Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What A Bitch!

Do I really have to go into why I can't stand Bush spawn again?

I really can't stand spoiled brats ... so I'm going to bed now.

It Doesn't Matter What They Say

I had a pretty nice night.  I hung out with my parents for a good while.  It's so funny -- when I lived at home they were always wondering when I was going to go out next and now that I don't live at home anymore they are always wondering when I'm going to come visit.  It's cute.  We had a nice dinner and then just hung out.  They gave me yet another birthday card (can you believe it, just when I thought my birthday was over; actually a few days ago I received a belated gift from Adriana and Brian, they got me a kickass t-shirt from Giant Robot.  It seems my birthday just won't end!) because my dad picked it out and wanted to get it for me.  It's a very cute card.  I love my parents; they are the absolute best.parents.ever.

So driving home I hooked up the iPod (current capacity 6,681 songs with room to spare) and listened to some of the latest music that I've downloaded recently.  When the iPod started playing Our Lips Are Sealed by Hilary Duff & sister Haylie I squealed with glee.  Then I played the song 4 more times in a row! 

Now don't get me wrong, I am a *huge* fan of the original Go-Go's version but this cover is pure pop perfection.  I admit, I was a hater at first but now I'm a total lover.  I do think that big sis Haylie is riding little sis Hilary's coattails a bit (well, a lot) but who cares?  They sound exactly the same so this duet does sound like a bonafide Hilary Duff song. 

And when did I become a Hilary Duff fan you ask?  Well, I've been thinking about it and I think I've figured it out.  Don't ask me why, but Erik is a big Hilary Duff fan.  She is his favorite pop princess (he's been known to squeal himself when the song Come Clean comes on; he even has that song on his phone as a ringtone).  It is obvious his influence has played a part.  I also think part of the blame goes to Michael T.  He is the one that gave me a copy of Life Story: Hilary Duff which is a magazine filled with pictures and articles (read: propaganda) that I've read most of.  And finally I think that I need to lay some blame on dumbass Britney.  Her trashy behavior has caused me to falter a little in my devotion to her (I've not given up completely but she really needs to get her shit straightened out).

I'm intrigued by Lindsay Lohan but she's more an actress than a singer (although Shane clued me into her song Drama Queen (That Girl) recorded for a film soundtrack which is pretty tight; it's loaded on the iPod).  Even though Lindsay just signed a record deal, I think the edge goes to Hilary.  I like a few of Hilary's songs already and I'm practically obsessed with Our Lips Are Sealed.  I even had visions of Erik and I doing that song in a karaoke setting (EEP!).  I think Erik would approve of my new found appreciation for the Duff.

And whatever, don't be rollin' your eyes at me.  You listen to the Duff sisters cover of Our Lips Are Sealed while driving around at night and then tell me that the song doesn't rock.  Betcha can't ...

PS:  I just downloaded all the Hilary and Haylie songs from the A Cinderella Soundtrack from iTunes.  Um, have I gone too far past the point of no return?

Because FTD Ain't Good Enough

As was previously reported, Kevin Federline's second child, a boy, was born yesterday and while he was not present for the delivery he did manage to visit the hospital shortly thereafter alone. I wondered if Brit Brit had sent a gift and it seems that she did not. She must have decided to wait until today to send flowers. But, rather than ordering an expensive bouquet from one of the finest florists available (as we all know her bank account would laughingly, easily allow), she decided to saunter on down to the corner shop to pick up a couple bouquets of the saddest looking flowers she could find on her way home from the tanning salon. And, to top it all off, she decided to do this little task barefoot.  [Goss via]

Now you all know that I loves me some Britney but her daily blips on the media radar seem to be getting trashier and trashier and trashier. What would possess her to reach out to her fiancé's baby-momma in such a way? Wouldn't it have made more sense to just order up a generous bouquet of professionally bundled flowers and have them delivered to the hospital? Wouldn't it, at least, have made more sense to put on a pair of damn shoes (or even a cheap pair of flip-flops) before going to the corner store? I'm not even going to touch her ever-worsening acne (I wonder if Kev touches it?) but I will say that it just seems that she isn't taking basic care of herself in these recent weeks. What has become of the Britney that I knew and loved?

I hope she comes back someday.

Who's Got The Best Ass In The World?

... Not me, details below.

So here it is, 8am and I am awake.  Our microwave has been on the fritz lately (it won't heat and smells of burning) so Erik arranged for a repair person to come out and fix it up.  The dude was knocking at our door at 8am precisely.  Erik had to go to work so I got to deal with the repair-person-dude.  He opened it up and showed me that the damn thing is sparking like crazy.  He warned us not to use it again or it could cause a fire.  Now we have to wait for a replacement, it's all very upsetting.  How am I going to microwave my popcorn in the interim?

Erik still has my car because now he has to wait for the insurance company to check out his car before the dealership can begin repairs.  I was going to visit my folks today but now I'm going to have to postpone my visit to this evening (after Erik gets home from work).  I have to go to work tomorrow (and Friday) for Dreamweaver training so he might have to rent a car for the next few days.  I'm not too jazzed about going back to ULS so early but I am a little jazzed that I'm going to receive serious HTML software training.  Now maybe my websites won't look so elementary.

On a bit of a serious note,  the 9/11 Commission's final report gets released tomorrow (it comes out in book form next week actually, I may pick up a copy) and it promises to outline the many missed chances that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks.  The report also fails to fink a link between the 9/11 attacks and Iraq.  I have no words for how angry this makes me.  Having just read Plan of Attack I think I have a pretty good understanding on how this war became a reality;  GWB and his administration were war-hungry from day one.  And now GWB actually has the gall to try and pass himself off as the "peace president"!!!  I completely agree with the guys at, GWB needs to STFU!  Grrr ...

But enough brevity, let's get to the levity;  there's a lot of goss to throw around so let's get to it:

I know that Kylie was voted the #1 ass in the world but let's not short-change the next president of the United States of America and his assets:

I bet that wetsuit is pretty form-fitting.  I'd have to see him from behind to be sure but I think it's safe to say that our next president will be much hotter (and with better hair) than our current one.

I've been on a reading kick lately so I think I'm going to go stick my nose in a book.  Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep and get back some precious hours of beauty rest.  Boy do I need it, I've been looking pretty hit for a few days now.  More later ...