Sunday, September 12, 2004


Let's play a game ... you have 3 guesses as to who is wearing this shirt. Okay, I realize it's a crappy game because you already know who it is if I'm talking about it (and no, it's not Ashlee Simpson).

Ms. Spears has decided that she likes being a mom and seems to be looking forward to officially becoming a MILF once she gets married to her knight-in-shining-armor who comes complete with 2 children. She has been spotted around town wearing this lovely shirt (a tank top, or "wife beater", I might add) with this equally cute slogan. She seems to be reveling in the fact that she is soon-to-be a mom (well, a step mom):

It's been a long time since we've seen Britney barefoot so I don't mind the shirt too much.

She was also seen shopping at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles with her assistant Felicia ... shopping for earrings.

You can see more pictures HERE courtesy of

The Bust!

Yesterday was a very cool day. Granted, it was the 3rd anniversary of 9/11 but we were able to have a pretty fun day regardless. Brandon came to town for Megan's birthday (which is today but we actually celebrated on Friday night). We all had dinner at a Belgian restaurant called Bastone. She got some very fun gifts (including a painting that Brandon made -- it was an amazing painting) and we all had a really great dinner. After dinner we went to The Living Room for drinks. It was a very fun night. You can see the photos from Friday night HERE.

Yesterday, Brandon and I went to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse together. Erik went to the Dally in the Alley with Kirsten instead. The movie rocked balls! It was just as good as the first movie. We also did a little shopping as well. Then it was time to go to The Bang!

Erik, Kirsten, Brandon and I all drove out to Ann Arbor to meet up with Jake, Sarah, Mark, Ben and Sam at The Blind Pig. We were ready to get our hipster boogie on at this month's Bang! I have to be honest folks, this Bang! wasn't that great. The usual suspects were there so we knew what to expect. Mike is away for a while partaking of the 2004 Toronto Film Festival so he wasn't in attendance. I hate to report that the music was not that great at all. I can only think of 3 songs that I danced to -- P Control by O(+>, Supersonic by JJ Fad, and This Charming Man by The Smiths. Granted, those are extremely kick ass songs but otherwise I was just hanging out waiting for a good song to come on. I think other people had a better time but the general consensus was that this Bang! was not as good as other Bang!s. I hate to say it but this Bang! was a Bust!

I did manage to find a really fun shirt to wear though so I looked good but even this wasn't the best part of the night. The shirt was a stretchy girl top and it had long sleeves. It was hotter than Hades at The Blind Pig so needless to day, I was sweltering.

It's all good though. It really was a fun time overall. It was really cool hanging out with everyone and we were all together and you can never have a bad time when you're hanging out with your peeps.

I have to give a shout-out to my friend Mikey down in New Orleans who is turning 30 years old today!! I hope he has an amazing birthday -- I love you M!

And that is that. Megan and Mikey are now a year older, we have another Bang! under our belts and the weekend is almost over ... oh wait, that last thing isn't a good thing. Ah well, I need to go home for a bit to see my mom on her birthday (yesterday) so I'm out!