Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Cautiously Optimistic

From Wonkette (THE political blogger):

Turnout overall has been as much about economic security as about national security vote. Kerry is winning economic voters 4 to 1. (Bush wins on national security vote.) Kerry could be headed to 310 or 320 electoral vote.

When all is said and done: "Kerry's people must be feeling very confident." Election not over. But based on initial data, Luntz's educated judgment is that Kerry is headed to victory. Unless something happens with late voting. Right now, Kerry is doing about 2 points better in states where expected to be closer.

She is citing an email from a Republican pollster who is very nervous ... read the full text HERE.

Please make sure you vote if you haven't already. If you have voted, keep the good mojo flowing ...



At approx. 7:45 AM EST I cast the 104th ballot in Pricinct No. 6 in the City of Saint Clair Shores in the State of Michigan.

Go Kerry/Edwards!

And now I hold my breath ... all day long!

Please take the time to vote today ... it is vitally important that we get rid of GWB.

[I have to go on a field trip today so I may not be able to post again ... we'll see]