Saturday, June 05, 2004

expectorum leviosa

there you go ... that is a much better picture of the 2 of us and our new looks. mine isn't so different because i've decided that i like the 70's look of my hair now ... some say it's very Ponch ... others might say it's very Chachi ... i think it's cool so i'm going to stick with it for a while.

so today ... we met up with VLB sarah to see harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

she was really excited to see it and so where we ... so we went to a 1:50pm showing. it was pretty good ... pretty dark and very different (in scope and style) from the first 2 movies. we were generally pleased with it but wouldn't consider it the best of the harry potter movies by any means.

after the movie, we told michael t. to come out from ann arbor to meet us for sushi ... he didn't have the best night last night (it's a long story, but it's his story to tell) so we were hoping to cheer him up. in the meantime, we waited for him to arrive while trolling around royal oak. i took this cute picture of sarah and erik

mike finally made it out and we had a fun sushi dinner at tokyo sushi bar & grill (a new place that my sarah and i discovered last week). mike was obviously feeing the effects of ... well, his weirdness and had to share with us his demeanor

no he's not having a seizure ... he's just being mike :)

it was while we were at the sushi bar that we learned that former president ronald reagan died today at the age of 93. for some reason they had a moment of silence for ol' ronny in calgary, canada at the start of the stanley cup playoff game ... huh ... yeah, anyways ... whatever i may think of reagan as a president i wish his family well.

ANYWAYS ... after dinner we had a nice dessert of ice cream and caramel apples (mmm!) before splitting up. erik and mike (who might be meeting up with kirsten?) went off to drink and talk and sarah and i decided to each go home. it was a long day.

i was pretty proud of myself ... i didn't buy anything ... saving those pennies for LA.

the quop brigade has practice tomorrow ... let's see if i can come away from practice without gushing blood ...

buzz clip

after the show, erik and i went over to matt and ame's for a par-tay. shocker-steve called erik and told us to come over cuz they got a keg ... i asked erik why did they get a keg?and erik replied er, it's matt and ame, they don't need a reason! SO of course we went. now erik has been planning on buzzing all of his hair off since he started growing a beard ... tracey was going to buzz it on saturday but since she was also at the party well ... here's what happened

i think it looks so cool. here is a picture that we took together long AFTER the concert and AFTER a few beers (which is why i look like shit)

us with our new do's ... i really like my hair ... and i'll have to post a better picture soon!

on the wall

omg! what an awesome show! the radio station kept saying that the preshow would start at 5 and that the band would go on stage "promptly at 7" so we wanted to make sure we got there at like 6ish. OF COURSE they lied ... the band didn't take the stage until 8 but it was awesome nonetheless.

melissa auf der maur is so beautiful in person! i always thought she was cute but she looks so hot in person. i was right up in front of the stage right below her and erik was with me for a while, until some rabid kids started moshing and he retreated the relative calm of the back of the venue.

melissa was soooooo awesome

the setlist had every song on her album listed and they did all of them except for one song. she wailed like a banshee on followed the waves and posed like a rock star thruout the entire show. i got to meet her afterwards and got a picture with her and got her to sign my cd booklet

she was soooo sweet :) she promised to come back to detroit (which she was very impressed with ... she loved the american/canadian vibe of the metro detroit area) sometime in july and i plan to be there ... YOU should be there too!

if you want to see the rest of the pictures i took at the show you can go HERE and check 'em out. if the site asks you to sign in you can use these login credentials

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