Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hi-Fi Killer

I just got back from the show and it was totally fun! American Hi-Fi is co-headlining this tour with Butch Walker (from Marvelous 3; R.I.P.) so both bands played equal sets. Butch guested on stage for a few American Hi-Fi songs and the Hi-Fi guys were Butch's backup band. Incidentially, Butch Walker produced the new AmHiFi album, which is why it sounds more mellow.

I arrived fashionably late but was able to hear the last 2 songs from the opener Val Emmich. He was pretty good, pretty emo (as was Butch Walker). Sandwiched between the 2 emo crooners were the Hi-Fi guys. They rocked so hard. I was very pleased to see Stacy come out wearing a pin-stripe jacket:

The guys totally rocked out. They seem to be big fans of Detroit Rock City. Not sure what happened to their old drummer but they've got a new one and he seemed pretty good. I got to meet Stacy after the show, he was very cordial as always. I have seen AmHiFi a few times (the best show was a tour with Eve 6 and Sarah and I saw them at a tiny dive in Toledo, Ohio) and Stacy is always the coolest guy to meet after the shows. They were selling an EP with 5 new songs on it (2 from the forthcoming album and 3 demos that didn't make the cut). I already have all of my other AmHiFi albums signed so I didn't bring one with me. Obviously I got the EP and got Stacy to sign it and pose for a picture. I have never been disappointed by an American Hi-Fi show and this was no exception. Catch them if you get the chance. I took a lot more pictures, you can see them HERE or follow the link on the right ---->

But Will It Blow?

I spent the day running around and shopping and I have all the pieces to my outfit! It shall rule! I also got more t-shirts and some other cool dress shirts (that were on sale) for work.

I have like 2 seconds before I have to leave for the American Hi-Fi show but can I just mention the crazy buzz that is circulating around the new Vincent Gallo movie Brown Bunny?

There was a super secret screening of the X-Rated movie last week here in Detroit. The movie is supposed to be pretty artsy ... but I'm sure all the forthcoming buzz about this movie will stem from the billboards that are advertising the movie.

If you can tell in the picture above, Chloë Sevigny is performing oral sex on Vincent Gallo. The billboards are up in New York and Los Angeles. I suppose if you are going to try and drum up an audience for a Rated X movie then you have to pull out all the stops. We shall see if the controversy pays off.

Peace out, I'm off to the Stick.

"You Think You Know Me"

Stupid Ashlee Simpson! I've been listening to her album nonstop and I think I like her now!

"... and sometimes I get dark."

Her song, Pieces of Me, has been growing on me. Then a friend sent me her new album to listen to ... and I like it better than the first time I heard it. Grrr ... she's not as bad as I previously thought. So there you go ... I cannot jump around the house dancing to the song Autobiography one more time without clearing my conscience.

I Need To Find Pieces Of Me

Lots to do today so I'm going to post and then jet. Sarah sent me an email letting me know about Vote For Change. This is a massive tour with massive artists working to have GWB defeated in November.

I really hope their efforts aren't in vain. I am heartened that all of these big names (Pearl Jam, The Dixie Chicks, DMB, R.E.M., Bruce Springsteen, Deathcab For Cutie and more) are working towards a Bush defeat in the presidential election.

Britney news has been quiet lately, but did you know that Kevin Federline was a creepy little kid (imagine that)?

Stereogum has got the pictures and the creepy love letters.

And more:
Tonight is the American Hi-Fi show and I think that Erik and I are going to go for sure.

If you visit their official website you can hear their new album, Hearts On Parade, in its entirety. If you thought they were 80's before you ain't heard nothing. While their sound used to be 80's metal-esque now they are more 80's mellowed out. They put on a hell of a show so I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

So that's about it. Errands are calling my name and I must heed the call. I still have pieces of my outfit to procure. Off and away I go.