Friday, June 25, 2004

holla back

oi ... i stayed up until 6am last night/this morning so i need to get some more sleep sometime during the day. i have kickball tonight and i really want to go see fahrenheit 9/11 afterwards. if there was ever a movie to see on opening day (or at least opening weekend) this is the movie.

and why did i stay up until 6am you might ask? i got caught up watching a movie and then i stumbled upon my so-called life (which i couldn't turn off) ... but the real reason i stayed up so late was because brian o'dell is a god amongst men! brian (adriana's boyfriend) is the photoshop master of all time. while we were in LA we watched him do his magic with the program and were extremely impressed. anyways, he worked up a cool invitation/flyer for sarah's upcoming Fiesta! which i received yesterday. i asked him if he could take the Jem logo and morph it into a Trent logo ... and voila ...

i checked my email after my so-called life was over and the logo he created was in my inbox. i immediately had to affix it to my journal template. my new logo will now live in the upper right corner of my journal :) soooo mad props to brian for being so kick-ass! i love him y'all ... you should too!


so yeah ... i ended up going to bed right around the time that erik was getting up to go to work, then i wake up suddenly at 10:30am! since i was already up i decided to peruse the net for news and stuff and then try to go back to sleep. in good news, detroit police think they have apprehended the bastard who decided to shoot people in hart plaza wednesday night. in bad news, can i just say that i'm disgusted by gov. ahhhnold's move to kill stray animals as fast as he can? if he had his way then animals would be killed left and right before they are even given the chance to be adopted. he sucks. c'mon california -- don't let him get away with this!

i was heartened to read that kerry may select a hispanic to be his running mate in the '04 election. how hard would it rock if we had some guatemalaness in the white hizzy?!? ¡andele kerry!

geeze, and i feel for monica lewinski ... i really do ... but did she really think that clinton was going to use his autobiography to write about their "love affair" to her satisfaction? seriously, woman, get a grip ... his historical memoirs are not going to expound on the affair that ruined his untarnished presidency.

vivid blurry has posted this really funny article that i had to pass along. the article has advice for gays that are just coming out, offering some very sage advice, for example:

Avoid she-bonics: referring to each other as Girl, She, and Her. "What's her problem?" That you are an idiot. This includes: Bitchslap, Girlfriend, Shit pussy, Mangina.

er ... maybe i should pass this information on to a certain someone who insists on calling every gay man on earth hey girl!


and finally, before i put my ass back to sleep, i don't want to be the only person not to make mention of colin farrell's penis ... which is apparently too big for the big screen. i highly doubt it's a matter of size ... altho it might be nice to see what all the hoopla is about when the uncut dvd version of the movie comes out ... but i suspect that the scene in question will leak to the internet looong before the dvd is released.

god bless.

okay ... i'm audi ... tonight the Quopamaniacs have 2 games to win ... then 20 drinks to imbibe ... then a movie to see ...

PS: blogger made my journal site ad-free ... for free! whoohoo!!! enjoy!

oooh jordan catalano

so it's like 5am and i just finished watching an episode of my so-called life ... man what an incredible show! i used to watch it when it aired on network television and i also watched it reruns on mtv. the show is so well written ... so very real in every way. the characters are so genuine. they behave like normal people do. angela's mom especially ... i don't think i appreciated how ground-breaking this show really was in its day. it dealt with issues like homosexuality, harrassment in school, kids having sex and not having sex ... just a really good show.

and yes, i remember how good jordan catalano (jared leto) looked ... i so never acknowledged it back then, well at least not outloud, but now i can give props to his cuteness. i met him btw ... i saw his band 30 seconds to mars play the shelter in detroit ... he signed my requiem for a dream soundtrack ... but i'm digressing ...

my so-called life is a really great and really underrated show ... i've added it to my wishlist. i would love to own this series on dvd.