Monday, December 13, 2004


Loved tonight's episode of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2.


What a day ... lots going on on the work-front. Too much to go into right now (and things are still unfolding) but I'll probably be bitching about it soon.

Britney told us, in interviews and via Letters of Truth, that she was going to take some time off (again) and try to be more of a family woman. This has led to speculation that she was either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. But, over the weekend she was spotted emerging from a recording studio in LA:

I read some rumor that she might be working/recording with Kanye West ... but it didn't seem credible. Who knows though? Regardless of whether or not she's in the studio working on a hot track or she's maxin' and relaxin' with friends, she'll always be my homegirl:

Her dork of a husband is NOT my homeboy though. The couple was interviewed by Access Hollywood at the Billboard Music Awards (their first official outing as a married couple). Here are some gems right from the mouth of Mr. Federline:

"It's wonderful. The best thing is just being in love," Kevin said as he leaned over and kissed his new bride on the forehead.

That is interesting, I would think the best thing is having a multi-millionaire spending all her money on you? But anyways, the interview goes on back-and-forth between Kevin and Britney ... you can read the rest HERE.

Can someone please tell me what the hell happened to the Lawrence Brothers?

We know that Joey has had problems with the tweezers in recent years but the baby Lawrence ... wow, he just looks wrong! Someone get these guys work ... look at what lost fame does to people!

Hey you Star Wars freaks ... here are 2 pictures from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for you to enjoy ... note the combatants (Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader vs. Count Dooku:

Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it ...

And now the news:
  • Oh Jesus! The celebrity Nativity scene that is causing all kinds of hoopla has been attacked by a deranged Jesus fan? The display, which also features likenesses of Tony Blair, the Duke of Edinburgh and US President George Bush as the three wise men, has been heavily criticised by senior church leaders. But an unnamed man has made his feelings about the scene perfectly clear ... According to The Sun, after queuing with other visitors, he laid into the waxwork figures, repeatedly punching them before escaping into the street ... The damaged figures have been removed from display and the nativity scene has been closed off. Yikes! There are some crazies in this world. He probably thinks that God approves of what he did. Can you imagine if 2 other celebrities were used as Joseph and Mary instead?
  • See Erik I told you Portia de Rossi was gay! Ellen DeGeneres broke up with her partner to hook up with Portia. TITILLATING TV stars Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are shacking up after ditching their longtime lady loves ... On Friday it was reported that DeGeneres had split with her girlfriend of four years, photographer-director Alexandra Hedison ... We're told the real reason for the break is that DeGeneres is now deeply in love with de Rossi, the Australian-born "Arrested Development" diva ... The pair are now in DeGeneres' house in the Hollywood Hills which Hedison left a couple weeks ago ... DeGeneres, 46, and de Rossi, 31, first met nine months ago on a photo shoot, we're told. They fell "instantly in love," de Rossi gushed to pals at the time. But DeGeneres remained loyal to Hedison, whom she often credited with "saving her life" at a time of crisis. However, when DeGeneres and de Rossi met up again at VH1's "Big in '04" awards gala in L.A. on Dec. 1, events took their natural course. Wow, what a score for Ellen! You go girl!
  • And speaking of lesbianism, here's an OC update ... Mischa Barton's character to lock lips with series newcomer Olivia Wilde. ALEX, the freewheeling character on "The O.C." played by Olivia Wilde, will embark on a lesbian relationship with Marissa (Mischa Barton), says show creator Josh Schwartz. "Marissa is at a place where she's kind of lost in the world and is trying to find herself," Schwartz told The Post late Friday. "Alex is someone who's emancipated from her parents, and is a little bit of a free spirit who becomes Marissa's mentor -- she takes her under her wing and all of a sudden Marissa finds herself connecting." That's Hot.
  • Shocking ... the crazy guy who killed ex-Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell was "obsessed with Pantera". "He was off his rocker," Brey told The Columbus Dispatch. "He said they were his songs, that Pantera stole them from him and that he was going to sue them." He later told Brey that he planned to sue Pantera for stealing his identity. Brey and friend Dave Johnson said Gale's behavior frightened them and they distanced themselves from him several years ago. But other friends said they never considered Gale capable of violence. Insane.
  • So Chris won Survivor ... the last guy left with lots of women. How disappointing. Chris Daugherty, the 33-year-old highway construction worker from Ohio, became the last man standing on the 'Survivor Vanuatu' finale in more ways than one. By a jury vote of 5 to 2, Daugherty beat fellow construction worker Twila Tanner to become the Sole Survivor and a millionaire. Personally, I blame the women. They were in a position to eliminate all the men once and for all and let this one sneak by. He played them all and deserved to win.
  • This is so going to be U2's year ... they are now set for induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. NEW YORK (AP) -- Irish rockers U2, R&B singers The O'Jays and soul balladeer Percy Sledge are among five musical legends to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the foundation's 20th annual induction ceremony next year, the organization announced Monday. This is sooo going to be their year.
  • Don't call her Baby. Emma Bunton is set to storm the US with her solo US debut. Her U.S. solo debut, "Free Me," is due January 25 via 19 Recordings/Universal. Wildly buoyant, the album is equal parts Petula Clark, Motown and Burt Bacharach-with sun-bleached splashes of bossa nova ... After the holidays, Emma said she'll return to the United States for a promotional tour surrounding the album's release. "I may even celebrate my birthday (January 21) there," she said ... Looking back at her days with the Spice Girls, Emma said they always received much support from U.S. fans. "They were always there for us -- which is why I always feel so at home there." I've had this album for about a year now ... it's good. I'd love to see her live.
  • Check out Kelly Osbourne's clothing line HERE. Personally I would love a pair of jeans that say "Fuck You" on the butt.
  • And whoa! I really think Michael Jackson is in trouble!!! A report says that fingerprints from both Jackson and the boy accusing him now have been found on porn magazines. Fingerprints belonging to both Michael Jackson and the boy accusing him of child molestation were found on pornographic magazines seized from Jackson's Neverland ranch last year, the Santa Barbara News-Press reported Saturday, citing sources it did not identify ... If the reported evidence is admitted during Jackson's trial, prosecutors would be expected to argue that the fingerprints were proof that Jackson showed the boy pornographic literature before molesting him. But the defense could question whether the entertainer knew the boy had been leafing through the magazines. Oh whatever! I am fairly certain that if this evidence pans out, MJ's goose is cooked!
And that is that. I cannot wait to make it through this week. I have to give one test but other than that it should be a light week. I will enjoy the 2 weeks off, I can assure you! I will try and update later. I have a showdown with the administrators here at work set for tomorrow ... when everything is said and done I think I'll have a tale to tell. We'll see ...