Sunday, October 10, 2004

Son Day

Yikes! That audio post is horrid. I hate the way my voice sounds when it's recorded. Actually, I hate my voice period but that's beside the point. It didn't post immediately after I made it, there was a long delay in posting. I've decided not to take it down ... so enjoy ... tell me how bad I sound.

Today was a nice and quiet day, I hung out with my parents (I put a Kerry/Edwards sign in their yard) and then came home and hung out with Brandon and Erik. Brandon had to go home (he works tomorrow, Erik and I do not!) so then Erik and I watched some Buffy. We got really far -- half way into season 4. We might finish the season tomorrow, which will bring us up to season 5. We're getting so close :)

That's really it. Tomorrow is an extra day off and I plan on vegging out! Woo!

Can You Hear Me?

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