It's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone

She's unforgettable, she was a legend though
It's kinda pitiful that she's gone
It's kind of incredible
She's so unpredictable
It's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone.....

I love how she tells everyone that she is taking "a break" and all the while is recording her next album -- she promises it will come out by summer "or sooner". So, on the last day of 2004 the world is scrambling for a listen of Britney Spears' new song ... this was SO her year ... all hail Britney!

In other, less exciting, news ... Jennifer Lopez is the new Vogue covergirl:

She also gives her longest interview since her marriage to Marc Anthony. Incidentally, I also got to hear J.Lo's new single Get Right ... granted it was a very poor radio rip but it was a bit annoying-sounding -- it's sure to be a huge hit! You can download the song HERE.

Colin Farrel is the new Rolling Stone Italy coverboy:

I think it's an old picture, but it's hot!

What is not hot are these pictures of Whitney Houston lounging at a beach in Barbados:

She looks like a homeless woman! This woman needs some help, quick:

Here is the third picture from the Madonna Versace ad campaign:

Hmmm ... Madonna just looks bored! Interestingly, so am I.

How about the last gossip round-up from 2004:
And that's it ... the last goss that I have to offer for the 365th day of 2004. I'm not quite sure how tonight is going to end up. There are conflicting plans and things for me a very much in the air. I don't know who I will be kissing at midnight.

Stay tuned ...

PS: It is 54°F outside right now! It's going to be a hot time in D-Town tonight.


Thursday, December 30, 2004


I can't explain, just enjoy the pictures from last night/early this morning:

See the rest of the pics HERE.


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

You Think You're Chocolate ...

... But you're chewing gum. -- Annie

Tony sent me a cd a few weeks ago along with a mix cd and some other fun stuff. I put the mix cd in my car (to play should I forget to bring my iPod) and left the other stuff on my desk. My desk ate all those things and I quickly forgot that they ever existed. Erik tided up and managed to salvage the other cd and put it on top of my stack of newly acquired cds. I noticed the new cd, Anniemal, on top and today decided to give it a spin -- Oh My God does this cd rock! I think my new favorite artist is Annie:

I can't believe it's taken me this long to hear this cd! Pitchfork named her song Heartbeat as the #1 single of the year while I would name her song Chewing Gum the #1 song of the decade. I know this sounds extremely hyperbolic but Chewing Gum is so infectious ... I can't stop playing it. And when I do finally stop playing the song it keeps repeating in my head (and you should see the video).

This will not be the last you hear of Annie ... I've only just discovered her ...


Not A Party

There is shizz for news today so I'm going to have to wing it. Firstly, Erik and I are hosting a gathering of friends this evening at our home ... mainly because Adriana has never seen our home. So while it's not a "party" party there is sure to be fun and merriment ... and possibly pictures. Stay tuned.

So, okay, the Simpson sisters and their men have returned from Hawaii ... Ashlee was spotted with Ryan at a basketball game in Texas:

I think these too should run off and get married in Vegas after the new year ... oh wait, that was SO 2004. Who knows what hijinks 2005 will bring?!

Sadly, one of my favorite characters from Beauty & The Beast passed away today:

You might better recognize Jerry Orbach (the voice of Lumiere) from Law & Order. He was 69 when he succumbed to cancer this morning.

Lastly, I just downloaded my 100th song from iTunes -- Jimmy Eat World - Work (Featuring Liz Phair). Do I get some kind of medal or something ...?

More news:
And that is all. I will have a full update of the party gathering tonight. Holla!


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My Lucky Day

Today has been so hectic so far! I normally post much earlier in the day but today was a little different. Tracey and I made plans to hang out today ... either I was going to meet up with her in Ann Arbor or she was going to come to the East side to hang. I got a call at about 11 AM from her ... she was in town. She picked me up and we had to go downtown to drop off lunch for her man. We decided to have lunch in Greektown so we went to Pizza Papalis. We talked about going to play at the casino after lunch so we decided to spend just $2 each ... no more, no less. Our casino of choice was the Greektown Casino (right across the street from where we had lunch):

She spent $2 and ended up walking away with $3.50 and I spent $2 and walked away with $2.50 -- WE BOTH WON! Additionally, the casino validated our parking so we also got to park for free! Lucky, Lucky, Lucky! I love hanging out with Tracey. She is so CRAZY and we always have so much fun. Woot!

Superhero Hype has the first look at some merchandise that will be sold when Batman Begins comes out next summer:

I really like the BatLight key ring!

It seems like Kevin Federline is finally working for some of the money he enjoys:

Although, I think he's going to get into trouble when he gets home. I don't see any Red Bull in that shopping cart. Where are the Cheetos?! Someone is going to be pissed.

I think I stumbled upon this new trend in Hollywood. It seems that all the hot celebs have taken to owning tiny dogs to cart around in public:

So far I think only Pamela Anderson has jumped on the tiny-dog-bandwagon but I think it's gonna start catching on.

Always the Mother of Re-Invention, Madonna has decided to morph into my friend Shane's mom a soccer mom from Ohio:

Rumor has it she has re-emerged to work on her new album. I really think she should do other things than just write children's books and push Kabbalah on other celebs ... maybe she can sell clothes?

What is with her hair? It makes her look old! At least she still looks better than Donatella Versace:

Let's do the news:
And that is that. Preparations are underway for a friendly gathering at our home tomorrow evening ... more on that ... later.



I am totally loving Kylie Minogue right now. I have been extremely lucky to come across some unreleased/leaked tracks in addition to the newly released tracks that accompany her new greatest hits CD UltimateKylie. While the new tracks I Believe In You, (Can't Stop) Giving You Up, and the new b-side B.P.M. are great to have there is something special about getting unreleased tracks too. I Know (another track from the Scissor Sisters sessions) and Made Of Glass (that was demoed and recorded by Kylie but will probably end up going to Rachel Stevens instead) are soooo damn good! I am reveling in the Kylieness of late. Here's hoping that more of her unreleased and forbidden tracks leak to the 'Net as well ... woo!


Fear The Darkness

Tonight was very fun! Sarah called and wondered what I was up to and since I was up to nothing I decided to hang out with her. Hello, just like old times ... we had a lot of fun. I went over to her place because we weren't sure if we were going to meet up with Angi and Tony for dinner and a movie or what. We ended up staying in for pizza -- we also played Trivial Pursuit: The 90's Edition:

Hello, she kicked my ass all over the place! It was ridiculous!! While I knew a few of the answers pretty easily SHE KNEW EVERY OTHER ANSWER PRETTY HANDILY. I got my ass beat like crazy! Grrr ... she ruled that's for sure.

Another reason we decided to stay in for the first part of the night was to watch MTV's Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes 2 because we knew from the episode promos that Dipshit Steven was going to get his ass kicked off the show:

The stupid idiot decided that he was going to smack Shane across the HEAD because he was getting annoyed. Of course MTV has a "no hitting" policy (much like in grade school) and he was immediately ejected from the show. I howled with glee ... I can't stand that asshole!

So the Battle of the Sexes ended at 10:30 PM but our night was not finished. Sarah and I decided that we were going to a late movie right after the Battle of the Sexes was over ... we couldn't decide what movie to see. We toyed with seeing either Closer, Meet The Fockers or Darkness. We wanted to be scared, rolled the die and ended up choosing Darkness:

What we ended up getting was a steaming pile of horse shizz! I'm not exaggerating here -- it was quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen! We were hoping that since Anna Paquin was in it (hee hee, we love Anna Paquin) that it would have some redeeming merit. This movie blew so hard ... I mean ... STUPID! Not scary, not interesting, not worth a poop sandwich ... it just plain SUCKED! Do NOT See This Movie ... you have been warned.

It is now 3 AM and I am ready for bed. I love being on vacation. Wee!!!


Monday, December 27, 2004

Back To "Work"

It's been a nice few days off from all the gossip ... but it's starting to pile up so we probably should get back to work.

Firstly, I came across this very cool Quiz (and I know that many of you like doing online quizzes) that I found to be EXTREMELY accurate ... it's actually pretty scary how accurate it is. Click HERE to go to the quiz page. It's fun, you won't regret it! Make sure you post your results in the Comments section of my blog.

Okay, so news has been pretty quiet on the Britney front but we all know that she likes to make a splash around the first of the year so I'm just holding my breath. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, is still making waves:

Click image for larger size

I know that Sarah will be heartbroken to learn that Adam Levine (from Maroon 5) is now screwing dating Ms. Hilton. Ah well, we'll just have to wait for the sex tape that is sure to follow.

Kylie Minogue decided to sell her services this Xmas ... and it's not what you think you pervatrons. She was asked to perform a special concert for Russian Oil Barons for the nice price of £500,000 (which is just shy of $1 million dollars)!

Kylie is seen here performing on Top of the Pops on Xmas day ... right before she headed off to play the exlcusive Russian gig. Not too shabby Kylie.

It's time to believe in Xmas miracles again ... the Spice Girls had a semi-reunion of sorts for the christening of David and Victoria Beckham's sons, Brooklyn and Romeo:

Here we see Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C arriving for Victoria's party. The only party-pooper was Mel B (the missing Spice Girl). Her failure to attend nixed any hopes for a full Spice Girls reunion. It was sweet of the others to reunite for the sacred event though.

And the final nail in the coffin of Xmas '04:

Thank the gods it's all over ...

And now, the news:
And that is all for now. I found out today that my car may not be damaged after all (I encountered a malfunction on Thursday night) which is good news. I also found out today that AT&T is sending me a refund check for $392, which is AMAZING news! I wonder if someone really wants me to get a 60Gb iPod??? I've had an amazing Xmas this year!



Sunday, December 26, 2004

These Boots ...

... Were not made for "walking".

Spent the day hanging out with Diana (finally, our date last Thursday was postponed until today). We shopped in Royal Oak (where Diana picked up these awesome boots ... and some other article) and had dinner at Little Tree. It is so amazing hanging out with her. We always have the best time ... and the best conversations.

I love you Di!

Happy Boxing Day, y'all!


Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Very Martha Xmas

Here's hoping we all remember the reason for the season.

Merry Xmas Y'all!


Friday, December 24, 2004


Happy Holidaze to one and all. Check out pictures from Sarah's party HERE.

Hope you have all been good boys and girls because you know who is on his way:


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Xmas-Eve Eve

Diana is home for the holidays and we are planning on meeting for lunch and merriment which is very interesting because we did the exact same thing exactly one year ago today:

Posted 12.23.2003 12:14 PM
erik had to work today so he wasn't able to have lunch with me and DIANA who is home from DC!!! she met me at erik's place and we went to pronto! for lunch. it was nice catching up with her ... we are having dinner with erik on saturday :)

Oh Diana, we are SO predictable :)

It's going to be a very interesting day ... We here in the metro Detroit area woke up to a BUTTLOAD of snow:

This is the view of Detroit from Windsor, Canada. It's gonna be a fun time in D-town ... have I mentioned how I loathe the snow? Booooo!

In Britney news, Access Hollywood has named our dear Ms. Spears the Top Star of 2004:

"Access Hollywood" has named its "Top Ten Stars of 2004," with Britney Spears in the No. 1 spot. The rankings are based on the number of stories that aired on each star. Spears _ who was married twice, canceled a summer tour because of a knee injury and released a greatest hits album _ topped the list with 119 stories.

Beyonce is in the No. 2 spot, with 102 stories, followed by Donald Trump, 94 stories; Michael Jackson, 84 stories; Tom Cruise, 72 stories; Jessica Simpson, 69 stories; Paris Hilton, 63 stories; Nicole Kidman, 62 stories; Jennifer Lopez, 54 stories; and Whitney Houston, 52 stories.

Congrats to our favorite Diva of all time!

Speaking of Divas, it seems that Jenny is coming back from the block with a new album, Rebirth, and a new single, Get Right, ready to drop in early '05:

Here is the album's tracklist:

01. "Step Into My World"
02. "Get Right"
03. "I Love"
04. "Whatever You Want"
05. "Ride Or Die"
06. "Cherry Pie"
07. "He'll Be Back"
08. "This Is Me"
09. "I Got You"
10. "Still Around"
11. "Hold You Down" feat. Fat Joe
12. "Apresurate" (Bonus Track)

I wonder if Track #6 is a Warrant cover song?

Oh, silly Jessica:

Don't worry sweetie, they're still there.

Let's do the quick news-rundown:And that is all for right now.

Tonight, Sarah is having a huge-ass Holiday party ... simply anybody who is anybody is going to be there:

It shall be a blast! I will have pictures to share. Meow!


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Abercrombie & Fitch Ruehls

I can't believe I keep forgetting to talk about this awesome new store that Brandon and I stumbled upon while we were in Chicago all those weeks ago. He and I were ambling along in the mall in Schaumburg (while Erik, Kirsten and Mike were shopping at IKEA) and we came upon this weird looking storefront. There was a cute girl out front who asked us if we had ever been inside this new store. She told it us it was called Ruehl (pronounced "Rule") and invited us in. This is what it looks like from the outside:

We went it and were immediately impressed. The store is big and looks like you are walking into a Brownstone apartment in New York. Each room has clothes in it with one side for men and the other side, across the hall, for women. I liked it but we were in a hurry and I really didn't get a chance to really shop there.

Well, it turns out that there are only 5 Ruehl No. 925 (Get it? It's like an address) stores in the country so far -- with one of them opening here near Detroit at Twelve Oaks Mall this past Saturday.

The store is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch and has a target shopping audience of late 20's & 30-year-olds. I guess the idea is once college-aged A&F shoppers have graduated and are looking for their first jobs then they will "graduate" and shop at Ruehl. I get that, their stuff is very nice -- I can get some nice work clothes there. There is a whole "living in New York" fantasy behind the store's concept, which launched in late summer/early fall.

Anyways, I'm sure I'm going to love shopping at the new store (at least more than I like shopping at Hollister). If you see a weird-looking Brownstone-inspired store at your local mall ... check it out from the inside. It Ruehls!


It's Never Too Early To Gossip

The Dent is reporting that the first single from Tori Amos' new album The Beekeeper will be serviced to radio in January, here is the coverart:

You can download a snippet of the song HERE.

Season 2 of The Ashlee Simpson Show will premiere on MTV in January and has uploaded some new pictures of Ms. Ashlee:

I think she looks cute. As you already know, Erik and I will be seeing her live in Detroit FROM THE THIRD ROW on March 24th. I wonder if they will be taping her show??? I bet people in the first 3 rows tend to get on camera.

Speaking of Ashlee, she is vacationing with sister and brother-in-law Jessica and Nick and (on-again, off-again, on-again boyfriend?) Ryan Cabrera in Hawaii (those bitches!):

So while the ladies shopped, the gents played golf. Gawd, I can see this crap already playing out on either The Newlyweds or The Ashlee Show.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan is actually "sick of being followed" by the paparazzi:

That's tellin' 'em Linds ... take your pictures with your disposable camera -- they're sure to stop following you around now.

See, and I thought that Mischa Barton was famous or something? I can understand signing on to sell Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein or even The Gap ... but Aéropostale?!

That's even worse than peddling crap from American Eagle! Yikes!

Here is a new group picture from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

I'm still skeptical but ... we'll see ...

Pitchfork has listed it's Top 50 Singles of 2004 and amazingly, I agree with quite a few of them (even though they glaringly omitted The Killers):

49: The Von Bondies "C'mon C'mon"
43: Goldfrapp "Strict Machine (We Are Glitter Goldfrapp Remix)"
39: Snoop Dogg [ft. Pharrell] "Drop It Like It's Hot"
30: Christina Milian "Dip It Low"
24: Rachel Stevens "Some Girls"
20: Kylie Minogue "I Believe in You"
16: Gwen Stefani "What You Waiting For?"
07: Franz Ferdinand "Take Me Out"
03: Britney Spears "Toxic"
02: Jay-Z "99 Problems"

That they even know who Kylie Minogue is was shocking (forget that, they even list Rachel Stevens!) ... that they deigned to give Britney Spears' song Toxic the props it deserves saying:

" ... [T]he throttled strings of "Toxic" finally scuttled all that kneejerk sociology, being just too damn irresistible a pop song for it to matter what media super-entity it was attributed to. It sure didn't hurt that it was the first Britney single in a while not to parasite off of her persona-- finally, she just acted like an adult, rather than constantly reminding us she wasn't a girl anymore."

... well, I don't even know what to say ... Well done, you hipster snobs!

Let's do the news:
I woke up abruptly at about 5 AM and have not been able to go back to sleep. So I decided to check my email and wait until I got sleepy again. It is now 7:30-ish AM and I'm still wide awake ... this is why you get such an early post.

I still have some shopping to do today so I think that will be the bulk of my day ... but I'm going to have to fall asleep again or I'm going to be a wreck!



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