Sunday, August 29, 2004

Closing Time

What a pile of turds the VMAs turned out to be. Britney was a no-show and an award shut-out, the performances were pretty weak (I can't even believe how horrible Hoobastinks sounded and Chaka Khan -- she couldn't hit a note!), the presenter's banter was stupid and I effing hated seeing Bruce Willis' stupid face every five seconds. As you can tell by the picture I posted earlier, Bruce Willis and some woman were sitting in Britney's seats -- so disappointing. I wasn't impressed by a thing during the whole show ... not even the Stevie Wonder thing, sorry. And what a faux pas having the Kerry daughters and the Bush Twins campaign during the show ... dumb idea ... total miscalculation. Bad Bad Bad!

The only surprise of the night was that Ashlee and Ryan showed up TOGETHER and holding hands. Veeeery interesting ... either they're the best of friends or they are so back together. Dave Chapelle was pretty funny and I actually laughed outloud when the announcer said "Together again, Mandy Moore and Marilyn Manson" -- that was pretty funny. Otherwise, I'll have to give this year's VMAs a big 2 poops on the floor. I am so over Usher and Jay-Z, so so over them. I was reading the offical VMA thread at Say Hey! and someone summed up the whole thing best by saying:

Catwoman was better than this!

I couldn't agree more.

We did click over during the commercials to the closing ceremonies of the Olympics which were not as interesting as the opening ceremonies but, eh, what do you expect? They had a lot of fireworks:

And a lot of dancing. Tonight wasn't that fun entertainment-wise. It was fun hanging out with Erik, VLB and Rod though ... the night's only saving grace.

VMAs = Britney's Wedding?!

Both and have posted that Access Hollywood is reporting that Britney is going to marry Kevvy-Wevvy tonight at the VMAs. I find this highly unlikely but here is the goss:

Access Hollywood Says...

...that Britney and Kevin will get married live on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, or well at least, that's what MTV apparently wants you to believe, either because it's true, or because they want some serious serious ratings....

At best, she may perform My Prerogative as a surprise show-opener (or final performance) but I am not holding my breath on that account either. I'm hoping that she wins an award at least, that would be coolio. There are rumors, still, that she will not attend the VMAs altogether. MTV has secured her (and a guest) a seat in the audience.

I can't wait for the show to start!


New York seems to be voicing its disapproval of all the Republicans that are descending upon the city for the Republican National Convention:

The marchers, estimated by organizers to reach as many as 250,000, passed the Madison Square Garden convention site as Republicans and visitors arrived in the city for the four day gathering where Bush will be nominated for another four years in the White House ... "He (Bush) is ruining the country that I knew as a child growing up," said Joan Azulay, a retiree from Austin, Texas, who complained of the president's policies on health care, the environment, taxes and foreign policy ... The start of the march took on a carnival atmosphere with people carrying large banners, shouting "no more Bush" and beating drums. The heat and humidity pushed the temperature to almost 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 Celsius).

I am so encouraged by this outpouring of protest against the GWB administration. I know that the RNC was hoping that by having their convention in New York they could exploit the memory of 9/11. I really hope that these protests dwarf their stupid convention and really show what New York thinks of the current administration and their policies.

We need a regime change, and the people of New York agree!

The Slumber Party

Sarah and I had a totally fun time last night. I went over to her place to spend the night and just hang out. I left my phone in Erik's truck and forgot to bring like basic stuff, like shampoo, but we had fun nonetheless. We spent the majority of the night on the couch drinking French Martinis and Mojitos. We watched Party Monster (you have to hear Sarah's impersonation of Macaulay Culkin in this movie), Outfoxed (which was so infuriating) and Magnolia (though we had a hard time staying totally awake) and various things on MTV or VH1. In the wee hours, MTV started playing videos and Sarah exclaimed, "What the shizz is this?! I hate videos, I want my MTV!" It was hilarious!

We awoke to watch an E! Special on Kaballah and celebrities and then started watching a 3-hour E! Special on Britney Spears. I had to jet, though, so I finished watching the Britney thing at home.

Tonight VLB and Rod are coming over to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. Sarah might come over to watch the VMAs so it might be a big old party.