Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's Indie Rock & Roll For Me

The Killers were awesome! Opening bands Suferosa and The Ambulance were great too. Full update soon ...

Derrida, Deconstructed

Derrida, founder of deconstructionism, dies

PARIS, France (Reuters) -- French philosopher Jacques Derrida, the founder of the school of deconstructionism, has died of cancer at the age of 74, France Info radio said on Saturday.

[Thanks for the heads up Sarah]

Makin' A Fuss

What a weekend it was. It was very nice just hanging out at home all weekend. I stayed in each night ... it feels like our Friday night dinner was a lifetime away. This weekend felt nice and long. Erik and I spent Sunday night and MOST of Monday watching Buffy season 4. We finished! We got through the rest of the season and even watched the season premiere of the 5th season (Buffy vs. Dracula). We still have a long way to go but we really got far with our episodes.

I'm still a little stunned by the news of Christopher Reeve's death yesterday. Superman II was the first movie that I vividly remember seeing in a movie theater. I am a huge Superman fan, mostly due to Christopher Reeve. People have been leaving tributes at his Hollywood Walk of Fame star and have been posting tributes all over the internet

He will be sorely missed. It's so sad -- thanks Megan for your comment, it was really sweet :)

A picture leaked that claims to be the first look at The Scarecrow costume from the upcoming movie Batman Begins. Cillian Murphy is playing Dr. Jonathan Crane a.k.a. The Scarecrow

Not sure if it's real or not because, as you can tell (Click on the image to see it larger), the costume is just a drawing. It seems plausible, though, that this is what the costume will eventually look like. We'll have to wait and see.

I am *extremely* excited about tonight's concert. I was really, really bummed out that the Friday Auf der Maur/Von Bondies show was cancelled (Megan got word that it was Melissa's fault the show was cancelled, very sad) but I have to admit that I have been looking forward most to tonight's show. I have loved The Killers since the first time I saw their video on Fuse when we were in California this June. The album rocks and I absolutely adore the first single Somebody Told Me. It's catchy as hell -- there's no way you can't dance when it comes on. This morning VH-1 played the video and I was literally jumping around my bedroom. Jacob is coming down from East Lansing to go to the show with us. He is very fond of lead-singer Brandon Flowers (but you have to say it like this Braaaaandon Floooooowers in a very high octave). I cannot wait. This is the show I really want to get tons of pictures of so ... we'll see. I will be devastated if something happens and the show gets canceled (not that something will happen but I didn't think anything would happen on Friday and look what happened).

One last thing before I do the news-run down, have you heard this rumor about GWB being fed information during the first presidential debate? Both CNN and the BBC have stories on this "rumor" going around: A still photo from television footage of Bush as he debated Kerry on September 30 in Coral Gables, Florida, appears to show a small, boxy shape between the president's shoulder blades... Campaign officials declined to discuss it further because they weren't certain a bulge even existed and do not want to appear to take seriously what they consider a "wild accusation" ... Bloggers and others began to muse on various Web sites that the bulge could have been a radio receiver that the president's aides could use to give him answers during the debate. One Web site, www.isbushwired.com, is devoted solely to the matter. Hmm ... I wouldn't put it past him to do something this underhanded. If you head over to IsBushWired.com you will find some interesting reading. The man is a crook and shouldn't be leading our country, no matter what he was hiding in his suit!

Now for the other news:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch piss off gymnasts with one of their t-shirts -- quelle surprise. USA Gymnastics president Bob Colarossi is asking the clothing retailer to stop selling a T-shirt that has the slogan "L is for Loser" next to a picture of a gymnast on the still rings. The sport's governing body also asked members to boycott the store until the T-shirt is pulled. L is also for "lame" ... what a dumb complaint!
  • Spider-Man III is going to be the last in the franchise ... or is it? "If it were up to me, Spider-Man 3 would not be the last of this series of films," says Sam Raimi, who directed the first two Spider-Man movies and is working on the third ... The decision rests with Amy Pascal, chairman of Sony's Columbia Pictures which releases the Spider-Man films ... "Amy is adamant she wants to make the third film the end. She wants Spider-Man 3 to have a sense of completion. I think this is a wise decision. If the movies keep going you're eventually going to end up with another Batman & Robin ... Ick!
  • Marilyn Manson is set to star in another film ... he's going to play the Queen of Hearts in a new Alice In Wonderland adaptation. Marilyn Manson, who's getting ready to marry burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, is about to take another kind of plunge -- down the rabbit hole. Manson will play the Queen of Hearts in a cinematic re-imagining of "Alice in Wonderland" called "Living In Neon Dreams" ... "I'm not just playing a drag queen, I'm playing a woman," Manson explained. "There's a big difference, and there's more work to do on that. So I'm studying early Joan Crawford, and I've been kind of watching the lady at home, picking up some characteristics. She can teach me how to put my stockings on straight, though I think I've already mastered that." Hahahaha! I can't wait to see his outfit.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is wary of making a Buffy movie; she also feels that there wasn't enough Xander in the series finale of the BTVS show. After playing "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" on the cult hit TV series for seven years, she tells Zap2it.com that making a movie of the series may disappoint fans ... "Clearly, you're going to disappoint people. I mean, I was very happy with the finale, but I still believe that it should have been two hours," Gellar says. "I believe there wasn't enough Xander. I believe that certain things get left out, and when you make a film you're setting yourself up to disappoint people." I completely agree. I think a movie, while pretty cool to some, would greatly disappoint most. Regarding the series finale -- it's been a while since I've seen it (I remember liking it at the time) but I haven't seen the whole season in close sequential order (i.e. on DVD) so we'll have to wait until I can watch the whole thing in order until I can comment further. I know you're all disappointed now ;)
  • It was bound to happen, Macaulay strikes back! This from his legal team: Mr. Culkin has never met Mr. Brunner and certainly has no relationship with him romantically or otherwise. Your site maintains that Mr. Culkin is gay, and as he heretofore publicly stated, he is not. They went after Defamer.com and perhaps Popbytes.com as well (the story has been taken down at Popbytes). Well, that clears everything up now doesn't it? I'm completely convinced he's straight now.
And that's about it, but OH did you catch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes II last night? Hahahaha! The drama ... we loves it! I was very sad to see Genesis get voted off in the first episode (along with Jaquese). But man oh man, I can't wait to watch the bitchy drama unfold! Angela ... I do love you! Cry girl ... keep crying and I'll keep watching!

AND FINALLY, Sarah sent me this newsstory, Nude President Bush Painting Pulled From Museum, for which I am eternally grateful! Here's the picture, try and hold your lunch