Saturday, August 07, 2004

Dearly Beloved

Today was totally hectic. We were up and ready pretty early so that we could get started on getting things decorated. The hall had to be totally set up and decorated. I worked at the hall for a little while but spent the bulk of the day working with Tracey on the flowers.

In all my running around to get my outfit put together I failed to realize that I needed cuff links for my shirt. Thankfully, Stephanie's mother hooked up up with a pair of her father's cuff links. I was looking pretty fly.

The wedding was so nice. The minister paid homage to "Father God" a lot. He told a story and made an anecdote or two and there you go, Steve and Stephanie were lawfully wed.

The reception was so much fun. The food was amazing. The music was amazing. The crowd was amazing. I had dinner with Erik's parents and Tracey, Matt, Ame, Jill and Doug.

The dancing was so much fun! Erik and I slow-danced to Don't Stop Believin' (by Journey) and In Your Eyes (by Debbie Gibson). But we both danced with almost everyone in the buliding.

The hall had to be vacated at midnight but the friends went back to The Bird until 2am.

There are A LOT of pictures to check out. You can see them all HERE. The album will be linked on the right ---> under Boys On Film.