Friday, July 02, 2004

been thinking

grr ... as much as i love having tons of time to myself i do find it a bit annoying when i think too much or dwell on something that bothers me. it seems that i still can't get over the birthday thing ... and i think i know why. last summer was not a great one for me ... at this time last year, tony and i were completely falling apart ... the end was very near (in fact, i believe we broke up the day after my birthday) and i was alone. this year, i feel inadvertently alone again (and it's not even funny that tony is moving to LA on july 12th of this year ... yes, he's moving to california to do what i've always wanted to do ... on my birthday).

i know, i know ... i love being by myself ... i've always considered myself a loner but things changed. i met erik, we connected so fast and became inseparable. but ever since our trip to LA we've not really had a chance to spend any time together. if we're not doing something with other people, then we are doing stuff with other people individually. he's at work all day long only to come home and then go out with different people. it's just been bothering me lately ... i know i'm going to have to talk to him about it but i really just wanted to sit down and write and try to get my thoughts together. it's okay, he doesn't even have time to read this journal anymore so it's not like he's going to get a heads up.

i wish more than anything that i could embrace my birthday and be happy about it. it's not even about the turning 30 thing it's just that i have all these negative connotations associated with my stupid birthday. god, when i think about last year it really depresses me. all i did was get drunk and go to bars by myself at night and then lock myself up in the day staying away from everyone ... not even answering my phone. the year before that was when dipshit steve fucked up everything we ever had as friends ... i honestly can't remember the last good birthday that i had.

all of these feelings are being compounded by the fact that i feel like i'm by myself again. it's not erik's fault or anything, it's just the way things have been working out. i can't put my finger on it but something seems different between us. we don't talk anymore ... we never just hang out anymore ... i should be so excited for an upcoming birthday and all i feel is dread. what i wouldn't give to just whoop it up with friends, with erik ... i need something to squash all of these negative feelings that i feel are linked to my birthday.

blah ... i spent the afternoon in malls buying tons of shit and i just didn't feel better (well, maybe a little better, i did get some cool shit). all i really did was think about how i'm feeling and how my upcoming birthday is affecting me and my mood.

i did get to see erik for like 10 minutes after he got home from work today ... then he had to take off to hang out with mike ... there is some vague plan to meet up at necto tonight. i don't even know why he wants to go ... he hates that place ... i hope i have a good night. i'm tired of feeling so isolated. i'm tired of feeling old.

shit ... i think i'm just plain tired of feeling.

this post stinks of Britney Spears

the People magazine pictures have hit the net, and here you go [courtesy of Bombastic Britney]:

the happy couple ... if they make it to the altar then i think my eyes might LITERALLY roll out of their sockets and just keep on going up the street ... oi!

AND to quell the rumors that britney faked her knee accident just to get out of touring, here is a close up picture of britney's knee clearly scarred from surgery [courtesy of Only Britney]:

ALSO the britney sites (like World of Britney) are all aflutter over the proposed release date of britney's 5th album ... her greatest hits. rumored to hit the streets on november 16, 2004.

annnnnnnnnnnnd finally, it has been recently announced that britney will release her own perfume called curious.

er ... okay ... that's all i got ... for now ...

but stereogum has a cute little britney and kevin play to share will all of you ... check it out!

you must read this

my awesome friend jeff (who erik and i stayed with while in LA) writes for Hollywoodlog where writers in hollywood tell their true hollywood stories. anyways, jeff has written the Zzyxx story from the trip that tony and i took to LA last year ...

A Summer Public Service Announcement

it's a funny story (for those of you who don't know it) and it ends with this

how can you not read it?!?

gonna soak up the sun

in very sad news it seems that another screen legend, Marlon Brando, has passed away. man ... there have been a lot of deaths this year already ... the flags are still at half-staff for former-president reagan.

but the news isn't all sad today ... there is ... well it's not necessary good news ... it's news news ... well it's news to me ... oh whatever, here it is:

Lachey Gets Bewitched for 'Charmed' Arc

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - In his first major acting commitment, pop singer-turned-reality TV star Nick Lachey will join the cast of the WB Network's veteran witchcraft drama "Charmed" for six episodes next season ... Lachey will play a guy hired as a ghost writer for witch Phoebe Halliwell's (Alyssa Milano) advice column when she goes on a sabbatical and ends up romantically involved with her.

i love charmed ... but i'm not sure how i feel about nick lachey joining the cast. they are prolly giving him a 6 ep. stint to see how it plays out with viewers ... we'll see.

so yesterday i spent the whole day at home ... i didn't get dressed, nor did i shower ... i was either on the computer or on the couch ... all ... day ... long. don't get me wrong, it was niiiiiice, but today i'm going out. i need to do some shopping or something. abercrombie & fitch sent me an email altering me to the fall clothes they just received

i perused the site ... they have a new catalog or something that they are offering for sale online. not sure if it's being offered in the stores so i ordered one. their regular catalog was pulled out of production because of complaints so i made sure i got a copy of this new catalog ... or book ... or whatever it is. i think i'm going dancing tonight at necto so i might have to pick up a new outfit ... something like this

erik is hanging out with mike in ann arbor for some "top secret" stuff ... whateva ... i'm gonna go dancing!

PS: tonight is the first full moon of july ... there will be another full moon on the 31st (which is called a blue moon) ... cool huh?