Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Dumb & Dumberer.

So can I just spend a little time talking about the Bush Twins, because I think I want to scream! It's bad enough that the sight of GWB just makes me want to hurl but now I have to deal with his nauseating offspring. Lately, GWB has been showing off his hell-spawn every chance he gets in a sad attempt to Rock the Vote. Lately he's been trotting out Barbara (the bitchy-looking one who, unfortunately, looks like her mother):

And last week he was trolling around with Jenna (the larger one who, most unfortunately, looks exactly like her father):

They look so refined and dignified, don't they? Quite a departure from their regular antics while engaged in public drunkenness and debauchery:

From CNN.com: In an incident in Austin, Texas, in 2001, Barbara was sentenced to perform community service and attend an alcohol awareness class, while Jenna, who had been found with a false ID, was fined $600 and lost her driver's license for 30 days.

Give me a freaking break! At least Chelsea Clinton had the decency to keep out of the drunk tank while her father was our nation's leader. It seems so unbelievably hypocritical for Bush to haul out his comely daughters in an attempt to portray them as fine and upstanding citizens. The truth is that they are afforded every luxury they could dream of, including the ability to get away with anything they want to. There are numerous articles detailing their run-ins with the law for drinking and driving (among other delinquencies) where the outcome is that they are merely slapped on the wrists just because they are the "first twins". What kind of horseshit is that?! I'll tell you what kind of horseshit that is, it's the same special treatment Dubya enjoyed while he grew up as a member of the affluent Bush family.

He should put-up or shut-up. It seems to me that if he was so committed to his war with Iraq then he would have no problem sending his own children over there to fight the battle for him. Why should other Americans sacrifice their children if he isn't willing to do the same?

Do us all a favor Dubya, if you are going to let your daughters so whatever the hell they want to and get away with whatever the hell they want to DON'T trot them about as charity-minded humanitarians. God, I could barf!

And for god's sake, do we really need them all dolled up in Harry Winston jewelry and Oscar de la Renta gowns hamming it up for Vogue magazine?!?

Give.Me.A.Fucking.Break. The whole lot of them make irritate me to no end. Hypocrites and liars, criminals and half-wits fortunate to have been born into immense wealth and prestige. The whole family represents the worst of America. It's time for a change. We need to be able to look up to our President and be proud to hail him as our leader. We need to look to the First Family and regard them with dignity and respect.

We need regime change now more than ever. If hauling the Bush Twins around does anything for me, it inspires me to want to work harder to oust the lot of them. They need to be expunged from the White House and sent back to Texas where they came from. I've had enough bullshit from that entire family. We need to take our country back and restore truth and dignity to the White House.

Every little thing she does is Majik.

I spent the afternoon trolling around Target collecting kitty paraphernalia. We decided to get another litter box and I picked up more food, etc. I recently acquired a few shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch and decided to wear one today.

The Target I went to was in a predominantly African-American part of town. I noticed that a I was getting a few looks. I'm not sure if they were stares or just my imagination. Whatever, I am not of the Caucasian persuasion so I think I can wear this shirt without remorse, blood.

Sherri brought Majik over at around 7pm. She was not as skittish as I thought she'd be. She came out of the cage and went right to exploring the entire house. Leo immediately ran and hid but Zoe stood perched on the ottoman and just glared at her. It's going to be a fun few days. Sherri helped me bathe her and then dry and brush her. She seemed calm but decided to spend much of the next few hours under our bed upstairs away from the other cats. Sherri left and Sarah came over to watch tonight's installment of I Love The 90's.

Right now, Zoe is on the couch, Leo is on my lap and Majik is somewhere else. I hope they get used to one another quickly because now they're family.

Newsflash: Someone gets married on a Soap Opera!!!

Oh Daytime Television, how I love you so ... occasionally. It should come as no surprise to any of you but Brooke and Ridge got married a[motherfucking]gain on The Bold and the Beautiful. Yes folks, they married again for like the 4th time (and I'm completely serious).

Congratulations to them! The wedding actually took place yesterday (July 12th!) but the fallout happened today. It seems that finally Brooke and Ridge can finally live happily ever after. Oh wait, there was another storyline running concurrently with their nuptials. It seems that Brooke's son Rick, who was fathered by Ridge's father Eric (who turns out isn't really Ridge's father; his real father showed up last year and is named Massimo) and Ridge's son Thomas, who was mothered by Taylor (Brooke's nemesis and Ridge's true love but who died last year after giving birth to twin girls; who were infants one day and then young teenagers the next) go after the same girl, Caitlin, who is the daughter of a man, Hector, (played by Lorenzo Lamas) who has a sordid past connection with the Forrester Family (which is far too complicated to go into right here because I know if you've read to this point you're probably thinking Like I really give a shit about any of this). Drama! Incidentally, Stephanie (Ridge's mother who has loathed Brooke since day one) and Nick (Ridge's half brother, who was also fathered by Massimo, and was Brooke's former fiancé until it was finally revealed the baby that Brooke was carrying, and that Ridge delivered himself, was not his but was really Ridge's, clearing the way for yesterday's nuptials) didn't take news of the wedding very well and decided to drink themselves silly.

Yes, folks, I know way too much about The Bold and the Beautiful. Final B&B note, the show has also finally changed the opening sequence from the lame-ass and tired-looking late 80's opening they've had for over 10 years to a more modern and stylized one ... featuring high heels and pecs.

God, was I born to be a housewife or what? On a related note, The Young and the Restless is still boring.

Also, while I was flipping channels I finally found out that the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens will air in August. NBC has done a completely shitty job of advertising the Olympic Games. I had no idea when they were set to air. I also caught a commercial for a fall drama, also on NBC, called LAX. I, for the life of me, cannot imagine watching a weekly show about an airport. WTF???

Is the summer half-empty? Half-full?

:: Sigh ::

(Not to start talking about my birthday again but) I've always loved that my birthday was in the middle of July. I always thought it was so cool to have my birthday in the middle of summer vacation because I never had to bring cupcakes to school (Elementary, that is) for my classmates. I also loved that my birthday is so far away from any other holiday and that I never got cheated out of presents.

But since I've become a teacher (with paid summers off) I now see my birthday as the half-way point. Summer vacation is half-over and with each passing day I get closer to having to go back to work.

:: Sigh ::

But it is only one day after the half-way point (and technically, July 15th is the actual half-way point) so I shant be too concerned about it ... yet.

A bit of surprising news:


Following his stints behind the kit for Queens Of The Stone Age, Killing Joke and Garbage, the ex - Nirvana sticksman is now playing with Trent Reznor's industrial metal band ... "I guess Trent Reznor is going for real drums this time around. Good call, I say. Anyway, enough of the name dropping (sorry, I'm still a huge fan myself!) but it is pretty cool to be around these guys."

Interesting goss. It seems strange to me that Trent Reznor would tap Grohl to play on the new NIN album. Perhaps the control freak has decided to loosen up listen to other people. I doubt it's because he needs his help, but who knows? It does seem to take Reznor longer to put out material these past few years.

I'm such a bad NINer lately (I'm just not as Infamous as I used to be it seems). I never keep on top of what's going on with NIN in the off season but I do manage to catch up pretty quickly. It seems that, this go-round, Trent is offering a webcam that goes live at random times (or maybe at usual times I'm not sure yet) and rabid fans have been capturing the images. This picture seems to confirm the Dave Grohl news

Here are other images that I've pilfered from a NIN fansite:

Trent strumming his guitar.

Trent at the deck (Nothing Studios? Le Pig?)

(Most likely) Trent's cat.

I may have to keep an eye on this webcam business.

And, in the No Shit portion of today's entry, a documentary is being released that claims that Fox News operates with a conservative/Right-wing bias.

"What we found is not that Fox is a conservative network, but that it's a network that follows the party line of the Bush administration," said Outfoxed filmmaker Robert Greenwald.

To which I reply, No Duh!!!

Anyways, today is the day that Majik comes to live with us! I'm actually pretty excited. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like so it will be nice to have her with me full-time now. Sherri has taken such good care of her for a very long time (as a good mother should). She really came through for both Majik and me and I am extremely grateful for her surrogate parenting. There's much to do though. I have to get another litter box, more cat food and make an appointment to get Majik groomed.

Our little family is growing with the addition of our new child. Though I doubt the other children will be very pleased.