Tuesday, November 16, 2004

One Cingular Sensation

I was going to write a super-sweet post all about my new mobile phone but then I realized that no one really cares about my new phone except for me. So I'll spare you. I will state my elation over my new (to-be-rush-delivered-today) Motorola RAZR V3 mobile phone. It is, quite simply, THE phone to have. It's constructed of the same metal they make airplanes out of and is the thinnest phone in the world. Thinner is better, no? Woo! I heard about this phone when it was a prototype back in July ... I saved a picture of it on my computer and was going to rave about it back then but I decided not to ... then Cingular sends me an email saying "It's available" and I'm a weak person :)

So yeah, since Cingular acquired AT&T I was given the option of migrating to a Cingular account so now I will have roll-over minutes. I'm very excited about that. Yehaw!

But, while I'm happy about my new phone, I was unhappy to see my favorite drama queen Angela get voted off the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2 last night. She was robbed by the veteran bitches on the show ... and finally got to have her say to all of them. It was great! But, alas, there will be no more tears from Miss Angela for the duration of the RW/RR Challenge ... and that is sad. There is a ray of light though. MTV is letting the viewers choose which cast members will be asked to participate in the next challenge. The next challenge will not be Real World vs. Road Rules, nor will it Boys vs. Girls ... it's going to be Naughty vs. Nice! Click HERE to access the page where you can select the members of the Naughty vs. Nice challenge. You better BELIEVE I'm voting to bring Angela back for the Nice team. I can't even begin to whittle down my selections for the Naughty team ... dare I vote for Julie and Coral? I can't wait to see who gets selected, who actually participates and what drama will ensue.

If you were not home on Sunday night (just like me) then you probably missed seeing the American Music Awards live. These award shows have been hella lame lately so I really wasn't interested in watching anyways ... so of course I missed Anna Nicole Smith's antics on stage during the show.

She was DRUNK or HIGH as hell ... she had a hard time speaking. IFILM has video of the hilarity, you can check it out HERE. It's totally worth checking out!

And now, the news:
  • Check out MORE photos from the new movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory HERE. Johnny Deep looks veeeery queer ... and I do NOT like the new Veruca Salt.
  • What's this? Robbie Williams might secure a role on Desperate Housewives? The singer impressed at a screen test for the programme and is reportedly the producers' first choice to star alongside Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan, who have already set ratings records in America with 25 million viewers. An 'insider' said: "Robbie is definitely a strong contender for the role. He did a screen test and was great as they're looking for a sexy, rough-round-the-edges hunk." Will Robbie finally find stateside success? What next, Kylie Minogue moves to The O.C.?
  • Have you been wondering what Liz Phair has been up to lately? She has recorded backing vocals for Jimmy Eat World's new album: The song [Work] features backing vocals from indie-sexpot-turned-red-hot-soccer-mom Liz Phair, and the guys admit they were a bit intimidated by working with the woman who set hearts aflutter on her 1993 album, Exile in Guyville (which famously features her cursing at, flirting with and ranting about her myriad of male suitors)."We're all fans of Exile, so maybe a bit of a crush thing was happening," Adkins said. "She definitely brings the sexiness. An unquantifiable sexiness, sure, but she definitely brings it. She was super cool to work with. 'Work' sounded like something she would sing, so we hunted her down through people we knew in Los Angeles. We showed her the song, she really liked it, so she came down and sang on it." Um, note to Liz ... please don't take another 6 years to put out a new album ... thanks!
  • Jake Gyllenhaal got roughed up making out with Heath Leadger in their new movie. Donnie Darko star Jake Gyllenhaal was left in pain after shooting gay love scenes with Heath Ledger in new movie Brokeback Mountain. The pair play cowboys who fall in love in the western - and Gyllenhaal found the shoot particularly punishing. He says, "Heath almost broke my nose in (a kissing) scene. He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me. And then I grab him and I slam him up against the wall and I kiss him. And we were doing take after take after take. I got the shit beat out of me. We had other scenes where we fought each other and I wasn't hurting as badly as I did after that one." Two words, That's Hot!
And that is all ... I'm giving a test today in American Government, aren't you jealous? Right then ...