Sunday, August 15, 2004

Where's The Baby Powder When You Need It?

Today was a very fun day. It wasn't quite as fun as dancing to Eddie Money's Take Me Home Tonight last night at The Bang! but it was pretty fun nonetheless. Jacob and Brandon stayed over so that we could all hang out with Erik and VLB (a.k.a. Kelli) for a nice meal. We picked her up and had a great lunch at the Macaroni Grill. We got a late start so our lunch ran until like 5pm!

After lunch/dinner, Brandon, Jacob, VLB and I all went to see Garden State. Erik saw the movie earlier in the week with Kirsten so he opted out. He wanted to stay home and do some stuff any way so that's what he did. The movie, I thought, was good but there were just too many "weird" and quirky things in it that made it seem that much more unbelievable. I really didn't like the ending but it doesn't hurt the film (I did, however, love the use of Frou Frou's song Let Go at the end of the film. That song is amazing). VLB, on the other hand, loved it. She left the theater in her tear-stained blouse ... she is so cute!

That was pretty much our day. We are all banged out (well, at least until next month -- September 11 is the date for the next Bang!) and are ready for a nice rest.

I'm looking forward to happy slumber. So, that's what I'm off to do.

Happy Birthday, AaronK

Firstly, Happy Birthday to my dearest Erik (AaronK)! Today is his *official* birthday!!

We had so much fun last night. Erik and I had a nice dinner at the Majestic Cafe (which had amazing artwork on display by THESE ARTISTS, we are thinking about purchasing one of the paintings). Then we went to Kirsten's for the first birthday party. She had AMAZING desserts for all -- AMAZING! Erik opened his gifts here. Then we all went out to Mike's in Ann Arbor for birthday party #2. Mike had AMAZING drinks for all -- AMAZING! We got sufficiently buzzed here. Then it was time to BANG! And boy did we BANG! it out!

There are a lot more pix HERE (the photo album is also linked on the right side over there --->)

We had so much fun! I can't really go into details about all the funness we had ... you really had to be there. Just know that Erik is Chicken-ring Free and I'm Savin' IT For Carats, we learned a lot about Anna Paquin, Sarah got Brandon to dance and we beat the hell out of a tambourine. I guess the end of the night can be summed up with one picture:

Today is Erik's real birthday so we need to get out and celebrate some more ... laters!