Thursday, July 01, 2004

happy birthday to ...

trent vanegas [dot] com

i purchased my own domain and have been fiddling around with the html template all day long ... god hmtl sucks! i went with a simple template that i could relatively easily manipulate ... it's pretty bare and sparse but i'm not really concerned with making it all complicated. i basically just want a front door for my blog ...

i have the capability to publish my blog using my new domain (ie. but i think i'm going to keep my blog*spot addy ... at least for a little while. it's so much easier to just let blogger do all the work for me ...

the links that i have removed from the right side of my blog have been moved to my homepage ... i kept the blog-related links in their original places.

now ... i have set up 2 different templates ... i need you guys to help me decide which one to use (cuz i like them both). the first template looks like this:

click HERE for the full size working page

the second template looks like this:

click HERE for the full size working page

pick your favorite and let me know ... i'll keep the first (pink) one up for the rest of the weekend or until i decide on the winner.

tell me what you think ... hit me with suggestions ... or do nothing at all ... it's your choice.

wild boys

boo ... it's july.
while normally i'm very happy when july arrives i'm not feeling too ecstatic about this particular july. i'm not looking forward to my birthday this year ... getting old is not fun. erik was trying to talk to me about what i'd like to do and my initial reaction was that i didn't want to do anything. i'm not sure if this is the right attitude to take. it doesn't make me happy to get another year older but on the other hand, it might make me feel better if i whoop it up. i thought about it all night and i think i'm going to leave it up to him. i'm game for whatever he wants to do ... blaurgh ... i'm still not geeked tho.

anyways ... today is a slow news day ... no one is announcing their engagement, no one is being newly admitted to a treatment facility ... j.lo isn't divorcing again ... well not yet.

but over in iraq ... wow, wonder of wonders, saddam has a brain and isn't going to go down without a fight.

he refused to sign a list of charges against him saying:

"Please allow me not to sign until the lawyers are present. ... Anyhow, when you take a procedure to bring me here again, present me with all these papers with the presence of lawyers. Why would you behave in a manner that we might call hasty later on?"

when asked if he was able to afford a lawyer, he replied:

"The Americans say I have millions hidden in Switzerland. How can I not have the money to pay for one?"

oh man. this man is not stupid ... this trial is going to be completely insane! it will be extremely interesting to see how it all works out ...

over on this side of the planet, we have our own pressing matters to deal with. in, what can only be hailed as, a great balance of gender equality, we finally have access to guys gone wild

In the bawdy video, on sale July 13, producer Misty Nicole uses her good looks and sexy voice to charm men out of their clothing - and into performing outrageous stunts they probably now regret.

and i say it's about time!

finally ... a new fiona apple song has emerged on the net. scenestars is an MP3 blog ... and it rocks! they have lots of great tunes for your downloading pleasure. the fiona song is interesting ... listen for yourself.

i think i'm going to park my behind on the couch and veg for a while ... it is july after all.