Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Well, I gave the new layout a whirl but I was discovering too many problems with the way the margins were working out.  My blog is built on a template that I got from Blog Skins, therefore there are lots of little nuances that I have no idea how to edit.  I spent the better part of the day tinkering with the layout but in the end just couldn't fix everything to my precise satisfaction.

My next brilliant idea was to take ANOTHER template and edit the shizz out of it so that I could keep the essence of my blog without having to build from scratch.  Yeah, that didn't work either.  I wanted it to look like this blog, Three 1 Three, but have a hot pink, black and white color scheme.  I got close but came to the realization that it just didn't feel like my blog anymore.  I think I just wanted it to look more uniform like the other blogs that I read but then, on some level, it wouldn't be my blog anymore.

So in the end, I settled on flipping the whole thing back to the way it was, making a few minor edits and adding a cool sparkly top header (unfortunately for those using Netscape you won't be able to see the cool sparkly header but then again, this blog template never looked right on Netscape anyway).  Voila!  It's Trent's blog ... only better!

Pink is *so* pimp!

Lest you think that web authoring is all I did today, let me tell you what else I did this evening.  Erik came home from work really late.  He's been working late a lot these past few days.  We decided to go to Amici's in Berkley for gourmet pizza with $3 cosmos supplied by The Living Room next door.  We had such a nice dinner together.

Erik was tired so we decided to just come home to chill out.  We managed to watch John Edwards give his DNC speech (you can read the text HERE) which was very well executed.  Then we watched as the convention delegates cast their votes for the Democratic nominee.  Ohio's delegation support gave John Kerry enough votes to make him the official nominee:

He arrives in Boston tomorrow to address the convention and formally accept his party's nomination for President of the United States of America.

Yada Yada Yada!

Anyways, I still think that I'm going to overhaul my entire blog someday but just not yet.  I want to make sure that I know what I'm doing, that I do all the work and that it's completely finished before I take down this blog template and put up another. 

But none of this is remotely interesting, I'm sure.  I'll make sure I spend less time fiddling with html code and more time scouring the Internet for cheap gossip.  BTW, Britney was last seen hobbling around with a new leg brace

This news isn't so juicy but you get what you get when I'm preoccupied with other things.  Ciao!

I've Flipped Out

Do we like this new layout? I always thought the page would look better if the sidebar was on the left side rather than on the right side. Now that I've changed the sidebar it looks weird to me. I think it looks weird because I'm so used to seeing it the old way. I don't know though.

I've been told that this new lay out looks funky in 800X600 resolution but most people have their screen resolution set at 1024X768.

This is what summer boredom does to a person.

My So-Called Band

Mmmmm! Guess what ... Jordan Catalano Harry Goldfarb Jared Leto and his band are in the studio recording the follow-up to their self-titled debut album 30 Seconds To Mars.  I am so not a hater on 30STM.   

C'mon feel the noise.

I'm a big Requiem for a Dream fan so I thought it would be neat-o to go see Leto's band play when they came to Detroit a couple of years ago.  I was pleasantly surprised by the album and was really surprised by the concert (photos HERE).  Ever since then I've been on the 30STM mailing list (I'll admit it, I'm an Echelon member) and yesterday I got an update that the guys were in the studio working on the follow-up album.  The official site has pix of Jared & co. in the studio:

I wonder if the new album, tenatively titled The Battle Of One, is going to be influenced by Jared's break-up with Cameron Diaz.  As long as they lose the latin lingo they were using on the first album (PROVEHITO IN ALTUM) I think they're going to be okay.

Watching re-runs of My So-Called Life on The N has rekindled my affection for JRequiem was such a good movie, I loved his part in Fight Club and I'm looking forward to seeing him in Alexander.

If you are interested in seeing 30STM in action visit THIS SITE, a fan page, for some videos and live performances. C'mon, Angela Chase would want you to do it.

Wed. Head

Day #42 of my house arrest and I think I'm starting to go a little batty.  Nah, not really but I think I am starting to get a little bored by not being able to leave the house.  The stupid Ford dealership keeps giving Erik excuses instead of his repaired truck so I'm still sans car and stuck at home.  But as long as there are celebrities out there living their lives, I'll have something to fill my days with ... GOSSIP!

But first, on a serious note, I had to go ahead and tell Mikey (last week) that I wasn't going to be able to make it down to Louisiana for his wedding and he wrote me back this morning.  Obviously he was hurt and I feel rotten.  I wish there was a way that I can swing it but I've played with scenarios and just haven't come up with a solution.  If the wedding was at the end of October, or sometime in November I'm pretty sure I could wrangle the time off.  In any regard, his message to me was so genuine and heartfelt.  I love him.  He's stuck by me through so much emotional stuff.  We were inseparable and I miss that a lot.  I'm very bummed that I've disappointed him but I know that he understands.  I'm going to have to make sure that I get his new bride and him a kickass wedding gift.

I got to talk to Megan today.  I've been such a stupid ass the past week (I blame it on boredom/stircraziness) that we've not been in contact with her.  I'm definitely going to see her this weekend, hopefully at a kickball game.  But we've got some plans in the works for Saturday night so it shall be a blast.

But enough about me, let's get to the good stuff: 

Well, my time in front of the computer is about done.  I need to check in with the couch but not before I visit the refrigerator.  It may sound like I'm complaining but believe me, I am not.  I shall enjoy every second that I am not required to be at work even if time seems to drag a little here and there.  Don't cry for me Argentina!