Monday, November 22, 2004

And Monday

Our final day in Chicago was spent on ... SHOPPING ... yes, this trip was all about spending cheese.

While sitting on the toilet in our hotel room's bathroom I watched Oprah give away $4.5 million dollars worth of gifts to an audience full of teachers! Hello! Why wasn't I there?!?

You think I'd be happy enough to have a bathroom with a TV in it but NO! The show was called Oprah's Favorite Things and she gave away all of her favorite things to the teacher-filled audience. Dooney & Burke purses, Sony VAIO laptops, gift certificates out the ass ... damn ... I should'a been in that audience!

But anyways, the gang went shopping at IKEA while Brandon and I hit the nearby mall.

BUT GET THIS ... you wanna know what I bought on this trip ... NOTHING! I got one $15 scarf (which I don't even love) at Urban Outfitters and 3 cd singles (none over $4.99) at the Virgin Megastore ... and that's it! IS THAT NOT INSANE?!

Ah well, it's all good. I saved boucoup bucks for shopping here at home ... and what can be wrong with that?