Friday, August 20, 2004

Sympathy For The Devil

So, Erik and I took care of a few little projects (behold, this weekend is "Project Weekend") before Brandon was to come over. We hung shelves, hung a new shelf and purchased a clock for the living room. Brandon arrived and we went out for dinner at Cedar Garden. I really wanted to see Exorcist: The Beginning tonight because, 1.) I knew it would be craptastic and 2.) it's one of those movies that if you don't see it early on then you'll miss it in the theaters. Erik was dead tired but Brandon was up for it and we went.

How was the movie, you ask? Well, it was nowhere near as horrifying as the original movie but it might be the best of the sequels. You have to know right off the bat that any movie with "The Beginning" in the title is going to be long and have a lot of slow backstory to go through. But, it did pick up eventually and there were LOTS of shockingly scary elements along the way. You'll be happy to know that there is a possession much like the Linda Blair/Regan possession of the first film (complete with scarred up face and disturbing body contortions). I was pleased with the film because I kept jumping out of my chair but, as I said earlier, it's nothing like the first film. That movie wrecked me for WEEKS! I might have to dig out my DVD copy and watch it again ... then again, I might not.

Let's hope I survive Project Weekend, y'all. With Brandon on board, I think I just might.


There are times when I think I'm a pretty good blogger. Then I'll read a couple posts on other blogs and I realize that I'm just an amateur. Take, for example, Uncle Grambo @ While I was merely stating my minor annoyance at the first signs of this year's Dream Cruise, he adeptly offers a rant that brought tears to my eyes: hope you enjoy choking on all that exhaust coming out of my SUV! Dream Cruise. gag me with a spizz. some say a weekend that will forever live in infamy. makes me ashamed to be a Michigander. almost.

He also scrounged up a scathing review of Ryan Cabrera's new album from The Detroit News online:

It’s easy to attack Ryan Cabrera, the Ashlee Simpson boy toy with the ridiculous Yu-Gi-Oh! haircut, but it’s much easier to let his music speak for itself. On his debut album, the Texas native’s descriptions of heartache reads like a hypochondriac’s list of serious medical ailments; he complains about having trouble breathing on no less than four tracks and sings of being lost on two, before finally conceding “I’m running out of time!” on “Blind Sight.” Save it, dude, you thank “Jess and Nick” in your liner notes. Along the way, Cabrera musters up all the soul of a Coke commercial and manages to make Jason Mraz look like Bob Dylan. Hey Ryan, “Take It All Away” — and keep it there. GRADE: D

Yipes! Now, I actually feel some semblance of shame for liking his single On The Way Down.

But, I can take heart in the fact that he (along with Scott @ Stereogum) is a major Britney Spears fan. So far neither of them have posted the first pictures from the set of Britney's video for My Prerogative.

So maybe I'm not such a bad blogger after all. I know I have a lot to learn but as long as I'm amusing myself and I appear to amuse my friends then I guess that is all that matters.

I Want My eMpTyV

I can assure you, it is a very slow news day. There is nothing going on politically (well there is always something going on politically but nothing of salacious interest). The entertainment news is pretty dry. I did manage to scrounge up some interesting things to post about though. On a personal note, I scored a copy of the soundtrack to Welcome to the Dollhouse. So, interspersed with the new Leona Naess song and the plethora of Veruca Saltiness that I've uncovered, I get to jam to the song Welcome to the Dollhouse (Sarah if you're reading this I want you to do the dance right now).

So has completely redesigned the way that their site looks. The logo has been altered a bit and the navigation has been streamlined to look more metallic, futuristic. No word yet on whether or not MTV plans on airing more music videos but I'm sure this website rehaul was really important to making sure that MTV will return to playing videos again.

In other news:

Blah ... I have to go read a text book now. I'll keep my peepers peeled in case anything interesting happens, but I think this is going to be it. Brandon is coming over for the weekend and I think we're going to see Exorcist: The Beginning tonight ... very scary!


The Dent has a LOT of Tori Amos news to report! Firstly, Matt Chamberlain (Tori's drummer) has posted news about the recording of her next album at his official site:

August 19th 2004 Seattle

WoW! the last month has been really exciting-I finished the Tori Amos record which I personally think is going to be her best record yet--we worked really hard to make each song as unique as possible ...

Next, the cover of Tori's new book Tori Amos: Piece by Piece has been released. It is due out in early February 2005 and can be pre-ordered from HERE.

Finally, you may recall that many months ago I posted some news about Tori Amos working with Leona Naess on one of her songs. Leona's song Ballerina was re-recorded with Tori Amos producing and playing piano. It was due to be released as a single but has since been cancelled. If you head over to you can download Ballerina featuring Tori Amos on piano for free! I've already downloaded it (right-click and Save As HERE) and have listened to it a few times now. It's beautiful!

Woo! Lots of Tori news in one day! The tickets for the New York show that Sarah and I were planning on attending are no longer on sale. We will have to wait until January to order the tickets. But, I think we are still planning on making the trek out to New York to see Tori! Wee!!

The Olympics Are Pretty Gay

I'm having a hell of a time finding any goss for today. There either isn't anything going on or I just did a really crappy job of looking. But, I shant let this shortage of news deter me from writing an interesting entry (I hope). So as we reach the midpoint of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games let's talk about how gay the Olympics really are.

Can someone please explain Water Polo to me. THIS article takes great pains to show just how "touchy-feely" this sport really is. Though, the accompanying picture really says it all.

Water polo is a combination of swimming, soccer and basketball, plus wrestling, boxing and mugging. The players are phenomenal athletes who perform amazing feats of speed, grace, stamina and ball-handling. They also perform amazing feats of kicking, punching, scratching, clawing and choking. And that's just the men. The women are also fond of tearing each other's bathing suits off.

What? And as for many of the other sports represented, well ... they say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you go (Click the collage below to see it bigger):

Ah, for the love of sport. It's nice when the athletes of the world can come together in peaceful unison in order to strip down to the barest essential clothing, get sweaty or wet and roll around with one another. The original Olympic Games, thousands of years ago, were played completely in the nude so I guess the Games aren't as gay as they used to be.

In short, let us celebrate the very gayness of the Olympic Summer Games. At least until the Olympic Winter Games come along -- can someone explain Men's Figure Skating to me?