Friday, July 16, 2004

It's Friiiiiday.

Boo!  I'm awake after only 5 hours of sleep (I stayed up really late last night) and I have some stuff to do around the house which means that I can't go back to sleep.  We also have a couple of kickball games tonight and then I'm going with Sarah to see Mark play his gig afterwards.  I hope I don't fall apart at any point during the day.  I think I'll be okay, I hope.  Let's get to the goss ...

It's too bad that Sarah and Mark didn't go to the Detroit Tigers game yesterday because they might have run into Jessica Alba:

Shit, do you know what I would have done if I had run into Honey? I'd have said, "Bitch! How you wanna play me like dat?!" (Bet you saw that coming a mile away, right Megan?)

In other news:
Allrightythen, I've got some shiznit to get done. I still have to return some jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch, I wanted to zip by Royal Oak, I have to get a gift for Steve and Stephanie's party tomorrow and there is no way I'm going to have time to do any of this today. More later ...

It's a good thing. It sucks.

Martha Stewart Gets 5 Months in Prison

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Martha Stewart, who built a catering company into a media empire, was sentenced on Friday to five months in prison for lying about a suspicious stock sale ... The judge could have sentenced her to a maximum of 16 months.

Poor Martha. I figured she was going to get some prison time. Let me tell you, I bet 5 months will feel like a long-ass time. Even though her surrender to authorities is being delayed so that her attorneys can appeal, she has got to be scared as hell.

Well, I wish her the best. I hope her appeal goes through because if not it won't be long until she is locked up for almost half a year. Maybe I should bake some cookies in her honor? I have to vaccuum, do you think that would be good enough?