Monday, December 06, 2004

My Space Is The New Friendster

Whew! What a weekend. I have to admit, though, I'm not as worn out as I was after the Chicago weekend -- even though the drive is longer. We had such a fun time this weekend. Granted, we were not as crazy-insane as we usually are (I think the fact that Steve didn't go had lots to do with that) we still had a fun time. Doug is such a gracious host ... he made sure that we (boys) were well taken care of. I hope he can come stay with us so we can return the favor. Jill's party was awesome, as usual, due to her magnificent hostess skills. She mentioned that she may come over for New Year's ... I'm looking forward to partying with her again.

Today is a big day for kids in my class, their research papers were due. Now I have a huge-ass stack of papers to read/grade/cry over -- I should be busy with them for a while. Ugh.

Over the weekend a new promo poster was unleashed for Batman Begins:

Hmmm ... I dunno how I feel about the cowl. I know that Brandon has issue with the way the new costume looks. I'm still going to reserve judgment. I like it ... I'm really excited to see the movie. And, yay, by June 17th I should be on summer vacation.

In case you were unaware, as I was, Joaquin Phoenix is starring as Johnny Cash (with Reese Witherspoon starring as June Carter Cash) in a new movie, here are some promo pix:

Joaquin looks good! Reese looks a bit like Reese with a dark wig but ... anyways ... The movie is called Walk The Line and should be out sometime next year. If it is at all like the biopic Ray then it should rock!

I am not exactly sure what is going on here but since the picture shows John Mayer open-mouth kissing Adam Levine (from Maroon 5) while wearing a skimpy dress and I know that Sarah loves the both of them ... well, here you go:

Boys will be boys ...

Let's do the news, folks:
  • National Treasure spends it's 3rd weekend atop the weekend box office totals. Nicolas Cage's National Treasure, about a race to find a fortune hidden by the signers of the Declaration of Independence, was the top movie for a third straight weekend with $17.1 million US in ticket sales, according to studio estimates Sunday. The action flick lifted its total to $110.2 million after 17 days in release, dominating a quiet post-Thanksgiving weekend with no new movies debuting in wide release. Some may believe that this streak at #1 is based solely on the fact that there have been crap for movies released since Thanksgiving. I tend to believe the movie is semi-charmed because I know one of the movie's stars' brother.
  • Yes ... there is a God! All of Paula Abdul's videos will finally be released on DVD! I have dreamed of the day when I can watch (in pristine digital quality) and listen to (in 5.1 surround sound) Cold Hearted, (It's Just) The Way That You Love Me and Rush Rush as many times as my little heart desires!
  • Hey Laguna Beach fans (that would be you Sarah, Brandon, Stephanie, Erik and Shane) -- first I found Kristin's profile on My Space and now I offer you Lo's profile on My Space. I did not know that Lo's name is also Lauren (which must have been why she and LC both used "initial" names instead of the same name). I also didn't know that she could look so skanky with so much make-up on. ::Sigh:: The series finale of Laguna Beach airs commercial-free tomorrow night. Sarah is coming over so we can watch it together.
  • Hurray! It's going to be the Oklahoma Sooners vs. the USC Trojans for the NCAA college football national title! Southern California and Oklahoma finished atop the final Bowl Championship Series standings Sunday and will meet in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 4 in a title game that might not produce a unanimous national champion. Every time I ask Brandon to explain to me how the rankings work I am more confused. All I know is that the Sooners rule and everyone else sucks! The end.
  • There is a way you can hear 2 snippets of 2 new Tori Amos songs ... but it's really complicated to describe. Check out THIS ARTICLE at The Dent for a good explanation on what to do. I played around with the jukebox for over an hour last night and never got to hear either song but I do know that others have heard the snippets so ... I guess it's worth a try.
  • Is Aaron Carter trying to tell us something (wink, nod)? You know what they say about guys who read L'Uomo Vogue ... what does it say about guys who pose in the magazine?
  • Attention: NSFW -- click HERE to see Jake Shears' (Scissor Sisters) profile at I've seen the photos, it looks like him. What do you think?
  • Wanna vote for some People's Choice Awards? Click HERE and have at it.
  • The #1 song in the UK is the re-recording of Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas? It was No. 1 in 1984, and it's No. 1 again in 2004. The star-studded re-recording of the hit charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" hit the top of the British music charts Sunday after a strong first week of sales ... The single, featuring such artists as Coldplay's Chris Martin , Paul McCartney , U2's Bono and Dido, will raise money for victims of violence in Sudan, where fighting has killed thousands of people and created 1.8 million refugees. The United Nations has called the situation there the world's worst humanitarian crisis ... Retailers are selling the song for $7.70, while online distributors are charging $2.90. Yay! Good cause ... good song.
  • In the here we go again-file, Police raid Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, take DNA sample. The latest round of searches at the Neverland ranch come just weeks before the pop star's trial on child molestation charges, scheduled to begin Jan. 31. Dozens of investigators first raided Jackson's theme park-like estate more than a year ago ... Michael Jackson has voluntarily given a DNA sample to authorities, according to a source close to the case, but it was not immediately clear how officials planned to use the sample in the singer's child molestation case ... Monday is the deadline for prosecutors and defense lawyers to complete the discovery process, in which both sides exchange evidence they have gathered during pretrial investigations. He should be sweating bullets. I really think he is going to swing this time.
And that's the news for today. I have one last thing to share with you but I cannot vouch for its authenticity. Here is another NSFW picture ... if you click on the picture to the left you will see the larger, full size picture. We all know that Beyoncé is known for her skimpy clothing (all tailor-made for her by her mother) and it's possible that the picture is real, but it is also possible that it's a fake. If you really want to know if she has ever "shaved down there" then check out the picture.

I'm really going to try and keep this week low-key ... the only thing I want to flex is my remote-control button finger. Erik and I are planning on seeing Juliana Hatfield this Saturday at the Ark. I can't wait. Woot!


PS: Don't Player Hate, Player Appreciate. If you really want to know what your Pimp Name is you'll need to refer to the Pimp Name Generator, so says Deacon Dr. Vanegas Shizzle!
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