Monday, November 29, 2004

Mondays Suck Ass!

Sarah sent me a link to the present she is hoping Santa Claus will bring her this holiday season:

See the real Target link HERE via THIS SITE. If you click the image above you will see a full size screen shot of the page ... I'm not sure how long Target will keep this page up but try and check it out before it goes away.

Check out this picture of Tiffany-Amber Thiessen from a lost episode of Saved By The Bell. It's the episode where she, as Kelly Kapowski, has to go undercover and save Screech from the rival high school before the big football game. Oh wait, I'm mistaken -- it's actually Charlize Theron in her costume for the upcoming movie Aeon Flux! Click the image to see the full-size larger image. I was a huge fan of the Aeon Flux animated shorts that used to play on MTV's Liquid Television but I really fear that this movie is going to bomb! The costume does NOT seem on par with how Aeon Flux is supposed to look. I guess we'll see how things turn out ...

Today has been long and horrid ... so let's get to the news (which is pretty sparse, not much happened over the weekend. I think the celebs decided to stay out of the public eye on purpose ... maybe they too stayed home in their undies watching TV on the couch?):
  • In very sad news, The Dent is reporting that Tori Amos' older brother was killed in a car accident. The Pilot has the story on the car accident and the Washington Post has his obituary. This is what Tori had to say about her older brother: "Michael was the one that brought Led Zeppelin into the house, he introduced me to all that was great about Music... I will miss his presence on this planet, but he will forever be on my shoulder wispering in my ear 'energy energy'." My condolences to the Amos family.
  • But, as one life ends two others begin -- Julia Roberts gave birth to her twins this weekend. Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter Moder are Roberts' first children with her husband of two years, Danny Moder. He's a cameraman ... Both mom and twins are "doing great," says Roberts' spokeswoman, Marcy Engelman. No further details about the birth or the size of the babies were released Sunday. Yay for Julia and her new family!
  • The big box-office news over the holiday weekend was how horrible Alexander did (National Treasure was the #1 movie again this weekend -- yay for Justin Bartha!). I've seen both movies and liked both movies -- there is no reason that people can't see both. Towleroad posted a great treatise on the movie and makes some really great points HERE. C'mon, give Colin a break ... he should get something for bleaching his hair.
And that is all. I spent some time writing a great entry and right as I went to post Blogger took a shit and I lost the whole thing. This is a sorry recap of what I wrote ... I'm annoyed and will spend no more time on this entry. Sorry.