Friday, June 11, 2004

Day 2: Life's a beach!

today was santa monica day ... we met up with adriana, keith (just home from a year in england) and his boyfriend darrin at a place called blueberry. the service sucked and it took FOREVER for our food to arrive ... take my advice and skip it. our bill was $93! sooo not worth it ...

we then proceeded to take adriana back to work (she met us on her lunch hour[s]) and she showed us around her office. then us boys went shopping on the promenade. erik finally found his $200 diesel jeans and i got some kickass stuff at urban outfitters (i got the coolest belt buckle with a bottle opener ... so cool!)

erik took some pix with the teletubbies

then we went up on the boardwalk to take a couple of photobooth pictures

before heading down to the beach for some other pix

we found that lunch wasn't enough so we grabbed a quick burger at in-n-out (the best fast food burgers on earth!) before changing and heading out again.

tonight's entertainment was a series of unaired pilots presented by the other network. god, we know now why these pilots were never picked up ... they were so horrible! blah ...

jeff's friend jon went with us to the unaired pilots thing and then we all went to mel's diner for a quick snack.

then it was off to popstarz for dancing ... so much fun ... adriana and brian joined us and we danced the night away ... way too much fun!


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buyin's & tigerheats and bares ... oh my!

lots to update but just not yet ... did lots of shoppin' yesterday and then had a bitchin' dinner with adriana at a vietnamese place. spent the last hours of last night (and the early hours of today) at tiger heat.

twas lots of fun.

today we're going to santa monica for more shopping and stuff ...

more soon.