Saturday, July 17, 2004


So last night we had our 2 kickball games against a team called How Ballzy.  At game time we were missing a girl because Anne hadn't shown up and Tracey told us that she couldn't make it.  The ref gave us no time to do anything and ordered us to take the field.  We have to have equal girls and guys so because we were short a girl in the outfield, we also had to leave a guy off the outfield.  We had 2 big holes in our defense and boy did the other team take advantage.  We ended up losing the first game.  We were down by so many points that Andy decided that he was going to go balls out.  He hauled ass around the bases and did a suicide dive at home to try and get us another point.  He ended up colliding with the catcher and really got hurt.  He took a chunk of meat out of his leg and banged his head up pretty bad.  He had a really bad lump on his head.  He tried to keep playing but when he realized that his vision was all f-ed up decided that it was time to go to the hospital.  He ended up suffering a compressed neck.  
After all the seriousness of the first game, we decided to just have fun in the second game and we CREAMED them 14-0.  It started to sprinkle and the ref called the game in the 4th inning.  We really weren't done with their ass-whipping otherwise the score would have been much higher.  We really wanted to win that game for Andy.  And can I tell you that  I kicked a triple play!  Only Al and Adam did the same.  I scored in the second game and brought Erik home in the first game.  I was en fuego!  It was really fucking cool as shit.
After the games, Erik, Kirsten, Mike and I were joined by my Sarah and VLB Sarah at the W.A.B. for some celebratory drinks.  Then we went to the Cadieux Cafe to see Mark play with Bloom.

He did such a great job.  Ben and Samantha and Jessica and Jeremy were already there when we showed up.  I got to see Reggie (who I hadn't seen in eons) and we pigged out on awesome Cadieux french fries.  It was awesome.
Goss for today:
It seems that Britney is at it again.

If she ain't chuggin' whiskey ginseng then she's grabbin' her fiance's crotch.  Ah, the glamour of being a pop princess.
And get this shit, Jessica Simpson's mother, Lynne Spears Tina Simpson, is claiming in Vanity Fair magazine that Jessica has a genius-level IQ

In fact, Jessica's mom says her daughter's IQ is in the 160s. "The genius IQ is from Tina Simpson," Smith revealed. "I do think the ditziness is played up a bit on MTV. I think it's edited in a very clever way."
There is no way in FUCKING HELL that she is really "faking" her stupidity. Nice try, Tina.

Tonight we are going to Steve and Stephanie's pre-wedding party so we are definitely going to get our drink on. Jill (aka Jillary Duff) is in town (staying with us) to partake in the festivities. Yehaw! I'm sure there will be pictures-a-plenty. There is talk that we are going to Hell, Michigan tomorrow for a little road trip. Once again, Yehaw!