Sunday, October 03, 2004

Lazy Sunday

Last night's Rilo Kiley show was very fun. I didn't bring my camera because we got to the show pretty late (we wanted to miss the opening bands) and I knew I wouldn't be able to get close enough to take pictures. They were really good though. Jenny's voice is great live! I would definitely see them again.

My mom and dad came over to take Erik and me out to lunch. We had a buffet brunch at Fishbone's. I had no idea they served food that way on Sundays (or we might've have gone somewhere else). It was a nice time though. Erik and my dad were just talking the whole time. My parents only stayed for a short time -- they have another church service tonight. Erik and I are going to FINALLY go see Shaun of the Dead today.

But anyways, last night before the concert I made it a point to watch the first two episodes of the new show Lost. Sarah has been raving about it and she alerted me to the fact that ABC was going to reair the first 2 episodes last night. Damn her! I liked what I saw, especially the part where the guy got sucked into one of the plane's turbine engines

I saw this bit in a commercial for the show and thought "Hmm, that might be a good show after all". Stephanie came over to our place last night, while I was watching the first episode, and she was all "Ooh! You're gonna get hooked" and she very well may be correct. As I said, I liked what I saw and the little twists that occur every second are very engaging -- but the whole thing still strikes me as a great TV movie. We'll see how the season plays out ... So as it stands, I think I'm going to try and watch Lost and Veronica Mars -- and THAT'S IT!

Speaking of Veronica Mars, I noticed that her mobile phone is one of my phones. I am getting tired of lugging around my Moto V600 so I switched over to my tiny Sammy E715 (the one that Veronica Mars uses). I downloaded a Britney Spears Outrageous ringtone and made a few new wallpapers. Since it's football season, I decided to make an A&F football wallpaper. It's also about to be Halloween so that's why I made the scary Sarah Michelle Gellar wallpaper (there are a bunch of cool photographs of her in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, you can see the whole photoshoot HERE). The Britney wearing the Alien mask wallpaper is also a little Halloweeny. And because I'm a Britney whore, I made a nice Britney wallpaper too.

It's been a slow weekend, but I'm not complaining.

OH yeah ... I also could become a professional shoplifter if I wanted to. Here's the story, I purchased a hoodie from Abercrombie in the middle of the summer. I brought it home, hung it up and forgot about it. About a week ago it started getting chilly so I decided to wear my hoodie. I zipped it up and noticed that the security tag was still attached to it! OMG I was so mad! I have *no idea* where the receipt is and even if I did have the receipt who would believe that I bought the hoodie months ago and never realized it had the security tag on it?! There was no way I was going back to the store to have them remove the tag. It's a white hoodie so I had to be careful not to get it all messed up. I figured out a way to remove the tag using wire cutters. Oi! It wasn't too hard to get the thing off so I guess if I really wanted to start stealing stuff then I would be able to get the tags off without incident.

Soooo ... the security tag didn't go off when I left the store, I was able to take all the time I needed to figure out a way to remove the tag AND it was the store's fault in the first place which angered me and showed me that shoplifting is a viable option. Tell me again what the purpose of applying security tags to clothing is?