Friday, July 09, 2004


So get this; I get ready to leave for my parent's house for lunch but see the mail person across the street. I decide to wait for the mail to be delivered and then leave. After a few minutes I notice that the mail truck is gone so I check the mailbox. The first thing I see is a box from I didn't remember ordering anything from Amazon lately but I do tend to forget things like that. Then it occurs to me that it might be a gift from someone; "Should I wait?" I think to myself. "Hell no!", I reply. A very good friend of mine, Shane, sent me Firefly: The Complete Series on DVD for my birthday!

How awesome is that? He totally didn't need to do that but it is much appreciated. I can feel that this birthday is going to be a good one. Not because I'm getting gifts already and not because of this gift in particular but because I have really great friends who are caring and giving. Shane, thank you very much for the gift and more importantly, thank you for your friendship.

Eek! I'm so excited! I can't wait to start watching this series; but right now I have to get ready for kickball tonight. I promise to update on the series for those of you who care. For those of you who don't care, well, too bad I'm going to update/talk about it anyways!

Cold chillin' at the DMV.

I woke up today at the same time that Erik did. While he went off to work at 8 am I moseyed on down to the Michigan Secretary of State's office to:
  1. Change my address.
  2. Renew my license (which expires on my birthday).
  3. Renew my registration/license plate tab.
The only reason that I woke up that early was so that he could do my hair for my license picture. What? That's not weird! I haven't been able to make my hair look right lately and he's very good at styling it. Don't judge me!

Anyways, I toyed with the idea of changing my vanity plate from Don't Bug to TR3NT but in the end decided to keep Don't Bug. It also occurred to me that I might have to take the Driver's Test since my driver's license was about to expire. The nice lady (Imagine that! A nice lady at the DMV!) told me that they "don't do that anymore". I was unsure as to what she meant but I wasn't going to argue. I paid my fees, took my picture and got the hell out of there.

It is taking a lot of effort to keep from going back to bed, I can assure you.

Let's see what's going on in the world today. Firstly, I must wish a Happy Birthday to Courtney Love who turns 40 today.

Well, she's not dead yet and that's saying a lot for Courtney. Let's make it to 41 shall we, Court?

UPDATE: Sarah alerted me to this little tidbit of news that was released just after I posted this entry:

Courtney Love gets warrant on birthday

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Troubled rock star Courtney Love got a bench warrant for her 40th birthday when she failed to appear in court for arraignment on an assault charge Friday.

Lord have mercy on that woman!

And some scary news:

David Bowie has emergency heart surgery

The spokesman, Julian Stockton, said doctors examining Bowie because he had suffered a pinched nerve in his shoulder discovered "an acutely blocked artery" in his heart and performed an emergency angioplasty procedure to clear it.

Wow! I hope he recovers quickly. It seems odd that they "just found" a blocked artery. Wouldn't there be tell-tale signs beforehand? In any regard, I hope he gets well soon.

Next week, Monday July 12th (my birthday) to be exact, VH-1 begins aring the series I Love The 90's.

Click the Dancing Baby to be taken to a fun page where you can make him do different 90's-related things. It's time to get psyched folks, the 90's are about to make a comeback. Word to your mother!

Tonight the Quop Brigade have a couple of games. I'm looking forward to seeing fans in the stands (you know who you are). Here's hoping we can chalk up another 2 wins. Quop On!