Wednesday, June 09, 2004

i'm going back to Cali

well this is it ... we are officially in the final stages of our final departure for our trip ... finally! the meetings are all done (thank ye gods) and the packing is 99.9% done (only cuz i know i forgot something) and all that is left is to wrap up this entry, load up the car and hit the road for the 'rents who will be taking us to the airport.

so au revoir from d-town ... i shall be posting as regularly as possible so check back often. pictures will be posted after the trip is over.

peace out homies ... HOLLA BACK and stuff.

seriously, courtney, it's getting old

Courtney Love Charged With Attacking Woman

The felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon stems from an April 25 incident at the Los Angeles home of former manager Jim Barber. An arrest warrant for the rocker was issued Wednesday, district attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said Tuesday.

lol ... i don't even know what to say about this ... another day, another felony charge ...

:: insert rolling eyes here ::



so i show up at the final upper school faculty meeting and at the start the head of the upper school (principal) says to me, "what are you doing here?" to which i replied, "you told me to be here." "i told you i wasn't going to force you," he says to my face! his meaning was that i didn't have to be at this meeting today.


he sent me an asshole email when i asked if i could be excused from this meeting (so that i could take a morning flight out to LA) and DID impress on my that i should be at this meeting!

fuck that ... next time, i won't ask, i just won't show up.


but anyways, i can't be too upset ... i'm gonna be on a plane in a few hours and then the summer will unofficially begin.

trenchcoat and my undawear

guess who's shooting a new video? britney has enlisted snoop dogg to be a guest in her new video for the song outrageous. the song will be the theme to the catwoman movie.

the buzz is that catwoman will be the biggest flop of the summer (altho, i'm sure van helsing will be tough to beat as the biggest flop). here's hoping the movie does well ... maybe britney will give it the cool-boost it needs to keep it from sinking?

outrageous will be britney's 4th single from in the zone ... which means there prolly won't be any more singles ... no (i got that) boom boom ... which sucks immensely :(

ANYWAYS ... i'm bout to head off for my last meetings of the school year ... then we get on a plane ...