Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Humpy Hump

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had to take care of some serious family stuff which was a real downer but on the upside my new phone arrived -- playing with a new toy has great healing properties.

Stephanie came over to hang out with Erik and we all watched Hunter get eliminated from Manhunt. The poor guy lost a chance at a modeling contract because he couldn't suppress his inner-stripper. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm starting to get attached to this show. I know, I know -- it seems like I would be a #1 fan from the get-go but I really was not impressed with the guys they chose to be on the show. Initially I had one or two favorites (I can't believe they got rid of the guys with the best hair!!!) but they were eliminated early-on. I lost interest after about the 3rd show but Erik really likes it so we kept watching it. Now I'm all interested in who's going to win. I'm pulling for Rob the only openly gay model on the show but I suspect Jon is going to win it all in the end.

So we are all pretty aware of all the rumors going around the Internet about how there was rampant election fraud in this year's election. While I would not be surprised IN THE LEAST if the Republicans did steal another election I really have no hopes in the re-counts that are supposed to take place (but, who knows ... anything could happen, right?). I do want to share an interesting set of maps of the US. The first one shows all the red vs. blue states and the second one shows how the states were aligned right before the US Civil War:

The similarities are quite striking. I wouldn't go so far as to say that all the red states are blatantly racist but ... well, the maps do tell the tale.

We've had our first look at the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now we have our first look at the stars of the Dukes of Hazzard movie:

While I was sad that Britney did not get the role of Daisy Duke I do not object to Jessica Simpson playing the role (but they better not make her ditzy like Jess is, Daisy was smart ... and slutty). I do take issue with Johnny Knoxville playing Luke Duke and Seann William Scott playing Bo Duke. I'm always very skeptical about these types of things but I suppose they could pull it off. We won't know until next year ... but I really can't wait for the first pictures of Jessica Simpson wearing actual Daisy Dukes to leak to the 'Net.

And now, the news:
  • Speaking of Jessica Simpson, the poor dear lost her wedding ring at the American Music Awards Sunday night. Pop beauty Jessica Simpson's left Sunday's American Music Awards in tears after discovering her irreplaceable diamond ring was missing. The singer was inconsolable at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles after realizing the loss, and ordered her husband Nick Lachey and entourage to search her Shrine trailer, her car and her home, but was unsuccessful. An insider tells website, "She stopped the car, her people took it apart, then they went back to her trailer at the Shrine and took that apart. Nick was calling their housekeeper to see if Jessica left it at home by the sink, but no one could find it. It wasn't a borrowed ring, either." Simpson's representative refused to confirm that the missing trinket was her wedding ring. Yipes! Divorce must be imminent!
  • Still more goss from the AMAs, spokespeople for Anna Nicole Smith are blaming her "poor eyesight" for her onstage anctics during the awards show. Anne Nicole's lawyer and constant companion, Howard K. Stern, said yesterday that Smith had not been on drugs or drunk and chalked up her behavior to bad eyesight ... "She couldn't really read the teleprompter because she has bad eyes," Stern said. "She flubbed a line, but she's fine. Anna did numerous other interviews afterwards where it's obvious that she's fine." But no one was buying that. Are they kidding us? Who in hell would believe that?! The link I posted yesterday is no longer working but HERE is a new link to see Anna Nicole's "eyesight" problems from the AMAs.
  • Don't have a heart-attack, David Lee Roth is now a paramedic ... seriously, for your own safety DO NOT HAVE A HEART-ATTACK. Former Van Halen frontman and current absolute lunatic, David Lee Roth, has taken up a new trade -- he's training to be a paramedic. I assume that's because he decided it would be easier than learning how to play the guitar ... Over the past several weeks Roth has been on over 200 individual rides, and he claims he hasn't been recognized once. Friends are telling him it's because he got a haircut, but I think it might have to do with the fact that it's 2004 and MTV isn't playing "California Girls" as much as they used to. Holy shizz ... I would be terrified to call 911 and have Diamond Dave show up to save my life. Eep!
  • How much would you spend to spend a day with Trashelle Trishelle from The Real World: Las Vegas? How about $1,150.00? This is your chance to bid on a day with reality super star Trishelle, from Mtv’s Real World Las Vegas and the hit reality TV show “Surreal Life”. You’re bidding on an all inclusive trip for one to Los Angeles to spend the day with Trishelle. This package includes airfare to and from your home town to LA (continential US only), 5 star hotel accommodations on the Sunset Strip, limousine service for the duration of time in Los Angeles, Lunch at Aston Kutcher’s exclusive restaurant “Dolce” in Hollywood, and the chance to hang out with Trishelle. Auction bid only includes the following associated with travel, accommodations, meal at Dolce, 1 DAY ONLY meet and greet with celebrity, autographs, and security. Any additional expenditure to that listed above will be the sole responsibility of the bidder. Length of trip may be extended by the purchaser, but additional costs are to be incurred by bidder. Check out the listing on eBay HERE.
  • If you're not interested in a day with Trishelle, how about a "holy" grilled cheese sandwhich that has the face of the Virgin Mary on it? You are viewing an extroidinary out of this world item!! I made this sandwich 10 years ago, when I took a bite out of it, I saw a face looking up at me, It was Virgin Mary starring back at me, I was in total shock, I would like to point out there is no mold or disingration, The item has not been preserved or anything, It has been keep in a plastic case, not a special one that seals out air or potiental mold or bacteria, it is like a miracle, It has just preserved itself which in itself I consider a miracle, people ask me if I have had blessings since she has been in my home, I do feel I have, I have won $70,000 (total) on different occasions at the casino near by my house, I can show the recipts to the high bidder if they are interested, I would like all people to know that I do believe that this is the Virgin Mary Mother Of God, That is my solem belief ... Make sure you've got a lot of cheddar, ahem, money -- the current bid is $99,999,999.00. Check out the eBay listing HERE.
  • is now taking preorders for season 1 of The Golden Girls on DVD HERE. Click HERE to watch a trailer for the DVD set.
  • MTVAsia's version of The Leak is previewing Gwen Stefani's new album Love, Angel, Music, Baby HERE. Coolio!
And that is all for now ... I have to get some paperwork done here at work. I'm probably going to find some time to ... do other stuff too.