Saturday, July 31, 2004

"Feel The Power of the Dark Crystal"

Mike, Brandon, Sarah and I met up with Kirsten at The Living Room for drinks. We had a nice time. We decided to keep the main event low key (we were all tired, and some of us injured) so we went to a midnight showing of The Dark Crystal.

I had never seen it before -- it was pretty f-ed up. Very bizarre, very freaky. There were some funny parts but I just don't understand how that movie was marketed to kids back in 1982. It was scary-looking.

Anyways, that's what we did. I'm damn tired and I'm going to bed. I'll have a picture of Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline's new baby boy tomorrow.

Buy Your Own Damn Penis Cake Pan

Tonight is Stephanie's bachelorette party and Erik was in charge of the headgear (i.e. tiara or something) and the cake (in the shape of a penis). He was running late so while he was in the shower Mike and I went to Pricilla's adult novelty store (which is a welfare version of Lover's Lane). We had to purchase the penis cake pan in a store full of couples buying dildos and the like. It was not fun! We made the purchase as quick as we could and on the way out of the store I noticed an older gentleman holding an inflatable woman ... it was gross!

So while Erik was making the cake, Mike, Brandon and I went to see The Manchurian Candidate.

It was a very good movie. Very freaky and not what I expected. After the movie we had dinner at Pizzeria UNO and then came home. We are due to meet up with Kirsten for drinks and such. Stay tuned ...

There's Always Next Season

It is my sad duty to report that the kickball season is over; we closed out the season with another double loss. I know that losing 4 games in a row makes it sound like we suck but we so don't! I'm telling you, we were not meant to win any game last night. We led the entire first game until we fell apart in one inning to give up like 6 runs -- we lost. Then in the second game we also led the entire time. In the 5th inning the other team was up to kick and it started to rain, the ball got wet and slippery and we just couldn't catch it. They scored the runs to win by one point and then it started to pour, the referee (who was really shitty btw) called the game and they won again. It just wasn't meant to be. But, we're all playing in the fall league (every week in September) so we'll be back to regain our glory.


BTW: Adam totally reneged on playing dong out! I think I'm gonna sue!

Anyways, after the game the guys (the straight ones plus Erik) went to Canada for Steve's bachelor party for some boobie bar action. Brandon came out to watch our games and decided to not go see the strippers. Instead he hung out with the rest of us for Kirsten's birthday. We couldn't find a bar that wasn't overcrowded so we hung out at Kirsten's place. We did cake (baked by Michael T.) and presents and had a really fun time.


Lemon Drop shots make pretty faces.

Kirsten & her friend Rose. She looks sweet but Rose can incapacitate you with just 2 fingers.

The Flager Narcolepsy strikes again!

You can see the rest of the pictures HERE.

In other news, I found out that I am worth a measly $1,871,454.00 -- which is a bunch of bull shizz if you ask me. You can find out how much you are worth by visiting

There isn't much goss for today. I do have a tiny Brit update:

Britney was out in Malibu with her mom while Kevin was out shopping with his dude at the same time. He looks like he's getting something altered or tailor made for him. Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?

That is all for now, Michael T., Brandon and I are going to hang out again tonight while Erik goes out with Stephanie for her Bachelorette party. I believe we are hooking up with Kirsten for more birthday celebrations.

Don't forget to check out the blue moon tonight.