Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Erik's truck was acting real funny yesterday so he made an appointment for it to get service at the dealership today.  I let him borrow my car so I am going to be stuck at home today.  Last night/this morning I went to sleep at about 5am (I was reading) and had to wake up at 7am to drive him to the dealership.  It hurt.  I'm better now though, thanks for asking.
The Scissor Sisters (and more specifically their lead singer Jake Shears) are everywhere lately.  They have the #1 album in the UK, they are featured in the new issue of Out magazineFleshbot has linked Jake's Butt Magazine appearance (calling him "Filthy and gorgeous") and Popjustice has posted an excellent interview with Jake; he fields questions like:
Jake. Would you wank David Beckham off in the back of a limo?

You are going to have to read the full interview to get his response.  But it wouldn't be a Trent post if I didn't have more pictures to share.  Jake is a randy little popstar so don't click these thinks at work.  You can see a saucy picture HERE and another one HERE.  Enjoy!  According to Arjan Writes the Sisters are due to come to Detroit again on 09/14/04; the show is going to be at St. Andrew's Hall.  Awww yeah!
In other news:

And finally, you have to check out THIS LINK.  It's kinda cute.

I'm going to go read or something.  Reading is Fun-Da-Mental!