Wednesday, July 07, 2004

kick ass

okay ... so i know that i *just* told you that i secured the domain but yesterday afternoon i also secured the domain which i think i'm going to use as my homepage address. obviously, trent .com, .net., .info, .biz, .us, .EVERYTHING has already been taken but was just freed up (someone else owned it but lost ownership and it came up for grabs ... TR3NT .net and .org are already taken) so i secured it for myself. it makes a pretty cool-looking logo and i think i'm going to have stickers made to give out to people that look like this:

i realize that my homepage isn't much of anything to look at ... but i'm working on it ... i'll whip up something that will rock ... you'll see :)

[ will now point to]

the other news for today is that mike forwarded a detroit free press article on our kickball team. it's a really cool article ... unfortunately the interview with the team was done while erik and i were in los angeles ... boo! but the writer only interviewed our coach (steve) so it really doesn't matter that we weren't there ... yay!

and while everyone is talking about dodgeball ... i think it's waaaay cooler to play kickball if only because it's not so mainstream. so check out the article ... and come see us play sometime ... we have a game this friday night! quop it up!!