Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Capital Idea

Well, the jury did their duty and decided not only that Scott Peterson was guilty but also that his life should be forfeit. Wednesday marked two years since [Laci's] mother and stepfather last saw her alive, and Christmas Eve will be the second anniversary of her disappearance ... Cheers went up from a crowd of several hundred outside the courthouse Monday as the jury announced its decision after 11 1/2 hours of deliberations over three days ... Peterson, a 32-year-old former fertilizer salesman, clenched his jaw when the verdict was read and leaned over to speak with his attorney, Mark Geragos, but showed no other emotion, according to The Associated Press ... Three jurors spoke at length in an emotional news conference after issuing the verdict, saying Peterson's own lack of visible emotion during the trial helped convince them it was the correct decision ... "It just seemed to be the appropriate justice for the crime, given the nature and how personal it really was, against his wife and his child," said jury foreman Steve Cardosi ... "A big part of it was at the end, the verdict -- no emotion, no anything. That spoke a thousand words," juror Richelle Nice said. I've read a few things that talked about how emotionless Scott Peterson was in court during the trial. If he really was innocent and really was upset by the murder of his family then he probably should have acted like it. I completely agree with this decision.

Now, I talk a lot of shizz about Britney and her various stages of trashiness but ... wow, Michelle Branch has really, really one-upped her I think. Honestly, how many of you would have recognized this girl as Michelle Branch? --->

She was spotted in Mexico sportin' her new 'do and I really think it looks horrid. Some people can really pull off a bob hair-cut ... and then there's what Michelle Branch looks like. Eek! comes to mind. [via Oh No They Didn't!]

It seems like the Celebrity Nativity thing will never die ... we get news everyday about the wax figures that have caused such a stir this holiday season. Yesterday we got the report that the display was attacked by a deranged Jesus fanatic ... today we have a picture of the damage done.
Via The Sun: A YOB boasted last night: "I beheaded Posh and Becks." He said he wrecked the Madame Tussauds Nativity display because it insulted Christianity. He added: "I knocked them over and stamped on their heads. But I've nothing against the Beckhams." LOL! What a nut-job! Now that the display has been ruined and taken down maybe we can forget all of the nonsense and move on. Xmas is supposed to be about giving and sharing ... not attacking wax figures clothed in Aramaic garb. Hello, people, let's focus here!

You know, I really like Avril's latest album, Under My Skin, because it's got some really great songs on it. But she strikes me as such a little brat that I can't even stand looking at her:

Sometimes I really wish someone would put her in her place. Hello, I thought teenage smoking was out this year ... oh wait, she's a punk rocker ... I forgot.

I also scrounged up 2 more screen shots from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The first is from the opening battle scene in the movie (Click it to see the larger, full size) and the second picture is from the duel between Anakin and Obi Wan:

I love the colors of the lasers and lightsabers. The more stuff I see from the movie, the more excited I get for it's release.

And now, the news:
  • MikeWhy at The Dent is reporting that he has information that Tori Amos' new album The Beekeeper might have up to 19 songs on it. I posted earlier about the fact that some unofficial track listings have appeared on a few web sites and forums for Tori's upcoming new album The Beekeeper which are based on information gleamed from advanced copies of Tori's upcoming book Piece By Piece. These track listings have featured 17 songs. I earlier reported that the number of songs on the final track listing would be less than that. I am changing that statement based on additional information, and now feel that the final track listing could contain up to 19 songs! He hasn't posted any proof because he's not comfortable doing so just yet but I tend to believe that he has some inside info ... and I am hoping he's right.
  • So, Colin Farrell hosted SNL last Saturday (and he, apparently, uttered the words I shit you not on live TV) and the Scissor Sisters were the musical guests ... but Lindsay Lohan made a surprise appearance. Well .... both Colin and Lindsay where spotted "partying" afterwards. COLIN Farrell spent last weekend sniffing around teen queen Lindsay Lohan. The Irish wolfhound sipped double Johnnie Walker Blacks on the rocks while huddling with Lohan at Marquee Friday night, ignoring fellow celebs Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Owen Wilson. Farrell left Lohan at about 2:30 a.m. to hit Nur Khan's birthday bash at Hiro, where he ogled supermodel sibs Frankie and Missy Rayder on the dance floor. But the next night, after hosting "Saturday Night Live," Farrell partied at Compass and Viscaya with Lohan and assorted cast members until 7 a.m. Doesn't this girl have a curfew? Better question, does the girl use birth control?
  • Brendan Benson has announced that he is touring the UK in 2005 ... my question is, what about D-town??? Following his recent jaunt with Keane, the singer will return to these shores in February, kicking off at Edinburgh’s The Venue on the 21st. The dates will give fans the chance to hear tracks from his forthcoming third album ’Alternative To Love’, which is due for release on March 7. New album = great news!
  • Misusing your camera phone can get you in trouble ... big trouble. In one of its last moves of the year, Congress passed a bill that would levy heavy fines and prison time for anyone who sneaks photos or videos of people in various stages of undress, a problem lawmakers and activists called the new frontier of stalking ... The bill, which President Bush is expected to sign, would make it a crime to videotape or photograph the naked or underwear-covered private parts of a person without consent when the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Conviction could lead to a fine of not more than $100,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both. But see ... if you're using your camera-phone for good ... like at the gym or something ...
  • First it was Duran Duran and now Depeche Mode are reuniting. Call your older sister and tell her to dig out her black jeans and eyeliner kids! Depeche Mode are convening in Santa Barbara in early December to begin prep work on a new album. Ben Hillier (Elbow, Blur, Doves) will be the man behind the boards on this outing. They will shift into high gear in January. I wonder if this is because Dave Gahan's solo effort didn't do very well?
  • First it was Band Aid II and now We Are The World Redux. A benefit DVD of the making of "We Are the World" is set for release on February 1st, the twentieth anniversary of the hit 1985 charity single ... The DVD captures the all-night recording session for the single on January 28, 1985, after the American Music Awards. Narrated by actress/activist Jane Fonda, the DVD includes some four hours of footage, and two hours of bonus material, such as solo sessions by Dylan, Springsteen and Jackson. (Jackson and Richie penned the song.) Meanwhile, producer Jones has invited Jermaine Dupri to produce a remake of the single, this time to be recorded after the Grammy Awards ceremony on February 13th. A lineup has not yet been confirmed, but Dupri hopes to include Jay-Z, Usher, Kanye West and many others on the track, to be titled "We Are the Future." The artists of today will never match the all-star original lineup. Lame.
  • Fiona Apple needs help. Click HERE to learn more.
And that, my friends, is all for now. Work drama is pissing me off ... just a few days left though ... holding, holding, holding.