Thursday, December 02, 2004

Spice Up Your Life

Click HERE to read about the guy who is blogging about his Pepsi Spice Project. From Boing Boing:

"This guy is drinking noting but Pepsi Holiday Spice for 45 days (similar to the movie Super-Size Me, in which a man ate nothing but McDonald's food with frightening effects). He's keeping a blog to document the impact it is having on his body. Snip: 'I instantly started sneezing, which made me shit my pants and on top of the horror I got another bloody nose. Luckily no one was home when this happened."


Target -- The Best.Store.Ever.

From the company that sells Marijuana for $25.25 comes their latest chemical offering -- MDMA (aka Ecstasy):

Click for larger image.

Forget the Buffy prop, I'll take some of this for Xmas :)

Brunettes Have More Fun

Because my friend Shane is such a huge Paris Hilton fan I am offering this new picture of the brunette Paris Hilton. Personally, I like the new dark hair ... too bad it's a wig. I get that she is very well known for her blonde hair but she should have taken the risk and colored her hair for real. This new picture of the dark hair really makes her look like Prue from Charmed.

We all know that Paris is not hurting for money but I think it's hilarious when she shows up in print or television ads. I really suspect that her contract with Marciano for Guess is more about her face being plastered over billboards and in magazines all around the world. She is also featured in the new commercial for T-Mobile's Sidekick II messaging device/mobile phone (the ad actually stars Snoop Dogg but it features other celebrities like Molly Shannon and Wayne Newton). Here is the raven-haired Paris with her bejewled Sidekick II phone:

I wonder what she does with those paychecks? She probably wipes her butt with them ... ew, I can't believe I said that. ANYWAYS, check out THIS LINK for more pictures of Paris in her wig.

In other Paris Hilton news ... she was the winner (appearing sans wig) for VH-1's Big In 'O4 award for The Big Catchphrase in '04 for uttering That's Hot every chance she got. I guess it's pretty hot that she won?

Anyways, the Big In '04 Awards already happened but the show doesn't air on VH-1 until Sunday. If you are interested in finding out who was there or who won awards check out THIS LINK. There is a picture of Anna Nicole Smith holding a big bra or something ... surely it is part of some witty skit that is meant to be funny or something. Hopefully she wasn't drunk this time ... maybe she was just high on coke? Ah, the celebrity lifestyle!

One last thing before the news-rundown ... here is a really cute picture of Britney's new dog:

Hahahahah! I like the coat ... it's hot cute!

And now the news:
  • The time has come to fight back against SPAM! THIS ARTICLE from the BBC News describes how using a new screensaver (download it HERE) will help fend off unwanted internet spam. I've installed it on my work computer and so far I've had an impact. The more people that use it the better the effect.
  • NIN to headline Coachella next year? I have my doubts but we'll see. The rumored line-up is impressive. I fear too good to be true though.
  • Move over Richard Simmons, Jessica Simpson is planning to make a work-out video. On the singer's plate for the new year? The usual stuff, like filming movies, writing music and getting her Jane Fonda on. "I'm going to be doing an exercise video, just because it's fun, and why not?" Simpson said. "Exercise is such a huge part of my life after the role of Daisy, so I just thought it would be cool" ... Though she's been listening to Bj√∂rk for inspiration, Simpson doesn't want to overplan what she does next, lest the tunes sound forced. "I'm not going to put a lot of thought into it," she said. Wow! That sounds like such a bad idea ... yipes!
  • Apparently Lindsay Lohan lost track of her Black American Express credit card ... in the bathroom. I wonder what she was doing with her credit card in the the bathroom (snort) ... stall (snort) ... while out partying (snort) ... hmmmm? In other news, you can listen to her full album HERE before it gets released next Tuesday. It's not so bad actually.
  • Anyone out there looking for a cool Xmas gift for me might want to check out THIS eBay AUCTION for an authentic prop from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hey, I'm just trying to help out since I'm very difficult to shop for :)
  • Click HERE to see what NOT TO GET ME for Xmas this year. The movie is cute but this is taking it too far!
Today is my early day so I'm eagerly awaiting 2:30pm ... I'm going to get the hell out of here as fast as I can. Word on the street is that the plan for tonight is to go dancing at Luna tonight to get our boogie on. Erik sent out an invite last week so hopefully he'll get a nice turnout. I'm about 97% sure I'm going to go as well. I tend to flake out due to laziness (it doesn't help much that Luna is a dirty, scuzzy bar that is full of really, really depressed goths) but I do want to party hearty with some of our friends who I haven't seen in a while. We'll see what tonight holds. I was unable to watch Lost last night so I want to watch it sometime soon (preferably before we go away to Rochester, NY for the weekend).


Happy Birthday ... BRITNEY

Happy 23rd Birthday Brit! Here's hoping you return to us ... back to normal ... soon!