Tuesday, August 03, 2004

"I Don't Know Me"

Today turned out to be a very hectic day. After working all day I had to jet out to Twelve Oaks Mall to start shopping for my outfit. I found the shirt and the flip flops. I still have to pick up the suit and find the tie. I did get some cool t-shirts from Abercrombie too. This one is my favorite one:

Hahahah, isn't it awesome?!

Anyways, after the mall I went out to Ann Arbor to pick up Michael T. I wanted him to help me find Tracey's apartment so that I could drop off a thank you card. After we hung out with Trace for a few minutes, Mike and I went to Whole Foods to pick up some food before heading back to his apartment for a movie screening. We were a little rushed so we were running around trying to find stuff. We get to the parking lot and a woman rear-ended my car with her car! OMG, I was soooo mad! I thought for sure she had smashed my little beetle. I get out and find out that there wasn't even a scratch, on either car. Man, it would have sucked if she had damaged my car.

So anyways, we get to Mike's and find a couple of his friends waiting on the porch (we were a little late). So, the rest of the audience arrives and we sit down to watch the Ashton Kutcher movie The Butterfly Effect

Hi, this movie should have been called It's A Terrible Life. The dialogue was horrible, the acting was embarrassing and the plot was ... wrong. We had a great time skewering the cheesey movie. Now, we watched the Director's Cut first so we got to see the ending that the director had envisioned. We could understand why the movie didn't test well with the original ending. The movie was rife with horrible lines (see blog entry title) but we loved every second of it. It was fun.

The movie was butt-ass long though! I had planned on meeting up with Sarah for Candace's birthday celebration but the party broke up before I could make it to Dearborn.

I have to get the rest of my outfit tomorrow and Erik and I were planning on seeing American Hi-Fi at the Magic Stick. We'll see ...

Who's Getting Scared Now?

It's not like I want to go all Deaniac on all your respective asses but it is starting to seem like the current administration is trying to hype up the terror alerts for political gain. Just days after the Democratic National Convention, the administration raised the terror alert level in an attempt to put the country "on alert" (i.e. to scare the shizz out of us). But, did you know that the intel they are using is YEARS old? If the intel they are using is 3 years old why wasn't the terror alert level raised a month ago; 6 months ago? Yes we need to be on alert so that 9/11 can never happen again but if it turns out that the administration is using terror alert levels to scare the population for political gain then I think someone is going to have to go to prison!

Even after all that we know (that WMDs haven't been found, that Iraq had no connection with 9/11) the President says that going to war with Iraq was the right thing to do. If this proves anything it's that the current administration was/is hungry for war. And he wants to be known as the "peace president"?! Give me an effing break. I honestly don't know what I would do if he won re-election. I shudder to think.

In less serious news, can we talk about Paris Hilton? What the hell is going on with her? There are claims (made by "friends and family" not by Paris herself) that after Paris broke up with Nick Carter that he left bruises on her arm, he denies the claims completely. His lawyer contends that the bruises stem from a kinky S&M photo session she participated in for Rolling Stone magazine.

Well, I don't know about all of that but I do know that Paris Hilton has been seen using the Motorola V600 mobile phone, the same phone that I own!

How cool is that?!? Well, not really cool but I'm desperate for today's goss. It's not like I've had time today to really snoop out the dirt. I had to get up early today to come to work. Here I sit, at my desk, doing preparatory work for the coming school year. Oh.what.fun. I guess I should get back to it. After I'm done here I have tons of errands to run, not the least of which is to FIND and PURCHASE my wedding outfit.

Life is rough.

And HEY! No one has left a comment in ages! Where my peoples at?!