Friday, November 26, 2004

I Before E Except After Neices

Today was the busiest shopping day of the year ... and we did our best to stay the hell away from any shopping centers. We did have to go to Target to pick up a few things but we decided to go late in the day so that all the crowds would have thinned out.

We started the day with a great sushi lunch at Noble Fish and then bummed around a bit in downtown Birmingham before seeing a matinee showing of Kinsey. Since we saw it at the Birmingham Uptown Theater the audience was full of older moviegoers. I suspect we were the youngest people in attendance. The movie was great! I cannot imagine growing up in that period of American history. The movie was very enlightening and very intelligently presented. I loved it!

After the movie we hit Target and then went home for a bit. Sarah was hanging out with Adriana at Ben and Sam's place. Erik and I wanted to go dancing at Luna so we decided to swing by Ben and Sam's to hang for a bit. We were happy to find that The Neices were practicing some songs:

My favorite song was the one about the Hobo B.O. but the I'm Hungry song was pretty good too.

After hanging out for a little while we went to Luna ... and were vastly disappointed. The only fun song we danced to was Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For ... other than that, it was poopsville! After they played two too many Beastie Boys songs we decided to leave. And that, my friends, was Friday.