Monday, August 30, 2004

Super Hero Hype

So Erik and I just got back from seeing the movie Hero. Michael T. raved about this movie like no other. It was very good, visually stunning and extremely entertaining. Personally, I think I liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon better -- but that's just me.

This movie had a very awesome story and the visuals were completely stunning. It was a little confusing to follow but I did get it. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was really, really good. I love how seamless the fight scenes appear. When you've got martial artists jumping on water and slicing through rain drops and it's made to look real -- that is impressive. Diana, I think you are really going to love this movie.

Tomorrow I have a full day at work. I will be booked pretty solid from 8am to 3pm so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to write in the morning -- we'll see.

I'm about to spend the rest of the night with Erik so I'm signing off for today. I must implore you to read today's post at -- it's completely hilarious and completely right on!



I really have to say that I am extremely disappointed by last night's MTV VMAs. I mean, what is there even to talk about? There were no surprises, nothing spectacular to get everyone talking, nothing whatsoever worth rehashing! I know I talk *a lot* of shizz about Britney Spears and her descent into madness but that girl really knows how to set the world afire. And never was her presence missed as it was at last night's VMAs. Her kiss with Madonna at last year's VMAs was ALL that EVERYONE was talking about for weeks and even months after. Whether it was meant to be or not it became THE entire Video Music Awards. Do you even remember who won Best Video of the Year? Do you remember that Xtina (who also performed with Britney and Madonna [and Missy Elliot, do you even remember that she performed with them too?]) gave another performance that same night with Dave Navarro? Whether you do remember those things or not is really not the point. Whatever Britney has become with her crazy behavior you really cannot discount her ability to to create watershed moments in popular culture. Think back on her previous VMA performances and you can see that she is really an integral part of the most successful VMAs in recent years:

I guess this whole rant came from the empty feeling I got when the Video Music Awards were over. It's not so much that Britney didn't win an award (even though, I might add, that Toxic was hands down one of the most successful and beloved songs/videos of the year and SHOULD HAVE won an award) and it's not even so much that she didn't perform (though one of her show-stoppers would have been most excellent to watch) but the fact that she wasn't even there to walk the red carpet or be shown sitting in the audience ... I dunno, I guess I just really missed her presence at this year's Video Music Awards. This is the first year that she has not either performed or attended the VMAs ... the first time!

I'm sure she'll be up to no good soon enough (wherever will she show up in her bare feet next?) and I'll be raggin' on her again but right now, I'm her biggest fan again. I miss you Brit!

I know that some of you miss her too so I have something cool to share with you. has acquired a 15 second clip of My Prerogative which is just long enough to give you a taste of how the song is going to sound. I've played it a couple of times and I have to say me likey! Check it out for yourself, I've linked it on the sidebar under Share The Love.

Well, the VMAs are so done -- let's see what else is going on:
Well I suppose that is all, I have work to do at work so I guess it's time to get to work. I shall return...