Monday, June 14, 2004

so sad

boo ... we had to get up early to pack. but we were able to see adriana one more time before we had to leave ... she met us for lunch at baja fresh ... we took a pic

and then headed for LAX.

the flight home wasn't so bad ... it was so nice traveling with erik. we had such an amazing time ... i'm telling you, these journal entries don't do the trip justice ... we all got along so famously ... everyone had a great time. jeff is the most amazing host ... we defo owe him when he comes to detroit for a visit.

blah ... i need to wrap this up ... i'm tired of writing for now ... i still have things to tweak (i'm sure) and i'm sure i'll post more about stuff that happened in the coming days ... check out those pix people ... they are really fun!

ONE last thing ... we get home at 1am and i recieved an email that let me know that some buffy action figures that i had preordered months ago have been shipped to me ... i can't wait til they get here

ahhh ... what a nice way to end the trip ...


tomorrow ... the pistons finish off the lakers ... we get to have sushi (we didn't get it once while in LA) and just hang out with each other (erik took the day off).

and we're home ... back to normal ...