Thursday, June 03, 2004


the show was awesome ... the band kicked ... tho the audience sucked! there was *no one* there and that was totally lame! these guys sold out 3 nights in new york and played to a raucous crowd in dc ... there was less than 50 people in the audience tonight in detroit. the band was fun tho ... they interacted with the crowd ... sounded great and looked great too. i took some pix but the lighting was total shit ... nothing turned out worth using except for the above pic of the lit up bass drum head.

i got to meet 3 of the guys after the show

totally cool guys ... they promised that they were coming back in september ... hopefully some detroiters will show up too.

yeah PINK!

oi ... okay okay ... so i know i'm going to get some shit for VAMPING out with the bold pink color scheme around here ... i like it ... for now ... so i'm gonna see how it works out. with all the templates out there i can change the look whenever and i just might do that.

do you really hate pink?

blah ... oh well ... tonight erik, michael t., dave & i are going to see the scissor sisters at the magic stick

it promises to be a hoot and a half ... i'll have my camera so we'll see ...

and c'mon guys ... the pink ain't so bad :)

happy birthday 2 U

oh god! she's 30 today! don't you realize guys she was born in 1974?!?

whew ... thankfully i'm only turning 19 this year.


so these are my new digs. the things i really like about this journal site is that it's SO BIG and OVER-THE-TOP ... just like me! it's also customizable ... i can add links on the side and other fun html-ish stuff. sooo drop me a comment or whatev telling me what you think. my old site will be left up and intact for historical purposes.

yeah whatever ... not like it's that big a deal, right???

it's getting hot in here

wanna see the trailer for michael moore's fahrenheit 9/11? you can do so here. it looks explosive ... hot damn! finally some good news :)