Friday, September 17, 2004

Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Whoa man! The Detroit Free Press is totally harassing ULS over the whole football debacle. Last week they railed against us for not being able to have a football team and this week they are haranguing us for "picking and choosing" the games we want to play. It's all very complicated (and somewhat boring) but the administration around here is having a fit over all the bad press. Here's an excerpt from the latest attack:

Liggett's actions last week were reprehensible. The school thumbed its nose at the entire Clawson community, not just the 24 players and their coaches. At the very least, Liggett officials owe the Clawson school district a big fat check for the revenue it lost in not having a home game. At some schools, that can be several thousand dollars. But this is about more than just money ... This is simply the arrogance of people running a school where juniors and seniors pay $17,000 in tuition and they think they are a little more special than everyone else.

You can read the full article HERE.

Yowch! You just knew they were going to say something about money. I feel bad for the kids, they don't deserve to get yelled at in a major newspaper but I love that the administration is completely livid over this whole thing.

It's a circus, y'all ... and all this hoopla is over football -- we have always sucked at football! But hey, we've got a wicked golf team.

SMILE! (Like You Mean It)

Last night was pretty quiet. We briefly talked about going out and doing something but the better part of laziness won out. Then we spent a good bit of time discussing what we were going to do for dinner. Once again, we took the lackadaisical route and ended up grabbing a couple of sub sandwiches from Tubby's. We were able, though, to catch the season premiere of Survivor (men vs. women, again -- yawn!), the second episode of Joey (eh) and the season premiere of Will & Grace with special guest star Jennifer Lopez -- this one was funny! I loved the whole Kaballah thing. Will & Grace is always funny in a topical way. The BEST thing about last night was that I saw a commercial for THE REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES CHALLENGE: BATTLE OF THE SEXES 2

OMG! I'm so excited. Head over to the site to see who the players are this time -- but I'll let you know now, both Veronica and Katie are back for more! Wee!!! It debuts October 11th at 10pm.

And now, today's goss:
And finally, I was able to order a nicer digital camera yesterday. I like my Elph S500 but I wanted my next digital camera to be more "professional" with a nice lens and more manual controls. I wasn't looking for one, but I stumbled across the Kodak DX6490 and it had everything I wanted for a very reasonable price (around $300).

Now, hopefully, I will be able to take more professional-looking photographs at concerts and stuff. I did a lot of reading on this camera and there wasn't a single negative review that I could find. I also ordered a big memory card for it (unfortunately, it uses an SD card so I can't use my 1Gb Compact Flash card for it) and had them both overnight delivered. They should arrive at my house by noon.


I have to work on my lecture for today so I'll probably be pretty busy today. I'll post more if the need arises.