Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Write Stuff

The best way to break into showbusiness in LA is to leave grafitti on the walls. I bet this Britney Spears girl will make it big some day.

THIS ARTICLE that talks about the graffiti incident doesn't mention the store name but it looks to me like one of the vintage t-shirt shops on Melrose Ave. There are 2 or 3, I'm going to have to visit them all to find the right one. The funny thing about these vintage t-shirt shops is that many of the shirts come from Detroit. Every time I browse the racks there I find lots of Detroit Tigers shirts ... I also find shirts from Allen Park, Melvindale, Hamtramck, and other Detroit area cities. If you were to find these shirts at the resale stores here you wouldn't pay more than $2.00. In LA, at these shops, they average about $30.00.

In completely unrelated news, Rufus Wainwright is releasing his new album Want Two next Tuesday.

I plan on getting the album next week but I have to admit, Rufus just hasn't been doing it for me lately. I loved his first self-titled album and kind of liked his second album, Poses. Want One never really grabbed me. I understand that Want Two is going to be ambitious. Rufus sums up the collection of recordings that will ultimately comprise Want Two as "some of the more daunting tracks, the operatic, weird stuff, some heavy numbers that relate to my classical sensibilities."

And now for the news:

  • Gold medal winner and U of M student Michael Phelps was arrested for driving under the influence. SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - Six-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps was arrested last week and charged with drunken driving. A trooper saw the 19-year-old swimming sensation go through a stop sign Thursday night, state police said Monday. The trooper saw signs of intoxication and arrested Phelps for driving under the influence, police said ... "I want to say that last week I made a mistake. I wanted to share my feelings and I know that getting in a car with anything to drink is wrong, dangerous and is unacceptable,'' Phelps told The Associated Press. "I'm 19, but I was taught that no matter how old you are you should always take responsibility for your action, which I will do. I'm very sorry this happened.'' Do we really think he's going to get anything other than a slap on the wrists for this?
  • Gasp & Swoon! We finally get to see Colin Farrell's willy!!! HEADS up. Actor Colin Farrell's manhood - which made headlines when it was excised from another film earlier this year - finally turns up in a full-monty scene in Oliver Stone's "Alexander," opening Nov. 23 ... Journalists who attended the sword-and-sandals epic's press junket over the weekend in Los Angeles report that there's a brief full-frontal glimpse of Farrell in a scene depicting the Macedonian emperor's wedding night with his wife, Roxane, played by Rosario Dawson ... "It's nothing to be ashamed of," said one male scribe of the Irish actor's flaccid appendage, "but people weren't gasping at it, either." Apparently there is no love scene between men in the film but there's a boy-on-boy smootch ... and a full-on willy!
  • Did you like Bravo's reality show Blow Out? Good news, it's coming back. Bravo has greenlit production on a second season of salon-set reality series "Blow Out" ... New episodes will bow next year. Unless they bring back the bitchy hairdresser Brandon I'm not interested. Er, who am I kidding?
And that's it. News was slow today ... plus I had a lot of work to do.