Tuesday, June 15, 2004


nuff said.

alanis morissette is en-gag-ed (read it like this: en-gay-jed)

Alanis Morissette, Ryan Reynolds Engaged

NEW YORK - Isn't it ironic? Alanis Morissette, who made her name with poignant, angry songs about wrecked relationships, is engaged. The 30-year-old singer says her boyfriend, actor Ryan Reynolds, has asked her to marry him, according to Us Weekly magazine. The couple hasn't set a date yet.

congratulations ... but man, if they ever break up will she EVER have the ammunition for another kick-ass angsty album!

holy anticipation

Movies: Bat Out of Hell

The new chapter, which will hit theaters in June 2005, is called "Batman Begins"—presumably because "Batman Sucked the Last Time So We're Starting Over" was too clunky.

cool article ... hope they don't fuck it up ...

she's a free agent folks

Madonna Parts Ways With The Record Label She Co-Founded

On Monday, Warner Music Group announced that it would buy the singer out of the label she co-founded 12 years ago. The company will also buy out the interest of Madonna's partner Ronnie Dashev, Maverick's Chief Operating Officer, while third partner Guy Oseary will continue to work with both companies. The three partners jointly owned a 60 percent share in the company. WMG, which owned a 40 percent share, will now own a majority stake in the label.

yikes ... whatever ... she's so rich who really cares?

at least she's not dead

Courtney Love Tour Derailed By Singer's Legal Woes

Due to Courtney Love's legal problems, her summer tour plans appear to have been severely compromised. Though the singer's representatives anticipated that the outing, which was to begin this week, would be "slightly delayed," about half of Love's scheduled concert dates are being listed not as postponed, but canceled.

well shit ... we wanted to see her in detroit in early july ... scratch that ...


Two Fans Die At Bonnaroo Music Festival

Two concertgoers died this weekend at the three-day Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, according to the Coffee County Sheriff's Department. Twenty-year-old Brandon Taylor of Lowell, Michigan, died Friday, and 22-year-old Amber Stevens of Flatwoods, Kentucky, died late Friday or early Saturday, according to a sheriff's department spokesperson.

wow ... i was a bit worried ... sarah and mark went to this festival ... it's so sad when something like this happens ...

the clintons back in the white house!

Bush Hosts Clinton's Portrait Unveiling

(AP) - President Bush offered a glowing tribute to former President Clinton on Monday as the White House unveiled the official portraits of the 42nd president and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

ick ... bush is an asshole. i think it's hella cool tho that the clintons got to unveil their own portraits that will FOREVER hang in the white house :)

rock on! democrats in '04!!!

oh shit ... shane is going to flip out!

Britney Cancels Tour

The tour was scheduled to resume on June 22 in Hartford, Connecticut. But following arthroscopic surgery to repair severe damage to her joint, which occurredwhich occurred after a fall during a video shoot last week , Spears will be out of commission for at least four months. Doctors are advising her to stay off her knee and keep it in a hard brace for at least six weeks, after which she'll require a minimum of eight to 12 weeks of physical therapy, according to her spokesperson.

aww! that sucks ... i would be so upset if i missed out on seeing her ...

she really messed up her knee tho ... hope she gets better ... and i hope shane doesn't go ballistic.


just a quick post ... my dad came over to help us get the air conditioning going ... and man it's cold already! weeeeeeeee!

we just got back from an amazing trip ... we have tons of fun stuff to wear and play with ... we're bout to go get sushi ... the pistons will beat the lakers to become the national champs ... and will sleep in air conditioned goodness in our own bed ...

life is great!

OH and get this ... Yahoo! mail totally upgraded just today ... their free acounts used to give users 4MB of space ... now they get 100MB! i am a Yahoo! Plus member (i pay like $14 a year) so i get to download my mail to my computer and get 25MB of space ... no wait, they just upgraded me to 2 GIGS OF SPACE! that is sooo awesome! get a Yahoo! account folks ... they rock!