Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dubya Made It Clear

It couldn't be any clearer. GWB is not fit to be our nation's leader ... we're going to win back our country folks!


Episode III: A Renewed Hope

Make sure you watch the debate tonight -- It's only a matter of time now -- John F. Kerry is going to be our next president!

We really cannot afford 4 more years of B U _ _ S H _ _!

Video Killed The Radio

So the show last night rocked! Jacob, Erik and I had a great time. I loved the first opening band. They were called Suferosa and hailed from Norway. Mullets + leotards = good times! The lead singer's schtick was straight out of Peaches' playbook but they really sounded like The Sounds (come to think about it, she kinda looks like the lead singer from The Sounds too). They were very 80s (a la Electroclash) and fun. I bought their cd ... they were soo good! Erik was not impressed ... I tried to get him to dance around with me and all he could say was "She spit on my head." The second band, Ambulance LTD, were pretty good too. Very indie, very much in The Killers' vein.

Then it was time for The Killers to come out and rock! They were very solid, sounded great and looked great too. Brandon Flowers got a cute haircut and wore a very cool outfit. They did all the "hits" including the UK-only song Indie Rock & Roll (which I love).

I took so many pictures of the show and got to meet the Surferosa lead singer after the show:

She was very nice ... I look like absolute crud. I kinda wanted to wait after the show to see if we could meet The Killers but my feet were killing me! I was wearing new shoes and I just couldn't stand anymore. Erik was tired and Jake had to drive back to East Lansing (though I suspect he would have been game for waiting to meet Braaaaaaandon Flooooooooowers) so we just went home after the show. Twas très cool ... check out The Killers if they come to town. And, hello, Surferosa were so fun! I hope they come back because I would definitely see them again.

You can see the rest of the photos HERE. The link is also under Paparazzi on the right sidebar.

Sarah Michelle Gellar had an old friend come to the premiere of her new movie, The Grudge, last night. Michelle Trachtenberg and others were on hand for the premiere of the movie which opens wide on October 22nd. Don't they look so purdy?

I am hopeful that this movie will be a hit for SMG but I think that American audiences expect certain things from horror movies and I know that most Japanese horror movies do not cater to American tastes in horror. I loved The Ring and liked The Eye. Let's hope The Grudge can step up and scare the crap out of everybody -- otherwise, the movie could be viewed as a disappointment for SMG.

Alrighty then, let's hit the "other" news for today:
  • You can stream the new Elliott Smith album from a basement on the hill HERE. Enjoy!
  • You can watch the extremely cool Gwen Stefani video for What You Waiting For? HERE. Enjoy!!
  • And speaking of videos -- Michael Jackson is trying to get TV stations to stop airing Eminem's new video Just Lose It because of the way MJ is depicted in the vid; so far only BET has agreed to stop airing the video. "I am very angry at Eminem's depiction of me in his video," Jackson said Tuesday in an interview with comedian Steve Harvey on Los Angeles radio station 100.3 FM. "I feel that it is outrageous and disrespectful. It is one thing to spoof, but it is another to be demeaning and insensitive." Jacko needs to get over it. Also, Prince is causing controversy with his new video Cinnamon Girl: Following an airplane crash, presumably 9-11, Castle-Hughes is beset by racism and prejudice because of her Arab ethnicity. After being chased by her schoolmates, she watches Arabic storefront signs be replaced with English ones and is chided by her more traditionally Islamic parents ... Prince sings, "Cinnamon girl mixed heritage/ Never knew the meaning of color lines/ 9-11 turned that all around/ When she got accused of this crime." I've seen the vid, there is no terrorist feeling to the video. It's well-made and poignant. Check it out HERE.
  • Rumors are leaking about the newest version of Apple's iPod. A number of fan sites are speculating that a new 60GB device is about to be unveiled by the electronics giant, according to Reuters. I said I would upgrade when a 60GB iPod comes out ... hee hee, I can't wait!
  • Franz Ferdinand may have a cameo in the new Harry Potter movie. "We've been asked to write some music for [the upcoming 'Harry Potter' film]," singer Alex Kapranos said. "There's a section where there's a band of ugly sisters playing and I think, well ... some members of Franz Ferdinand may be the ugly sisters in the band," he noted coyly. Cool!
  • The new Nirvana box set is set to include 81 songs, 68 of which are previously unreleased. Released on November 22, the four-disc set will feature 81 tracks including 68 previously unreleased recordings - rehearsals, outtakes, Kurt's home demos, as well as a DVD which is confirmed to have unreleased band home movies, live footage, rehearsal footage and 20 full-length video performances. A 60-page booklet will accompany the release. It would be very interesting to hear those unreleased songs ... hmmm ...
  • Who is your favorite novelist voting for this year? Find out HERE. Amy Tan (The Joy Luck Club, The Bonesetter's Daughter) is voting for Kerry ... woo!
  • Oliver Stone is defending the "bisexuality" in the upcoming movie Alexander. ... Stone has controversially added scenes of a bisexual nature to the film, which stars Colin Farrell as Alexander ... Director Stone tells the US Playboy Magazine: "Alexander lived in a more honest time ... "We go into his bisexuality. It may offend some people, but sexuality in those days was a different thing ... "Pre-Christian morality - young boys were with boys when they wanted to be," added Stone, who revealed the film was rejected by Hollywood, being solely funded in Europe. We'll see how honest Stone is with the tale. I've heard that they have cut out most of the "bisexual" scenes, but this gives me added hope that they will not water down the truth about Alexander the Great. And besides, aren't we all looking forward to some hot scenes between Colin Farrell and Jared Leto?!
  • Newsflash: People realize that George W. Bush sucks! Unease about the country's direction has eroded Bush's job approval rating into dangerous territory for an incumbent president. And Kerry holds a decided advantage on the domestic issues that will be the focus of their last face-to-face encounter. Let's hope his approval rating keeps falling ... we're going to win back our country folks! Woo!!
  • Step back in time -- check out THIS LIST of hits from your Senior year in high school. I'm only mildly horrified that Achey Breaky Heart is listed with Smells Like Teen Spirit for the class of '92
  • Britney Spears is a moron! She is claiming that she is going to change her last name to Federline! "I probably will, Britney Federline, I like that," Spears, 22, told Germany's Bunte magazine. "Society probably won't allow me but I would like to change it." Grr ... I don't know what he has done to her but she has lost it. He must be a demon in the sack or something ...
And that's it ... I was going to see Ministry/My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult/Hanzel Und Gretyl tonight but I don't think I can spare the $30 for the show.

Sucks too ... I really wanted to see Hanzel Und Gretyl most of all. I haven't seen them live in years -- they put on a great show. I'm sure I would be able to take some awesome pictures. I don't know how excited I am to dress up for the event though. I'd have to dig out my leather pants and my shizz-kicker boots AND THEN I'd have to fight my way through the crowd to get close enough to snap some pics.

We'll see though. The third and final debate is tonight -- I'll prolly end up just staying home and watching it instead.

Watch for updates ... I may be back!