Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Another Good Omen!!!

Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) was president 86 years ago in 1918. That was the last time the Boston Red Sox won the World Series ... until tonight!

Boston sweeps St. Louis to win it all.

Methinks this bodes well for John Kerry ... Woo!!!

It's The Great Pumpkins!

Date night was fun! Please note that the Bush/Cheney sign was only used for pumpkin guts. I have only just begun to defile the wretched sign ... Mwahahahahaha!

I love Hallowe'en!!!

Making The Grade

Today has been a pretty busy day. I've been dealing with computer problems since I walked in the door this morning. I had to administer a quiz and prepare a lecture ... grades are due by next Tuesday (election day) so I have to get cracking on writing comments and finalizing my grades. Boo! I hate this part of teaching.

I think Erik has pumpkin carving set as tonight's Date Night activity -- should be messy. Weekend plans are up in the air because I think he is going home for the weekend. I'll probably be flying solo. The movie SAW opens this Friday and The Bang! is this Saturday, then Halloween on Sunday. I have no plans right now and it's making my head hurt to think about it. So, instead, I'm going to just get to the news:
  • This date may change again but the NEW release date for Tori Amos' album is February 22, 2005. I earlier reported from a reliable source that the release date for Tori's new Epic album would be February 8, 2005. That source now tells me that the release date has been delayed until February 22, 2005. This should still be seen as a tentative release date that could change again before February. But for now, February 22nd is the most likely release date. Wee! I cannot wait for this album to come out!
  • Wiccans get some respect -- a school district in Washington is canceling it's Halloween festivities because they are insensitive to Witches. A letter sent home to parents Wednesday said there will be no observance of Halloween in any of the district's schools ... "We really want to make sure we're using all of our time in the best interest of our students," Puyallup School District spokeswoman Karen Hansen said ... The superintendent made the decision for three primary reasons, Hansen said. First, Halloween parties and parades waste valuable classroom time. Second, some families can't afford costumes and the celebrations thus can create embarrassment for children ... Both of those reasons seemed sensible to the parents who spoke to ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle. But the district's third reason left some Puyallup parents shaking their heads ... The district said Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches ... "Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that," Hansen said. I love it! While I don't hold that celebrating Halloween is insensitive to Wiccans (nor do I hold that "witch stereotypes" are offensive to me personally) I think it's great that this school district is taking great lengths to respect the feelings of Wiccans in their community. Blessed Be!
  • Ruh-ro ... here she comes again, Paris Hilton is getting ready for Simple Life 3. NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Two rich blond women and three dogs will board a Greyhound bus on Wednesday -- with dozens of cameramen, makeup artists and hangers-on in hot pursuit -- as a new installment of the reality TV show "The Simple Life" starts filming ... The stars of the show, heiress Paris Hilton and her best friend Nicole Richie, said they planned to spend the eve of their departure packing -- nine suitcases for Hilton and six for Richie. Loves it! I think That's Hot!
  • Who keeps counseling Madonna that she should keep making movies? She is set to voice an animated movie: MADONNA is to star in forthcoming big budget children’s film ‘ARTHUR’, directed by LUC BESSON ... The $80 million film is based on the children’s books written by French director Besson, and will feature Madonna as the voice of Princess Selenia. While that doesn't sound so horrible, the fact that she is making another movie with her husband is: They may have produced one of the biggest flops in recent movie history, but that hasn't stopped Madonna and Guy Ritchie teaming up again ... The Material Girl and her film director hubby start filming new gangster flick Revolver in London this week. Oh lord! Will she never learn?!
  • Holly Valance is going to be in the new movie Pledge This? THIS ARTICLE seems to imply that that is the case: Valance, currently in the US filming Pledge with Hilton, says it has nothing to do with her ... "To claim that I helped organise a meeting between Mark and Paris is an absolute outrage," she said. The article is all about Paris Hilton hooking up with some Aussie tennis player and the allegation that Holly is the one who hooked them up. I only post this information because I had no idea Holly was going to be in the movie. Shane, did you know this?
  • Billboard magazine has started a chart for ringtones! LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Those synthesized tunes that send people grabbing for their cell phones and annoy patrons in restaurants and theaters have been recognized as part of the music industry by Billboard Magazine ... The new chart, known as the Billboard Hot Ringtones Chart, will reflect the "Top 20" polyphonic ringtone sales for each week, including song title, artist, previous week's position and number of weeks on the chart. Hilarious! I love ringtones.
  • Ashton Kutcher claims he was punk'd by George W. Bush. Ashton Kutcher is known as the guy on MTV who punks his unsuspecting Hollywood friends. But at a rally for Democratic veep candidate John Edwards at a Dubuque, Iowa, hockey rink yesterday, Kutcher told a rather excited crowd that he, too, has been punk'd -- by George Bush ... "I thought he was a good ol' boy," the Iowa native told the ralliers about why he voted for Dubya in 2000. But "unlike Bush, I know how to admit when I was wrong." Someone in the audience yelled, "You got punk'd!" reports The Post's John Wagner. "Yeah, we got punk'd," Demi Moore's boy-toy said to a round of cheers, adding: "I'm not a politician, but I'm not an idiot, either. I just play one on TV." The whole country was punk'd by stupid Bush! We won't be fooled again! Kerry will win!
That is all. I have grading to do ... boo! I'm so tired, I need to get out of here. Boo!