Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Take A "Leak"

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to Say Hey! today and found out that 2 unreleased Kylie Minogue songs have leaked to the Internet. I quickly found the songs, downloaded them and listened to them. They are amazing! I cannot believe they were cut from the Body Language album (as is assumed on the message board; many people are "certain" that the songs are demos from the Body Language recording sessions). They are really fun, really electro-sounding pop songs. They actually sound like Dannii Minogue songs. I have linked the songs on the sidebar, they are called (I'm Just) Here For The Music and My Image Unlimited.

I think it's cool that the songs have leaked and we are able to hear them but I don't understand why songs like this were scrapped and a mid-tempo (i.e. boring) track like Chocolate not only was recorded for the album but was released as a single.

In any regard, get the songs while you can ... they are great finds!

Feeling Sew-Sew

Poor little Majik. I just brought her home from the vet and she is a right mess. She's walking funny, having a hard time focusing her eyes and keeps trying to lick her front paw but forgets to stick her tongue back into her mouth.

She's got a shaved belly, a pain patch on her side and a green bandage on her arm where her IV was administered. I really hope she starts to feel better soon ... I hate seeing her like this.

When People Stop Being Polite

I have a bit of time to write about stuff so I'm going to write as much as I can while I can ... Last night Erik was watching the series premiere of The Real World: Philadelphia and I was in the computer room working on school stuff. I was only marginally interested in what was going on because MTV replays episodes of The Real World every 5 minutes. Erik kept yelling out "you're missing it" and I kept yelling back "I'll be there in a minute". Somewhere near the middle of the episode I hear him GASP and I run into the living room and he says "there are TWO gay guys in the house!" I stood there with my mouth agape for a few seconds and then we laughed.

It's so weird though -- everyone is talking about it. I find it interesting that MTV decided to cast two gay men on the same show (something they have never done before). I guess I can understand how other people might be surprised, I'm sure they are all thinking that the two gay guys will immediately hook up and start having sex. Personally, I don't like either one of them and I really doubt they will "like" each other.

It's too bad that Landon isn't gay, then the show might be interesting. Who am I kidding, the skanky Sarah will be fun to watch. That girl is going to make the show. If anyone is going to introduce herpes to The Real World, it's going to be Sarah. But, will she be sleazier than Trishelle was is? Only time will tell ...

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Okay, I have to clarify that Blogger has been having problems since last night. I spent some time last night on the recent Britney entry and Blogger wouldn't publish. I figured it would sort itself out by the morning so I wrote another entry and that one wouldn't publish either. Fortunately for me the entries were saved as drafts -- I would be PISSED if I had lost them. In any regard, things seem to be working again (obviously, since you are reading this) and I have a little bit of time to post another entry.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? I have been so busy trying to get the goss on Ms. Britney that I have been neglecting to keep an eye on Miss Ashlee Simpson. It seems that she has been keeping in close contact with her supposed ex-boyfriend Ryan Cabrera. The two have been spotted all over town recently, I just have failed to bring it to light.

As you can see, the two seem pretty cozy after spending a night of cavorting all over town. I never really believed the break-up stories about these two. Her album had just come out and his was due to come out and then the story broke that they broke up. I bet their manager (they are both managed by Joe Simpson, Ashlee's dad) figured they might sell more albums if they were single. She debuted at #1 and has since sold over 1 million copies and his album ... well, his album didn't do either of those things. They probably figure that their "rekindled" relationship isn't worth hiding anymore.

I would bet money that they never broke up at all. Sneaky, sneaky you two ... but not sneaky enough for me. I knew it all along.

Her Lips Are Sealed

We've been having some behavioral problems with Majik in the past week so I've decided to get her fixed. I think I've always had this notion that she would have a few little baby Majiks and live her life as a mother but I have no idea where that notion came from. I can't for the life of me handle more than one Majik at a time. She was due for vaccinations anyways so we decided to go ahead and have her fixed.

I was able to get her a next day appointment so I dropped her off at 9:40 this morning. I hope she'll be okay .... my poor kitter kitter. At least now she won't be howling every few weeks. She is due to come home tonight (after 5pm) so ... I'm sure to spend the day thinking about her ... in surgery ...

Back To School

Well, here it is -- another first day of school. I have had a first day of school every year since kindergarten. This will be, like, my 23rd first day of school. Isn't that effing depressing?!? Ugh, I shant dwell on the negative ... well, it seems there is only negative to dwell on ...

ULS was the subject of a Detroit News article and it wasn't a flattering story. THIS story is all about how ULS hasn't been able to muster up enough support for there to be a football team this year. They even got a quote from a ULS student:

Alex Fleming, a sophomore lineman, said the problems are more deep-seeded. Football isn’t king at his school. It doesn’t hold the same excitement as it does at others ... “Most kids nowadays don’t have the guts to play, especially at Liggett,” he said ... “They don’t take it seriously, the teachers and students. It doesn’t seem to be that important.”

Needless to say, the school is not very happy with this news article. Let the school year begin!

Let's see how the goss is shaping up for today:
  • The death toll in Iraq has surpassed 1,000 people. So why is GWB still garnering support among American people? Someone, please explain it to me!
  • Madonna recently played a show in Manchester England and she had a beer named in her honor. Bottled beer called Material Girl Ale have been brewed to mark the singer's visit to the northern city after a 10-year break ... A crate was delivered to the superstar backstage during her Re-Invention tour. It is not known whether Madonna, who enjoys a pint of Guinness, slurped the 7.5% alcohol strength beer. Bottoms up, I say! Additionally, Madonna performed the song Imagine and dedicated it to the people of Russia. Addressing the audience midway through her Sunday-night show, Madonna spoke briefly about the hostage-taking at a school in the southern city of Beslan that left at least 330 dead. Officials have blamed the deadly attack on Chechens and other Islamic militants ... As video images of war and children were broadcast behind her on giant screens, the 46-year-old pop diva urged fans to think about what happened in Russia and about Lennon's lyrics.
  • Melissa Auf Der Maur is already thinking about her next album. She told NME that she would love to get British musicians to play on it. Well, what else was going to tell the British magazine? We'll see if she follows through. She has also announced a fall tour and she will be coming back to Detroit on 10/8.
  • Did you watch the series premiere of The Real World: Philadelphia last night? How can they have 2 gay guys on the same show? Are they trying to make up for the lack of gayness in both San Diego and Las Vegas?
  • George Lucas has effed up the Star Wars movies ... AGAIN! The new DVDs of the "original" movies have been amended. Hayden Christensen was 2 years old when George Lucas released his third Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, in 1983. Now the actor who would be Darth Vader gets a magical cameo in the DVD version ... That's the biggest of several changes found in the movies that make up the Stars Wars Trilogy, available only in a four-disc box set that arrives on DVD Sept. 21 ($70). DUMB! How can he just add things to such classic movies?! But an early look at the DVDs reveals Lucas continues to exercise creative power over his Star Wars empire, and in his mind, the original versions are no more. What a bad idea ... here's a quick peek of the major movie amendment:
Last, but certainly not least, today is Erik and my 11 month anniversary. We are one month shy of a full year together. Woo!

And now I'm off to work ...