Sunday, July 04, 2004

"with great power comes great responsibility"

so ... omg ... hahahah ... let me tell you what happened to us tonight. we all met up at the theater to see spider-man 2 and we all loved it ... it was a sold out show so we had to juggle seating arrangements but it all worked out and all loved the movie. so after the movie, we're walking to the parking structure to get to our respective cars and we hear a loud crash, a loud popping noise and then crunching metal and smashing glass. we all turn around to see a car had plowed into the wall of a coney island. we, dumbfounded, just stare as the car sits part way in the wall ... wondering if the driver is okay. we determine that she is okay because she gets out of the car and then gets back into the car and tries to pull out and, we think, drive away. as she pulls out of the wall she badly scrapes a mercedes car that is parked nearby. i immediately think to call 911, mike does dial 911 but gets a busy signal and megan calls and gets thru to 911. they tell her to stay on the scene so she can give her statement. this is what the scene looked like:

the scene of the accident.

the car that hit the wall and the wall.

the hole in the wall.

the cops questioning the perps.

megan and the wall.

so basically a woman, who we think was pissed off and trying to get away from her boyfriend in his car, sped away and hit the wall. they told the police that he was driving but megan had to tell them that she was, in fact, the driver (we all saw her behind the wheel). she gave the police officer my name and number to verify that she was the driver. mike immediately notices that the police officer in question is extremely hot ... we dubbed him officer hot bottom (because he seemed to have a nice ass [in a state of constant flex] packed into his tight uniform). who knows if officer hot bottom will call for a statement ...

megan was pretty shaken up so we all stayed with her til she gave her statement and calmed down. erik had to take his friend jolene back to our house because she had to get her car and drive home ... we stayed with megan and all went to dick o'dows irish pub for some pints of guinness ... erik drove jolene home and then came back to pick us up.

it was quite an ordeal i can assure you. i think it was the sense of duty that megan gleaned from the tale of spider-man 2 that caused her to get involved ... we all salute her, on our independence day, and commend her for her efforts.

i think i shall have to get her a pair of supergirl thong underwear for her troubles

"all the women who independent ...

... throw your hands up at me."

happy fourth and all that! today we celebrate our nation's independence ... i'm not gonna make any snide remarks to crack jokes ... let freedom ring!

liz for the boys

random guy for the other boys

today erik, brandon, VLB sarah, possibly megan and i are going to see spider-man 2

none of them have seen it yet (can you believe it?!?) so it shall be an awesome time ...